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Member Since: Jul 24, 2014

Location: Oregon, USA

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62 59% 13 Conversations About One Thing (2001) - Aug 29, 2014
"Great writing and great characters. This isn't much of a plot and it's kinda hard to paste all the connections together with all the time lapses."
19 15% The Wedding Planner (2001) - Aug 28, 2014
"The only person in this romcom that wasn't completely annoying was McConaughey. Jennifer Lopez can't act to save her life."
56 53% U-571 (2000) - Aug 23, 2014
"There are some great performances in this somewhat boring WWII submarine movie."
69 65% EdTV (1999) - Aug 17, 2014
"An interesting premise that parodies reality TV shows, which is led by a decent performance by McConaughey. However, The Truman Show does it better."
44 40% The Newton Boys (1998) - Aug 16, 2014
"The actors have great chemistry together, even though, this isn't the most exciting film about crime in the 1920's."
88 84% Amistad (1997) - Aug 12, 2014
"Great performances by Anthony Hopkins and Djimon Hounsou. It starts very slow, but ended up being well-written and well-made."
37 34% Contact (1997) - Aug 10, 2014
"It's a super realistic take on science-fiction. And it makes us question what defines faith. However, it's pretty boring though; where's the entertainment value?"
25 21% Larger Than Life (1996) - Aug 08, 2014
"Murray's usual charm can't save this terrible family film. McConaughey's character is so over-the-top annoying."
81 78% A Time to Kill (1996) - Aug 07, 2014
"Matthew McConaughey's breakthrough performance as a lawyer that struggles with the racial tensions in the South. Too many characters and some slow pacing pushes this film down from brilliance. "
100 96% Lone Star (1996) - Aug 02, 2014
"A wonderful cast, led by the amazing Chris Cooper, explores the social tensions in a small Texas town. Watch for the murder mystery, stay for the great characters."