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85 81% The Green Knight (2021) - Aug 17, 2021
"Bewildering if you come into it blind. Lowery is unafraid to make you work for it which is admirable but also made the movie hard to parse. Dev Patel is great but his character does not invite engagement. Together, those two things made the movie hard to fall into. Lucky then that absolutely everything else about this movie is balls to the wall amazing. The cinematography feels both natural and metal as hell, setting a new standard. With time and some reading, this smells like a masterpiece."
75 45% The Suicide Squad (2021) - Aug 06, 2021
"I was grinning from ear to ear from the start. The first third of the movie culminated in a brilliant, withering anti-imperialist rug pull that left me shaking my head and mentally saying "James Gunn, you son of a bitch". Alas, he doesn't manage to keep up this maniacal tone for the rest of the movie. The second and third acts have some punk to them but mostly they feel like the same state of affairs presented with more finesse than usual. The soundtrack gimmick started getting old."
75 45% Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Aug 05, 2021
"A movie that is much more fun to have watched than to actually watch. The tedious meta-humor might have felt original when it was made, and is probably much of the inspiration for later meta-comedy of which I am a great fan, but it was not a hit while I was watching. Almost all the disparate scenes have been so ingrained into popular culture that they offered no surprises when I saw them. The charging the castle bit is still fucking hilarious though. Fun movie to quote after having seen it."
70 30% Life of Brian (1979) - Aug 05, 2021
"I recognize it as a classic that has been the inspiration for a lot to come and that it was plenty controversial when it came out. With that said, it just isn't as funny nowadays. The mother being played by one of the chaps was annoying as fudge to me, souring a lot of the experience. It is also the case that the filmmaking is... unruly for most the time. That isn't to say that parts of it still works wonders. It did make me mourn that not more high-concept comedies like it are being made."
75 45% Retfærdighedens ryttere (2020) - Aug 05, 2021
"Peaks during a mooning, an honour few if any movies can cling to. It is the culmination of the ambivalent tone Jensen rides throughout, a movie both "I'm going to hell for laughing at this" funny and heartfelt, a serious farce. This tone-juggling is a high wire act where one farcical misstep can make all the drama land all wrong. For me, the act did not work completely. The funny acts, especially those more provocative, were a hoot but the drama suffered. I was left entertained but unmoved."
80 62% Peppermint Candy (2000) - Aug 05, 2021
"Seeing most of his movies in reverse chronological order (fun coincidence), this movie makes it clear how much Chang-dong has evolved as a filmmaker. Peppermint Candy feels like a great script handled by a decent director. This script with an older Chang-dong Lee would probably have been close to a masterpiece but as is it mostly works because of his primary literary strengths; rampant symbolism denoting depth, unflinching and dark humanism and a willingness to leave things unanswered."
85 81% Normal People (2020) - Jul 19, 2021
"Every technical facet of this is done well; evocative but all working together to create accentuate the beating hard of this thing, Mescal and Edgar-Jones. They are giving exquisite, vulnerable performances. Mescal especially plays a character I've never seen on television. His scene with the therapist is class. The pacing, structure and dialogue also keeps the same high standard, however certain story beats feel a bit immature: both super-duper special, side-characters feel unlived, kink shame."
55 9% Black Widow (2021) - Jul 12, 2021
"The only scene that worked for me in this was Harbour and Pugh singing together. Those two, especially Pugh, give some energy to this lifeless corporate product. Johansson isn't capable of giving a bad performance, but it isn't anything new. What makes this one of the worst Marvel movies to date is some atrocious CGI and badly staged set-pieces. The story is standard bad side of Marvel with an interesting premise handled in the most boring way possible and a bad guy that nobody cares about."
65 20% A Quiet Place Part II (2021) - Jul 10, 2021
"Krasinski shows us that directorial skill does not entail creativity. The Quiet Place 2 is a movie that tries hard to be a perfectly sculpted piece of blockbuster cinema, which ends up robbing it of almost any verisimilitude. Cross cuts, "Oh no the monster is behind you"-framing and jump scares are tossed at you to keep your attention but it only heightens the artifice. The only thing that feels real is Cillian Murphy, mercilessly given a underwritten character so his acting can do the work."
60 13% The Tomorrow War (2021) - Jul 04, 2021
"Stays entertaining for a while on the back of the fun, underexplained premise and the charisma of Strahovski but once that wanes not even the JACKED arms of Simmons are able to keep it up. Pratt just isn't convincing enough, only really coming alive in moments of levity. His constant smouldering is distracting. The script is dumb with "family" themes because total annihilation just isn't engaging enough. The direction is too sterile. The only great thing in this movie is the monster design/CGI."