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80 T9 The French Atlantic Affair (1979) - Oct 01, 2014
"Could you have told this story in 1/3rd of the time? Sure. But then you lose some great moments, the best being Savalas holding a dead woman's body and declaring himself god. Ridiculously anti-climactic, but getting there is an interesting, fun ride. "
80 T9 Swing Shift Maisie (1943) - Sep 28, 2014
"I love war movies about how awful people on the war front can be. While never conventionally good, it's hard to argue that Maisie movies ain't interesting. "
60 T6 The 5-Man Army (1969) - Sep 27, 2014
"Dull Mission wannabe. I do like how many movies were made in the 60s/70s about going in and fucking over the Mexican government due to a perceived complete lack of ability for us to do it to our own government. "
80 T9 The Liquidator (1965) - Sep 25, 2014
"Spot on parody of James Bond, transforming the character into a sanctimonious womanizer who pays someone else to do his dirty work. Rod Taylor is great. "
40 T3 The Experts (1989) - Sep 24, 2014
"Utterly baffling; I'm not sure anyone involved knew why this movie was made. Goes to show that Travolta's career didn't hit bottom with Battlefield Earth, it just returned closer to the mean. "
20 T1 Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) - Sep 24, 2014
"Couldn't finish it. Utter garbage."
40 T3 The Girl from Petrovka (1974) - Sep 24, 2014
"Not sure why this exists. Goldie Hawn at one point thinks a bidet is a foot washer. "
40 T3 Assassination (1987) - Sep 24, 2014
"Completely hilarious. Like a twelve year old wrote an action movie, but well shot with Bronson clearly just having fun with a bad script. "
40 T3 Fire! (1977) - Sep 11, 2014
50 T4 Hold Your Man (1933) - Sep 11, 2014