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T6 The Miracle Woman (1931) - Aug 18, 2017
T8 All I Desire (1953) - Aug 18, 2017
T8 North by Northwest (1959) - Aug 17, 2017
"I think I like the films Grant is in despite not really liking him all that much. This might be his best role tho."
T4 Detroit (2017) - Aug 17, 2017
"I won't go as far as saying this is Crash for our times because I think Bigelow is a lot more talented than Haggis. I just don't think we need a huge section of the movie with white people torturing black people to know that police officers are corrupt, vile, scumbags. Same problem I have with say, Tarantino's Django, I have with this film, it feels like white directors honing in a bit much on violence commited against black bodies."
T6 Discreet (2017) - Aug 15, 2017
"It's half ASMR and half a guy blowing another guy in a porn shop so it's pretty great."
T6 The Dark Tower (2017) - Aug 14, 2017
"I'm just glad they didn't have the Dad die in 9/11. Seriously tho this needs a film or two for more world building, but not as bad as people are making it out to be. It's mostly stupid fun with a solid performance by Elba, a terrible one by the kid (he kept slipping in and out of being slightly British) and Mcconaughey hamming it up in black shirt with the top two buttons undone like a street magician. I'm not going to go to bat for this movie or anything, but it's fun."
T8 Ball of Fire (1941) - Aug 14, 2017
T4 Baka bukas (2016) - Aug 13, 2017
"It's admirable considering it's one of the first LGBT films that nationally played in the Philippines, but it's not a great film. The two leads definitely have chemistry, but it's a little heavy on cliches. I dunno I wouldn't hate someone for liking a movie so endearing, but I want to see where Lee goes after this since this is getting some actual attention and may open up her options for a better film next time."
T6 I Dream in Another Language (2017) - Aug 13, 2017
"It has some pretty stunning shots throughout but I was hoping for more. The reveal doesn't really work because you figure it out right away and despite the very interesting topic of language and dying languages it's used as just a plot device. Still not bad and I have to give huge props to the 2 men for learning a new language for this film. "
T8 The Cameraman (1928) - Aug 11, 2017