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80 T6 The Castle of Sand (1974) - Aug 10, 2017
"Most unusual this - determined policeman moves doggedly from one slim link to another traveling all over Japan (outside shots great) to uncover the who but most especially the why of the murder of a loved & very humane former provincial policeman. Dovetails with very grim childhood (superbly visioned) of another character during 1944/5 (no "war" footage),again lots outdoor scenary incl 1 stunning sun through clouds panorama long shot. Excellent even with the IMHO "too much playing music" segment"
75 T6 Dora-heita (2000) - Aug 01, 2017
"Other reviewers here have summed this up far better than ever I can. Suffice to say a comedy with a hard edge about the supposedly inept newly appointed playboy commissioner who attempts to clean up a crooked town by acting as one of the boys. In part excellent & in part a let down. Could have been so much more if some vacillating scenes had been strengthened but still a good watch, add 5 points for samurai film lovers. In opposition to others I quite liked the unusual theme score"
75 T6 Strawberry Night (2010) - Jul 31, 2017
"This comment applies overall to this movie, the following series (a special THEN 10 eps), another movie - Invisible Rain then a final special - After the Invisible Rain. All basically the same police characters. Best viewed in order above as has a WEAK timeline. Last one seemed more like a cashin & I wouldn't say essential-55 rating. Very watchable overall police procedural tho with some weak bits and a bit generic in the characterisations. A maverick cop breaks rules one, some graphic blood."
75 T6 Gege (2004) - Jul 03, 2017
"A theme the Japanese seem to do well, the lives and travails of ordinary people. A study of a person suddenly told he will have a major and incurable health issue in a short time, and will have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. How he attempts to cope with the situation as the symptoms slowly advance & its consequences for him and his partner. Some truly enchanting visuals of Nagasaki also. The pace is somewhat slow so fans of moves with a lot of action my not like this one"
65 T4 Makai Tensho: Samurai Reincarnation (1981) - Jun 30, 2017
"Very difficult to rate. IMHO setup in the 1st 24 mins desperately needs trimming, gave up once here. From there improves a lot. Overall a typical Chiba in his prime period piece - budget as needed, actors fine, set pieces & fights well done. There were 2 10/10 bits for me...makeup of Lady Hosokawa when she catches shogun's eye and the set for the final swordfight in the burning palace (- scenes before, same locale, don't look right but then it "clicks"). Chiba & period fans may add 10-15 points."
75 T6 Double Wedding (1937) - Jun 19, 2017
"This is better than it should be. Very generic in the she ...... him till she ..... him plot with a meant to deceive (no chance but that was the way these things went back then) sideplot. However well enough played and becomes laugh out loud funny once Powell and Loy are linked. Even in their solo scenes they are both good value here. If you let yourself accept the movie values of the time this is quite a good watch."
30 T1 Samurai Wolf II (1967) - Jun 19, 2017
"Far weaker than SWolf 1, lots of sword action but perhaps too much as I felt it was all a bit tedious near the end. The characters never really become involving."
40 T2 Gravity (2013) - Jun 15, 2017
"What you end up with when there's a lot of money but nothing else. Visually 10/10 that's the "40". See it on as big a screen with as high a quality as possible. But, aside from some tense must grab that anchor point bits all else is a grade A fail. Having big name actors was a distraction esp as the characters were completely unengaging. The incessant and GRATING musical soundtrack had me actually saying "shut it" toward the end. The movie that fell to Earth with a flat splat. Vapid."
10 T1 Ex-Lady (1933) - Jun 11, 2017
"No point beating around the bush...this was simply boring. Very wooden performances, the review here by PUNQ describes this one very eloquently. Gave up after 30 minutes and liberally applied fast forward to hop and skip to the end. As for "comedy", not much at all."
20 T1 Full House (2004) - Jun 04, 2017
"Unfortunately this is a typical Korean romcom series. As such it is well made but has a silly storyline (from a good idea) over-emoting, overacting, whiny female parts, overbearing male parts, some are super wealthy idlers, side characters that are annoying (one pair particularly so). Genre lovers will probably cope with all that & like it but for all others, run, don't walk to the exit. Some Korean series are good as they rise above the standard K-drama tropes, this one actively embraces them."