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Member Since: Feb 9, 2021

Location: USA

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82 62% Fleabag (2016) - Nov 21, 2021
65 30% Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) - Nov 21, 2021
93 86% Dune (2021) - Nov 21, 2021
50 15% Mare of Easttown (2021) - Nov 21, 2021
"I feel like I'm watching a really bad cut of a movie called Three Billboards Outside Fargo, ND, and Kate Winslet is some filler for Frances McDormand. Long and drawn out, which would be okay if there was a better story or interesting character development, but there's not. It's fine, it has just been done before, and much better. Also, I would like to know what is in these edibles. "We want to be current so we'll swap out alcohol for THC products in the kids; same effects, right?" "
40 10% Willy's Wonderland (2021) - Sep 05, 2021
"Everything about it is cringe worthy, though I kind of expected that going in. I will just say that if you want to watch Nic Cage beat up animatronics, this is probably the best way to do that."
82 62% Ex Machina (2015) - Sep 05, 2021
20 3% Escape Room (2019) - Jun 30, 2021
"Very hard to rate this one without any bias; if I had never heard the story in a thousand different formats already, I might think it was alright... But, I have. I would prefer this over something like Saw since gore is not something I find enjoyable, and this has more of an action tone to it, but that's not saying much."
80 52% The Lego Movie (2014) - Jun 30, 2021
85 70% Beauty and the Beast (1991) - Jun 30, 2021
50 15% It Chapter Two (2019) - Jun 26, 2021
"Just because you have Bill Hader point out all of the ridiculous parts of the story doesn't make it good. Feels like they tried to pack too much into this one. With, what seemingly is, a deep back story, it doesn't get explained too clearly. Figuring out what was real and what was imagined didn't always follow the same parameters, to the point where I either stopped caring, or reveals became predictable. Included some cool effects; now I'm imagining a dark, gritty prequel with lore. "