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T2 Altered States (1980) - Apr 18, 2018
T6 Blockers (2018) - Apr 18, 2018
"A comedy movie that's actually focused on comedy is rare in an age where your comedies have to either be these high concept films or even worse, action comedies. There's a lot of hilarious moments and Hannibal will never not make me laugh. One complaint I have is john cena just doesn't have any comedy chops, seems like a role made for The Rock."
T1 Twisted (2004) - Apr 16, 2018
"A movie you watch on TV at like 11am on Sunday "
T2 The First Time (2009) - Apr 16, 2018
"Ned gets it in"
T6 Happy Christmas (2014) - Apr 16, 2018
"The fact that a movie with Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham in it was as enjoyable as it was is a feat. One of Swanbergs better looking films."
T8 Isle of Dogs (2018) - Apr 16, 2018
"Not saying the animation doesn't fit Anderson but I just wish he would stick to live action because I connect more with it. Still tho it's a very warm film. You just get lost in it."
T6 A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 11, 2018
"It doesn't have the guts to fully commit to its idea, but there is some genuinely terrifying moments. "
T8 Nobody Knows (2004) - Apr 10, 2018
T4 Fanboys (2009) - Apr 10, 2018
T4 Sleepover (2004) - Apr 09, 2018
"Every teenaged person looks like a different age ranging from preteen to late twenties."