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Film Freak - 681 Film Ratings

Member Since: Apr 3, 2017

Location: Tasmania, Australia

Bio: Just a guy who likes making, talking about, and reviewing movies!

Sometimes I'll watch a movie with my best friend Ash, and when I don't have a whole lot to say I'll include her score, 'cause why not!
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100 94% The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) - Nov 17, 2018
"There’s a sort of magic to “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs”, the latest cinematic effort from Joel and Ethan Coen. It’s the same magic that permeates itself throughout all their other works, one found in the quick wits and quicker tongues of their characters, but this 6-part western anthology’s strongest suit is its reservedness. With each tale ruminating on the uncertainty of mortality, “Scruggs” captures the humour and harshness of life with passion, vigour, and love. Happy Trails."
70 47% The Old Man and the Gun (2018) - Nov 16, 2018
"“The Old Man and the Gun” is a charming, leisurely paced yarn, a film built around stellar performances and intimate, picturesque moments. Lowery’s recreation of the 70s aesthetic is superb, with a distinctly grainy frame and a camera that favours handheld zooms over more static, modern shots. Less spellbinding is the story at the film’s core, however. What you see in the trailer, an old man who holds up banks with a gun and a smile, is all you get. Nothing more, nothing less. "
90 79% Thoroughbreds (2018) - Nov 15, 2018
20 3% Skyscraper (2018) - Nov 15, 2018
"I’m thinking of reassessing how I rate movies. “Skyscraper” isn’t *that* bad, not terrible enough to shake my confidence as a critic anyhow, but not one singular element of this deeply derivative slog impacted me on any level for even one solitary second. How do I rate a film like that? I can’t give a 60 just for being inoffensively bad, nor can I give it a 0 for being nothing at all. So thanks, “Skyscraper”. Your insight’s helped a bunch. A 20 will do just fine."
90 79% Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond (2017) - Nov 12, 2018
80 63% Shirkers (2018) - Nov 11, 2018
85 71% Tickled (2016) - Nov 11, 2018
80 63% Bohemian Rhapsody (2018) - Nov 11, 2018
90 79% Boy Erased (2018) - Nov 09, 2018
30 9% Halloween II (2009) - Oct 28, 2018
""Halloween II" is an unbearably loud, unthinkably boring film, even at its most depraved. While Zombie's first stab at adapting John Carpenter's seminal classic at least had the benefit of spending half its running time detailing an aspect of the story we had yet to see explored, its follow up reeks of desperation. The kills are gory to the point of absurdity, the characters so brazenly unlikable that I cared for none of them, and the plot is so haphazard that it borders on nonsensical."