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Movie Buff - 139 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 9, 2021

Location: USA

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11 1% Adverse (2020) - Mar 15, 2021
"Some extremely terrible acting here; it's pretty painful to watch. The story is just another crime story."
80 52% Color Out of Space (2020) - Mar 10, 2021
"A pretty great adaptation. The visuals were beautiful, and I enjoyed the overall design aesthetic. Nicolas Cage is... well, it's about what you'd expect; ridiculous, strange, and over the top, but it's pretty fitting for the setting. "
50 13% Space Sweepers (2021) - Mar 10, 2021
"This was a strange one for me. The wide cast variety, neat CGI, and some of the story concepts kept me watching. However it felt like a strange mix of genres; sometimes I felt like I was watching a kids movie, then the tone would completely shift. From fart jokes into f-bombs, from a cheesy 90s sitcom wrap-up scene into someone being blown to bits; I don't quite know what to make of it. It got to the point where I was feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed for the cast!"
73 40% The Castle of Cagliostro (1979) - Mar 08, 2021
83 63% 3:10 to Yuma (2007) - Mar 05, 2021
91 82% Serenity (2005) - Mar 05, 2021
81 60% Into the Wild (2007) - Mar 05, 2021
90 79% The Social Dilemma (2020) - Mar 05, 2021
"While I don't think this covers anything new for me personally, I can think of some people I'm close to that probably need to watch this. Maybe some more expert advice will sway them off of these conspiracy theories."
83 63% Prospect (2018) - Mar 05, 2021
72 39% The Endless (2017) - Mar 05, 2021