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70 40% Pickpocket (1959) - Jul 04, 2022
"Like many Bressons for me. It's undeniably good, but Bresson's style often just leaves me cold and it often makes it difficult for me to get emotionally invested in his films. He seems to like his actors to be fairly emotionless, and it just doesn't work well for me. His films often strike me more as feeling like solid documentaries than narrative features. The pickpocketing scenes are good, and the film on a whole is good, but very much in the like but don't love category for me."
0% Electrocuting an Elephant (1903) - Jul 03, 2022
"The best movie of all time if what you want to see in a movie is an elephant get electrocuted. If not, you can very safely skip this. Only thing it has going for it is it delivers exactly what it promises."
57 18% Le royaume des fées (1903) - Jul 03, 2022
"I don't think anyone's ever been as far ahead of their time in the movies as Melies was. He was the first to really understand the potential of movies, and this is a great example. The broad plot is clear, but the details are a little rough, and of course the technical aspects and special effects to not stand up to today's standards, but it's a charming watch today and must have absolutely blown people's minds at the time. The hand coloring gives a unique aesthetic and the sets are great. Fun."
59 18% Scorpio Rising (1964) - Jul 03, 2022
"Intriguing with a great soundtrack, and legally significant (it was originally shut down for obscenity before being given the green light by the California Supreme Court), this is basically an ahead of its time in style extended music video. Ultimately, though, I didn't really understand the point Anger was trying to make. A lot of the central themes are easily identifiable, but don't really seem to fit together. Ultimately I think it's a bit of an interesting but confused mess."
79 62% Ivan's Childhood (1962) - Jul 03, 2022
"Tarkovsky was already well in command of his craft in his first movie. Nikolai Burlyayev gives a fantastic child performance. There are some great scenes and shots. I thought the ending felt severely rushed, though, the whole character and storyline of Masha seemed kind of pointless and tacked on, and the film seemed disjointed at times. Ending is incredibly done. Amazing for a first movie, very strong for a movie of any kind, but not as impressive as some of Tarkovsky's later works."
73 46% The Thin Blue Line (1988) - Jul 03, 2022
"No doubt well done and covers extremely important subject matter, but due to the reputation I was expecting a bit more. Don't get me wrong; it's good, and scarier than many horror films in showing just how easy it is for an innocent person to end up on death row due to a bit of bad luck and lazy police. I guess the more aware you are that these kinds of things happen the less groundbreaking this might be for you, though. Makes you feel bad for all the innocents who didn't have an Errol Morris."
92 95% Solaris (1972) - Jul 03, 2022
"Brilliant exercise in mood and otherness, with a sustained underlying uneasiness similar to the experience of The Zone in Stalker. There are few better at creating this specific feeling. I found this even better than Stalker on the whole. It was a little less over the top in the philosophical pontificating (though there certainly is some.) Many complain about the pace, but I think the pace is necessary to properly create the atmosphere that makes the movie special."
67 34% They Live by Night (1948) - Jul 03, 2022
"Solid but somewhat slight noir that lacks a bit in energy. I never really believed the impulsive romance between the leads. Ian Wolfe as the shady shotgun wedding officiator and Byron Foulger as the happy go lucky owner of the cabins the main characters (Farley Granger and Cathy O'Donnell) stay in have good performances. I didn't really care all that much about the leads, though. Ultimately just okay."
69 35% The Naked Spur (1953) - Jul 02, 2022
"Taut and entertaining western thriller with some noirish elements and a solid mostly off type performance from Stewart and a fun performance by Ryan as an outlaw who psychologically plays three bounty hunters off each other. I couldn't help feeling like it could have been much more. The moral dilemma the film creates falls flat--there doesn't seem to be a particularly strong other side. Reasonably entertaining but disappointing."
75 54% The Last Laugh (1924) - Jul 02, 2022
"Strong silent, especially good for its time, with a memorable performance from Jannings. I think Murnau made the wrong choice with the ending and should have stuck with what happens before the final subtitle. Interesting commentary on how many take pleasure in the misfortune of others, though understanding that level of scorn given the job he gets demoted from takes some serious suspension of disbelief."