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Member Since: Oct 17, 2010

Location: NYC, USA

Bio: I don\'t represent anyone at Slant Magazine. This is just an archive of their ratings.
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25 61% Inequality for All (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""Robert Reich's message to America, much like director Jacob Kornbluth's uncomplicated film, is so simple and straightforward (you might even say obvious) that, without nitpicking, it can appear flawless." - Kalvin Henely"
20 41% Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""This sequel strenuously works to form a total inversion of the first movie's relationship with food." - Eric Henderson"
10 9% The Lifeguard (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""The film heroically stretches out its governing water metaphor to a point that allows it to best Garden State's Guinness World Record for most incessant navel-gazing." - Ed Gonzalez"
20 41% 12 Years a Slave (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""Steve McQueen's impersonal approach to his subject matter isn't solely to blame for the failure of 12 Years a Slave, a safely anecdotal mosaic closer in spirit to Edward P. Jones's The Known World than to Toni Morrison's radically constructed Beloved." - Ed Gonzalez"
25 61% Prisoners (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""Possibly year's most immaculate-looking drivel, a prismatically shot whodunit abundant in red herrings, but lacking in moral contemplation." - Ed Gonzalez"
15 21% Battle of the Year (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""Remarkably, the highlight of Benson Lee's film, essentially a fiction reboot of his Planet B-Boy, isn't the scene where Chris Brown gets punched in the face." - Ed Gonzalez"
30 78% Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013) - Sep 28, 2013
""Abdellatif Kechiche reveals through his sense of composition, and collaboration with his remarkable actresses, a sensitivity to emotional nuance that's striking." - Ed Gonzalez"
20 41% I Give It a Year (2013) - Aug 09, 2013
""Much of the film's attempted laughs come from the comedy-of-discomfort school, with an endless array of situations that milk awkwardness to a degree that makes these scenes far more unpleasant than humorous to watch." - Andrew Schenker"
25 61% Byzantium (2012) - Aug 09, 2013
""Forlorn depictions of love and death may dignify Neil Jordan's film, but narrative withholding ultimately drives a stake into its unmistakable heart." - Ed Gonzalez"
15 21% The Purge (2013) - Aug 09, 2013
""A rote home-invasion thriller afraid to be seen as just another rote home-invasion thriller, the film turgidly grasps for profundity by framing bloodlust as patriotic duty." - Ed Gonzalez"