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Celluloid Junkie - 3441 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jun 3, 2011

Location: B.C., Canada

Age: 28

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more Recent Ratings
52% River of No Return (1954) - Jan 26, 2021
"Bro, the wideshots! Tru freaking cinema right there"
80% Titash Ekti Nadir Naam (1973) - Jan 26, 2021
"This movie is beautiful. Not much more to add except that I freakin love movies. When you’re feeling a bit burnt out on them but then you find a new director who could grow into a new fav? Nothing better folx"
94% Annie Hall (1977) - Jan 26, 2021
"This film changed my life when I was 14 and was shown this in my film class in highschool. Everything I loved about it then hasn’t dulled at all. I can trace my comedy interests back to like 5 things and this is one of them."
12% The Ace of Hearts (1921) - Jan 24, 2021
52% Experiment Perilous (1944) - Jan 22, 2021
52% Call of the Flesh (1930) - Jan 22, 2021
52% Highball (1997) - Jan 19, 2021
"For people who say this is like a student film you clearly have never watched any of those and seen how awful those truly can be. This is actually pretty funny with a lot of Baumbachs conversational wit captured well. Formally it’s a mixed bag for sure, but given the nature of how the film was handled that’s not too much of a shock. Proto Mumblecore for sure"
27% Time Freak (2018) - Jan 19, 2021
"A few funny moments curtesy of Skyler Gisondo. Mostly just a mess, but there’s some fleeting charm in their somewhere."
80% La Ciénaga (2001) - Jan 12, 2021