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T6 Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (2004) - May 21, 2018
"Jason Bateman is 10/10 in this film."
T4 Why Him? (2016) - May 18, 2018
T2 Bad Samaritan (2018) - May 15, 2018
"It's like a decent criminal minds episode stretched to 2 hours. "
T8 Pain & Gain (2013) - May 13, 2018
"A great piece of Americana "
T8 Tully (2018) - May 09, 2018
"I luv u mom"
T4 Super Troopers 2 (2018) - May 09, 2018
"I'm not sure this was really needed. Feels like a relic of a different time even tho it came out this year. The quippy dialogue doesn't work as well this time around, but the physical humour still does."
T8 The Week Of (2018) - May 06, 2018
"The funniest of the Netflix Sandler movies and the most competently put together too. The scene where he invites the black neighbours in and the baseball scenes are hilarious. Sandler managed to capture the Jewish family and their idiosyncrasies perfectly. Reminded me of the house being packed around holidays as a kid."
T6 Truth or Dare (2018) - May 06, 2018
"Forgot I saw this. Honestly glad this didn't get an R rating because this was barely a horror film, more of a film of torturing these teens(?). So with a higher rating it could've used gore too much. I know it's stupid to point out characters being idiots but godamn I would never follow my white friend into a destroyed Mexican church just because she wants to fuck a guy with a shitty beard, like those don't spawn on college campuses every hour."
T6 Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - May 06, 2018
"Thanos u idiot read Das Kapital http://hirthology.blogspot.ca/2018/05/sique-flique-clique-misanthropening.html?m=0"
T1 Ready Player One (2018) - Apr 30, 2018