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Member Since: Sep 19, 2007

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

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80 33% Near Dark (1987) - Nov 21, 2010
89 70% Gran Torino (2008) - Apr 19, 2010
"Old Clint is back in good form with a low key drama/vigilante film that surprisingly works quite well. Nice one."
82 40% Clash of the Titans (2010) - Apr 19, 2010
"This had all the elements necessary to be a wondrous remake but someone dropped the ball really bad. If there is one word to describe this Clash it would be rushed: Everything comes into play incredibly fast, it's a movie designed for kiddies with zero attention span, there is no development whatsoever, characters seem to just stand there without an ounce of personality. Why the high rating you ask? The creatures are kick-ass, that's it, too bad there is nothing to sustain them. A real shame."
91 81% The Last House on the Left (2009) - Mar 29, 2010
"Iliadis's Craven/Cunningham-approved remake is tense, extremely well-crafted and suspenseful although of course that comes with a heavy load. The violence is not as harsh as some people makes it out to be but the dread is cranked awfully high. Not having seen Craven's original, I'd dare say this is very worthy remake and Illiadis choreographs it all with a sure (and chilling) hand. The performances are very good and John Murphy's elegiac score aims for compassion. But death by microwave, really?"
98 97% District 9 (2009) - Mar 29, 2010
"Neill Blomkamp's serious, wonderfully realized sci-fi saga is an almost perfect film and top entertainment. The world and the drama unfolding seems utterly real, it has great action sequences and the visuals are top. Starting out as a mockumentary, the film slowly evolves to a smart narrative level and never lets go, ending on a bittersweet note that punctuates everything that came before. Blomkamp is a true talent to watch, can't wait to see what he does next. Don't be a fool, run and get this."
42 6% Cruising (1980) - Mar 26, 2010
"Friedkin is a very cool director but boy, did he drop the ball on this one. An abysmal, boring, ugly, non-exciting crime thriller that is everything but thrilling. I know Friedkin is very proud of the film but this did nothing for me, it just plods along very slowly with Pacino looking confused and sleepwalking in every shot. If S&M is your thing, well, that's your own fault. Worst scene, Pacino doing the crazy gay dance, unbelievable. Proceed at your own risk."
73 22% Wolf Creek (2005) - Mar 25, 2010
"Technically, a very well made low-budget horror film which is actually kind of admirable because it takes its sweet time building things up, however it runs out of steam quickly with a 'meh' payoff. The film could have been truly interesting but is eager to become another entry into torture porn and to wrap things up rather quickly; this deserved to have another act after the carnage but sadly, no. Still, it has some chilling moments and wonderful cinematography. Worth a look but not much else."
93 89% In Bruges (2008) - Mar 24, 2010
"McDonagh's sharply written film is a fable/crime thriller that ends up being a complete joy from start to finish. Carefully drawing its characters, In Bruges boasts three extremely good performances from its three leads and many laugh-out-loud moments as well as careful, introspective ones. Carter Burwell's lovely, melancholic score and great editing is just icing on the cake of a great package. This is obviously not to be missed, enjoy!"
92 85% The Soloist (2009) - Mar 22, 2010
"Wright's follow-up to his gorgeous period films is a very precise and heartfelt ode to the driving power of music, and even though that sounds like something you would read in a press junket, Wright never oversentimentalizes the action although he does take some visual licenses that some may spit at. Foxx has the showy role and even though he's good, Downey Jr. gets all the palms here with a fantastic performance filled with reality and warmth. A fine film overall, absolutely worth of your time."
96 96% Shutter Island (2010) - Mar 21, 2010
"Scorsese's adaptation of Dennis Lehane's well-regarded novel is just brilliant from start to end. Act I is eerily creepy and keeps you guessing but in Act 2 things get more complex and the film provides no easy solutions to its enigmas. Every time you think it all will solve neatly, Scorsese refuses to give in and prepares yet another layer that will keep you glued, watching. Not just creepy, it's all a descent into personal hell that will haunt you well after the lights go on again. Bravo."