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85 T8 Grand Piano (2013) - Jun 23, 2017
100 T10 Eraserhead (1977) - Jun 12, 2017
"One of the most truly horrifying works of fiction I've ever head the misfortune of viewing, "Eraserhead" is a grim, depressing, and utterly unnerving look into the tortured psyche of a couple unready for marriage, commitment, and above all else, raising a child, through the disturbed eyes of one of the most unhinged directors of a generation. With cinematography beyond imagination, and practical effects that are best left unexplained, "Eraserhead" is, for better or worse, an experience."
75 T7 A Silent Voice (2016) - Jun 11, 2017
"It's not the most satisfying of adaptations, often times sacrificing character development for the sake of time, but "A Silent Voice" is a necessary glimpse into the lives of the physically disabled, a world that mainstream cinema has handled with such complete ineptitude for decades. Tackling ideas and themes that include depression, suicide, the ignorance of childhood, and atoning for the mistakes of the past, "A Silent Voice" is undoubtedly important, regardless of its many flaws."
95 T10 Your Name (2016) - Jun 11, 2017
"Truly cinematic, jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and wonderfully told from beginning to end, "Your Name." is a high stakes romance that is made with such pure, unbridled passion, such respect for the source material (the film being adapted from director Makoto Shinkai's own novel), and such real craftsmanship that I couldn't imagine giving it anything but a near perfect score. Beautiful, warm, engrossing, timeless, and soaringly immersive, this is truly one for the ages."
80 T8 Colossal (2016) - Jun 10, 2017
"Struggling to find some semblance identity, between the wacky monster movie parody it was sold as, and the deeply tragic allegory for domestic abuse it actually is, "Colossal" is often confused, certainly, but it's also never dull, providing a truly unique and seriously hilarious viewing experience that has a lot to say about our world and the people that live in it, and says it with gusto, passion, and heart. "
80 T8 Wonder Woman (2017) - Jun 06, 2017
"In an endlessly shocking turn of events, "Wonder Woman" has not only righted the doomed vessel that was the DCEU thus far, but has almost single handedly kickstarted it after the dismal, grey, and unpalatable wrecks that came before it, providing audiences with a protagonist who strives to do what's best for the people she has sworn to protect, and an honest to God hero, as cheesy as it may sound. It's not perfect, not by a long shot, but it's something truly special, beyond a shadow of a doubt."
15 T1 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017) - Jun 05, 2017
"A pandering, shallow, and infuriating waste of time, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" is an insult, a film that not only has the gall to treat its audience like complete morons, sweeping the entirety of the last film, as well as key plot points featured in this one under the rug to forgo any creative effort, but a film that is in no way cinematic, a choppily edited, soullessly crafted, and incomprehensible disaster that doesn't even deserve the privilege of being considered a film."
85 T8 A Cure for Wellness (2017) - Jun 03, 2017
"Definitely not to everyone's taste, but undeniably fascinating, "A Cure For Wellness" is a film that has to be seen to be believed, a chaotic and totally surreal rollercoaster ride through the halls of a sanitorium with both a sinister secret, as well as a vaguely disconcerting eel problem, that never slows down, and never conforms to the storytelling norms that should be rightfully imposed upon it. Original, breathtakingly cinematic, genuinely horrifying, and an unmissable experience."
60 T5 Baywatch (2017) - Jun 03, 2017
"Both a truly fantastic, tongue-in-cheek, and loving adaptation, and an unfunny, eye-rollingly obnoxious parody all at once, "Baywatch" is a genuinely entertaining action film trapped within the shell of a mediocre comedy, a film that works best when the stakes are high, the villain moustache-twirlingly ridiculous, and the plot an overblown, yet self-serious, romp. It's just a shame that it's more than content to be a raunchy, R-rated, low effort farce, and little else."
60 T5 Monster Trucks (2016) - Jun 01, 2017
"With a core idea so brilliantly absurd that I can scarcely believe that it's not based on some preexisting toy line, and a completely passable set of characters, ideas, and set pieces, "Monster Trucks" is inoffensively enjoyable, a film that has no greater aspirations than to be a divertingly fun way to pass 100 minutes for both parents and children alike, and honestly, it mostly pulls it off. "