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85 T8 (Sex) Appeal (2014) - May 22, 2018
"Added as is surprisingly good. NB no naked scenes though there are sex scenes. NOT pornographic, just graphic so still no to kids. Also 2 cuts. IMHO must view Chinese/Taiwan one 109 mins not International/Directors Cut 107 mins based on reading of differences & having watched the C/T one(only). Very naive new student is raped by popular lecturer& shock has her teetering on insanity. 2 women try to help her sue but all power & popularity lie with lecturer,case not helped by her erratic behaviour."
85 T8 Tengoku no eki: Heaven Station (1984) - Apr 01, 2018
"Very hard movie to rate. Exquisitely shot with some nice trad wooden buildings in a hot spring town & beautiful outdoor locations. Well acted. Plot is uneven though with some strange choices by female lead and a semi fantasy scene in the snow near the end when danger is all around. May reflect a poor opinion of a woman's thinking (easily led?) or simply fitting the Japanese sensibility of the time. Overall though good far outweighs bad. "85" where the score means could've been a master"
80 T6 L'√©tudiante et Monsieur Henri (2015) - Mar 20, 2018
"Hard to rate this as it sometimes slips into cliche & parts you see coming miles off. On the other hand well played by the leads, can be very warm & human, has some sharp repartee that is acidly funny. A lot filmed indoors in one of those lovely old French apartments but well paced without being "action". Summed up - definite watch......& gets a tick from my wife who's more critical than me! "80" where 80 = some holes but overall very well done & entertaining, a bit above just a casual watch"
60 T3 The Housekeeper (2002) - Feb 20, 2018
"Technically fine but uninvolving and shallow. Romance? - not really, just need. Comedy? not really, too artificial and, in a way, predictable. Setup takes too long yet ending seems stagy and rushed. Because it is well staged and acted it is not unwatchable. 60 where "60" is "very ambivalent on this one, rewatch value nil"."
87 T8 Gururi no koto (2008) - Feb 18, 2018
"What a pleasant surprise this was. See zae's comments on this one, nails it. Great acting by the 2 principal leads esp Reiko Kataoka whose character changes radically throughout. The entire cast is excellent also with relevant subplots that help the movie along. You are given an initial seemingly stereotyped story but then "life" steps in with big challenges that are realistic and not overdone. It's a romance but one where the cliches that go with that genre are pretty much absent. Get this."
82 T7 Dieci Inverni (2009) - Feb 14, 2018
"Basically the synopsis covers it. More a romance than comedy tho there are some light moments. Very watchable & probably bit sharper/harder than When Harry Met Sally but not quite as good. Maybe tries to cover too much ground to get the 10 years timeframe in. Both leads do well but I didn't quite get involved emotionally. One cracking "ships pass in the night" open air scene near the end. Good watch but just misses outstanding, perhaps as a series giving the cast more time would've been better"
80 T6 Bread and Tulips (2000) - Feb 14, 2018
"Funnily enough I'd decided to rate this 80 before coming to comment, exactly the predicted score. Though nowhere near a "masterpiece" this is a pleasant enough watch and so I'd say get it but just for a casual evenings viewing, mildly funny in parts but more a romance than my idea of a rom-com. The second half was way better than the start with closing scenes the best of the lot IMO so stick with it. Partner factor, it is a romance after all -LOL- wife seemed to mostly agree, maybe she'd say 85."
75 T5 Vampire Cleanup Department (2017) - Dec 15, 2017
"Very simple, cliched and generic....and a hoot. Put brain into neutral and enjoy. The horror is pretty mild really and that is not a complaint, just a comment. Rated 75 where "75" is "excellent for a casual watch", add 10 if a fan of h........g vampires."
70 T5 Qissa (2013) - Dec 15, 2017
"Very difficult to rate for me, extremely well played cast & storyline, a delusional father desperately insists that last of his 4 girls is actually a boy and raises child so, he so dominates wife that she goes along, noone else has a clue (incl other 3 girls)bar a (small part) wresting coach. All the time (for me) there's a fine sense of "this will end badly". Culturally I "get it" to here. But final act goes surreal & (for me) spoilt it -maybe a person steeped in the culture would "get it"."
80 T6 A Heartful of Love (2005) - Nov 30, 2017
"Time slip movie done right. Cliched, yes, but it's in a style that the Japanese can do so well when the overwrought scenes are avoided- the gentle ordinary life examined. Recommended. Side note - must be action fans will probably not like this one. "80" where 80 means above average though it does require that the viewer is sympathetic to the pacing and plotline."