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T10 Charulata (1964) - Sep 19, 2017
T6 The Strawberry Statement (1970) - Sep 19, 2017
"Seems like an excuse to have a soundtrack but it's pretty decent and comes from a place that understands the movement."
T8 Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (2016) - Sep 18, 2017
"I feel like someone made this movie just for me. People struggling with identity and religion, a minimalist style that seems like you're intruding on a day in the life of these people, a suicide attempt and scenes set to pop music. "
T1 Wild in the Streets (1968) - Sep 16, 2017
"Life is shit"
T8 Stroszek (1977) - Sep 16, 2017
"Life is shit"
T4 It (2017) - Sep 13, 2017
"Starts off pretty promising with the creepy build up to the first Pennywise visit and we see a young child get ripped apart. After that it basically becomes a pretty sterile horror film. That seems like a check list on how to be a popular horror film in 2017 (set in the 80s for the fake nostalgia,wise crackin' kids, over abundance of cheap jump scares, etc.) Under the surface I think there is more menacing film just begging to come out. It still works and the kids are great but I just want more."
T8 Kapurush (1965) - Sep 13, 2017
"The heartbreak in Soumitra's face at the train station going from happy and surprised to dread is one of the most powerful moments I've seen in a while. A slow burn of a film when each scene reveals another turn and another hidden feeling."
T6 This Land Is Mine (1943) - Sep 13, 2017
"The end is hilariously tacked on but overall a pretty decent film. It doesn't feel too tacky wrt propaganda besides that. If anything it kinds of paints everyone as able to carry out injustices etc. Need to see more Renoir."
T8 The Bellboy (1960) - Sep 13, 2017