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40 31% Empty (2011) - Nov 04, 2012
"First World Problems: The Movie"
1% The Fourth Kind (2009) - Dec 03, 2010
"First of all, it's filled with lies, there's no true story to this. Secondly it's deeply poorly shot and cut together with its endless mockumentary clips rendering the film almost unwatchable and incoherent. Finally and most damningly a film supposedly about alien abduction is filled with posessions and psuedo-religious mumbo jumbo"
70 66% Legend of the Bog (2009) - Dec 02, 2012
"It starts off very strong with some great characters and some great visual humour too. These opening sections are fantastic and had the film continued like this it could have been one of my favourite films ever. As it turns darker towards the second half of the film it loses its charm and al you're left with is low grade b movie horror."
90 95% Outcast (2010) - Feb 07, 2011
"Far from the fantasy I expected this film was brutally down to earth and relatively realistic for the subject matter. All the actors had a good understanding of the cultures they were representing and portrayed them quite excellently. There are a couple of painfully overacted scenes but they're minor blemishes on an otherwise uniquely entertaining film."
85 90% Grabbers (2012) - Sep 24, 2012
"Fun story where the only way to to drink. Hilarious script, likeable characters that are more intelligent when drunk to the nth degree than your average horror movie character, beautiful location shots and entertaining lovecraftian deep sea style monster designs. Not a massive amount of horror or gore but it's a really fun watch especially with friends, great for those who like stuff like Shaun of the Dead."
70 66% Devil's Playground (2010) - Dec 03, 2010
"An above par zombie film that has a few clever ideas like using free runners as zombies but overdoes it with these otherwise excelelnt additions with a few pointless "Look what I can do" shots that really take you out of any atmosphere."
25 17% [REC]³ Génesis (2012) - Nov 28, 2012
"I have never felt more trolled by an opening sequence as with this film. I was willing to tolerate the incredibly slow buildup in hopes of what was to come but when the action starts the POV is thrown away in favour of B movie silliness and awkward misplaced humour. Knights and sponges and wedding dresses with chainsaws take this straight to MST3K regions."
20 13% I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009) - Dec 03, 2010
"This film is like a practical joke that only the person pulling it off finds funny, to everyone else it's annoying if not painful. Most of the characters are unlikeable and the couple that ARE likeable, are treated like crap by the others, making it more annoying."
10 5% The Experiment (2010) - Dec 03, 2010
"A terrible film that completely misses the point of what's creepy about the experiment, namely that anyone, when put in a position of power could become sadistic, and anyone in a position of weakness could be compliant, by putting characters with already sadistic tendencies in the role of guards and the already elderly or weak in the roles of the prisoners."
1% Ricky Gervais: Live IV - Science (2010) - Feb 23, 2011
"Just call this one "Mock the Weak". A mean spirited tirade attacking the poor, the old, the ill without an ounce of charm or indeed humour. Tired old hateful material the likes of Jim Davidson would be ashamed to trot out mixed with fat jokes a child would find boring. The theme of the show is supposed to be science but it makes up less than a quarter of the show while the rest is basicly the thinner, richer, living in america Ricky bitterly hating the poor fat british guy he used to be."