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85 70% Bridge to the Sun (1961) - May 20, 2019
"Just a brief mention of this one that seems to be undeservedly below the radar...well acted by most if not all of the cast. Also events of pre WW2 and the couple's time in Japan during WW2 are very well (and accurately) portrayed. This was a real surprise considering where it was made and the time of production - matter of fact, non emotive and giving a fair depiction of the Japanese ordinary-man. Highly recommended."
75 47% Inn of Evil (1971) - May 14, 2019
"A little disappointing as the writing has huge plotholes. Extremely uneven with some great work interspersed with some awful - a prime example being the end chase which looks absolutely superb but is pretty much unrealistic. Must compliment whoever designed the inn set - it is brilliant. Genre buffs will forgive the messy bits, others may not like this though. It's a pity as there is a good movie hidden in the mess. Nicely acted tho over-emotive as some Japanese movies, esp of this age, are."
85 70% Turn (2001) - Feb 08, 2019
"A competently done movie with hints of Groundhog Day though the story has considerable differences. Can't say too much outside the synopsis as it'd be spoilerlike. Acting is fine as are scene setups. There are lighter elements. The conditions invoke a fair amount of suspense especially involving a couple of events that come out of the blue. 85 where "85" is not a masterpiece but then again a very good watch, was thoroughly entertained by this one. Added here as it certainly deserves a"
87 78% Le Monte-Charge (1962) - Feb 03, 2019
"I can't say much as one of the pleasures of this is the twists and turns in the plot (amazed that this is not on Criticker). Perfectly done French noir - the slightly seedy locations, the twists, the atmosphere. The 2 principal leads are perfect. This sucked me in immediately and kept me wondering. Noir fans make it a 90."
90 83% Shin-san Tankoumachi no serenĂ¢de (2010) - Dec 09, 2018
"Seems to be a bit neglected, unfairly so IMO. Impeccably set in a small mining town, Japan, mid 50's. Coming of age film that's realistically told and not over emotional. It was only when I started to think about this review that I realised it touches on so many "life matters" but does it so deftly that, at the time, it is just the story being told. There is a trace of romance, one of which goes movie-long but as it's not a focal point, won't tag this with (teen) "romance". "
10 2% The Tiger and the Snow (2005) - Dec 02, 2018
"If you don't mind irrelevant arcs, a concentration on a main character who acts like he's the hero who'll solve everything - seems the style in some Italian comedies -, this may suit. See other reviews where it would seem this is done in the style favoured by the lead/director. I only lasted 30 minutes."
82 62% A Liar and a Broken Girl (2010) - Nov 29, 2018
"Unusual "small" scale film punches well above its weight. Bit like an onion, you need to keep watching to see the backgrounds of the principal characters alter as more is revealed & peeled. Though a bit shaky as far as realism is concerned it is still very pleasing to watch with the two leads played admirably. Perhaps more a fantasy/drama/romance. Excellent casual watch with its left field story surprisingly watchable. NB some mildish violence, no nudity. Littlies may be frightened by some bits."
75 47% Dog Bite Dog (2006) - Nov 12, 2018
"Good Lord only one comment! 75 where "75" is "overall". In it's course zigzags madly from 90's to cartoonish 30's. Note one bit is the pits. Different HK actioner, well shot and well played. Though is cliche riddled you forgive that a bit because it is highly watchable with a professional shoot and OK to good acting. Genre fans a "must watch", others, give it a bit of slack and most will watch it right through. High violence factor. The HK style of movie making suits this one very well."
85 70% Jinx!!! (2013) - Nov 02, 2018
"Ho hum another Japanese or Korean school/college based romance YAWN, so similar, so generic. No, just no .......well actually this one is a surprise. Slightly different & with a standout performance by Hyomin as Jin-ho lifs a well written script way above humdrum. The synopsis tells the story in a way but doesn't mention a key difference that gives this one depth and actually tugs on your emotions. This is a rom (there is com, but IMHO, it is subservient to the main aim of this one) done right."
82 62% The Naked Prey (1966) - Nov 02, 2018
"Film needing to be viewed with production year in mind. Yes, you could say it's generic & pro colonising whites but the "1966" says pretty radical for its time & extremely well done. IMHO very even handed, natives shown respectfully in a time & place of Apartheid ALA Zulu. If you have not seen a "single person on the run V a pack of warriors" eg "Run of the Arrow", Apocalypto this will be revolutionary & gripping. Even if you have this is highly entertaining. Bonus if you spot the pesky car LOL"