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Location: Ireland

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20 13% I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009) - Dec 03, 2010
"This film is like a practical joke that only the person pulling it off finds funny, to everyone else it's annoying if not painful. Most of the characters are unlikeable and the couple that ARE likeable, are treated like crap by the others, making it more annoying."
60 49% Sector 7 (2011) - Oct 04, 2012
"The rig is a great setting with nowhere to run and no real access to much weapons or any hope of support. The deaths are pretty poor and dont really show anything, the monster on the other hand takes one hell of a beating through the film and you get to feeling sorry for the monster as the plot unfolds and you learn the monster itself is seeking revenge. If you feel creeped out by the vast unknowing depth of the ocean it has that going for it too with a few good deep sea scenes."
15 8% Crowsnest (2012) - Jun 30, 2013
"Annoying teenagers bicker and whine while stalked by a ninja motorhome."
40 31% Empty (2011) - Nov 04, 2012
"First World Problems: The Movie"
90 95% I Saw the Devil (2010) - Mar 21, 2011
"That rare breed of film that combines just the right amount of brutal violence, decent action scenes, a true sense of suspence with twists and turns and is emotionally engaging too."
85 90% Grabbers (2012) - Sep 24, 2012
"Fun story where the only way to to drink. Hilarious script, likeable characters that are more intelligent when drunk to the nth degree than your average horror movie character, beautiful location shots and entertaining lovecraftian deep sea style monster designs. Not a massive amount of horror or gore but it's a really fun watch especially with friends, great for those who like stuff like Shaun of the Dead."
90 95% Outlander (2008) - Dec 03, 2010
"Does great work with a low budget and handily trounces many hollywood giants. Treads the line between fantasy and sci-fi and literally fuses the two into something greater. Absolutely deserves to become a cult classic."
10 5% Shrooms (2006) - Dec 04, 2010
"An "Irish" film filled with annoying generic american teens portraying the same unlikeable characters as a trillion other B movies."
95 98% Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) - Aug 14, 2011
"Great premise, great characters, great actors, utterly hilarious spin on a typical horror film that plays its hand perfectly. Genuinely funny with some subtle humour and some over the top bits too. It's got a very witty script and I honestly laughed at a shopping list being read in the background at one point."
70 66% Legend of the Bog (2009) - Dec 02, 2012
"It starts off very strong with some great characters and some great visual humour too. These opening sections are fantastic and had the film continued like this it could have been one of my favourite films ever. As it turns darker towards the second half of the film it loses its charm and al you're left with is low grade b movie horror."