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T8 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 20, 2017
"Visually stunning. Needs to be seen in a theatre, although the sound did over power the speakers in my theatre, but I think that's because I think Zimmer has actually gone deaf so he doesn't know how loud his scores are. And unlike the last Star Wars he was in it didn't seem like they had to force Harrison Ford to do this film."
T4 Night Terrors (1993) - Oct 19, 2017
"It's mostly just boring but it goes buck wild at the end in a great way. This movie is basically a softcore porno."
T8 Wichita (1955) - Oct 18, 2017
"Capitalism is no good folks."
T4 Spontaneous Combustion (1990) - Oct 16, 2017
"A slight dig past the anti nuclear parable there's a deeper message of how families pass down trauma. Where no matter what you do you end up burning the people you hate and more importantly, the people you love. Also, Brad Dourif goes off the deep end and that's always entertaining to watch. It doesn't have a lot of Hoopers usual visual flare, but it still works."
T4 Invaders from Mars (1986) - Oct 16, 2017
"It's mostly lame. Some bright Hooper esq moments do shine through though. All the scenes in the caves are great and look beautiful and the creatures look genuinely weird and creepy. Seems like a movie that you would watch on a Sunday afternoon and forget about by dinner time."
T6 Up (2009) - Oct 15, 2017
"Like most people I only really like the beginning, but what a beginning, if you believe in love it's impossible to not like. If you're like me and most other people that think this way please check out the short animated film The House of Small Cubes to scratch that itch."
T2 I'm Dangerous Tonight (1990) - Oct 14, 2017
T6 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986) - Oct 13, 2017
"Only Hooper would have the guts to do a sequel to his own film and make it the exact opposite of his original creation. It teeters on the edge of being too annoying but I think it makes it through. TBH I will love anything with neon colours this good and Hopper acting like an absolute madman."
T6 American Made (2017) - Oct 11, 2017
"Anyone going in to this expecting any sort of historical accuracy will be very disappointed. What we do have is another "American Dream" film in the vein of Wolf of Wall Street. Nothing original but it's fun and Cruise kills it in his role."
T10 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - Oct 11, 2017