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85 T7 Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) - Mar 28, 2017
"Honestly dunno why this gets such an overall bad rap. Of the funny silly side of the zombie genre & not to be taken as a serious zombie film (watch Train to Busan) for a second. Often laugh out loud funny & has, IMHO, one of the funniest chase sequences I have ever seen framed in a movie (pun intended). Watched with wife & teenage daughter, all thought it was a crackup. For reference found Shawn of the Dead pretty much overrated & that Zombieland ruined a good start with overemotional twaddle."
85 T7 Train to Busan (2016) - Mar 28, 2017
"Yes, another zombie movie BUT & it is meant to be a big "but"-done well - NB is a serious zombie flic not a wacky, funny one. The zombies are remorseless & like a human tidal wave. The necessary claustrophobic locale is justifiable. There are people under pressure with betrayals & character changes forced by the situational pressure. A few soppy bits but they don't undermine the overall quality. Good suspense. If you like the genre-a must see, for others - give it a try, it's quite entertaining."
10 T1 Asashin (2011) - Mar 27, 2017
"A very generic "2 inseparable kids raised as killers but a female comes between them" plot. Goes along OK till 40 odd minutes from the end when it descends into the worst sort of "ya can't kill me no matter how close you are and how many you are" rubbish. A complete time waster. Only added this one to the site to flag this warning - SIMPLY AVOID."
65 T4 The Ghost Goes West (1935) - Mar 27, 2017
"A middling movie, OK, but not above the ordinary, plot. Some laughs but mostly smiles. Romantic aspect just doesn't really ignite for mine. There is absolutely no horror for a modern audience from the castle ghost. Seems a bit overrated on my viewing. Certainly not a bad movie and fans of movies from the period will allow it some grace in its shortcomings."
55 T3 The Great Madcap (1949) - Mar 26, 2017
"Highly rated on IMDB but I can't see why. Conventional story of the virtues of being poor rather than indolent and rich. The supposed life in poverty seemed all to easy & didn't seem genuine to me which didn't help. Mild smiles rather than outright laughs. Storyline been far better done by Hollywood in the 30's and 40's. Unconvincing bloodless romantic secondary story."
85 T7 Kyupora no aru machi (1962) - Mar 26, 2017
"A pretty typical entry in the group of Japanese films from this time telling of people trapped by circumstances and/or poverty. Well made and very watchable, higher points for those who like this sort of film. High interest created in the shots of the near slum that they live in and the factory culture which preserve a time long passed. A film about choices and consequences but not hopelessly dark."
75 T5 Girl's Blood (2014) - Mar 26, 2017
"Very high production values in this Japanese Pinku action pic which has some sort of story enhancing its watchability IMHO. Somewhat cliched tale of smaller club overcoming opposition from stronger but corrupt group in winner takes all girl on girl cage fight. Entertaining for what it is focuses on the main girl from the good club. The fight bits perhaps less well so tho not awful. It is a genuine pinku (but not hardcore IMHO) so if a lot of skin and/or girl on girl scenes offend don't watch."
30 T1 P-047 (2011) - Mar 20, 2017
"Parts of this instantly reminded me of 3-Iron but I feel this one tried to go to places the ability of the writer/producer simply didn't have the ability to sustain. It was a pity as there were good ideas in here and for a while this looked very interesting but the production simply did not have the intensity to make you want to sort out the many time hops and echoes of other scenes herein. I don't mind a thoughtful movie & this one is discussed in those terms but, in a word, pretentious."
85 T7 Femme Fatal (2007) - Mar 10, 2017
"These uninvited men turn up, supposedly to celebrate an actress's award but there is something else on their minds...she didn't know they were coming, they didn't expect all this competition and then.......Starts off a bit stilted and I thought "yawn" but then strange things start to happen at a greater and greater pace and you end up watching a very funny madcap (in a good way) movie as a result."
95 T9 Let It Ride (1989) - Mar 08, 2017
"If you gamble in areas where your input does make a difference (and horseracing is one such) this one is pretty much perfect. This is the day you dream of, shared with the characters you'd want to share it with. You understand all the references to prior negative experiences, they don't need explanation, just the mention. Dreyfuss, Tilly & Coltrain play this so well & whoever chose the song at the open nailed it. A perfect movie for the jaded punter. The "football salesman?" line cracks me up."