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90 T10 50/50 (2011) - Jan 08, 2012
"50/50 tells the story of a young man with cancer, which of course makes it both a harsh and sad film overall. Don't expect to leave it feeling all good inside. However, it manages to keep its balance and avoids being unnecessarily depressing, especially through a very clever use of tasteful, low key humor and a strong theme of friends, family and love."
80 T9 Take Shelter (2011) - May 29, 2012
"Something is coming... take shelter! Shannon does a brilliant job portraying a man suffering from paranoia. He is driven by the sudden strong feeling that danger is looming and that he must protect his beloved family. Chastain delivers a strong performance as well, as his wife, who is affected greatly by his strange behavioural changes caused the psychological strain of his condition. So far one of the strongest drama productions of 2012 (Denmark), though perhaps slightly slow paced for 120 min."
75 T9 The Avengers (2012) - May 01, 2012
"With its big budget, it is definitely a masterpiece of high quality 3D, visual effects and big long action sequences. Very impressive indeed. But the group idea is both good and bad. It is undoubtedly fun to watch them all fight together and each of them do get their individual screen time as well, but it struggles a bit to find the time to also tell a story. A few second rank characters should have been left out. The humour is great and you won't see it coming. All in all a good job by Whedon."
75 T9 21 Jump Street (2012) - May 03, 2012
"It struggles a bit in the beginning (or I simply needed some time to pick up on its style and genre), but from then on it just gets better and better. I loved its use of self-awareness to make a remake/parody mixture instead of being just one of those and I enjoyed how the vast changes of High School since then force the two buddy cops into roles opposite their nature. It provides plenty of laughs - both crude and sophisticated; especially in their wanting-to-be-like-cops-in-movies chase scenes"
90 T10 Looper (2012) - Sep 30, 2012
"Looper is a bright star within genre blending. By mixing together many different elements, Johnson succeeds in bringing new life to time-travel sci-fi. He keeps the rules simple to avoid paradoxes stealing the spotlight away from the characters and the story told. Looper is stylistically in the top of its class and all the main performances are high up there as well. I won't spoil the plot, but I will tell you this: Looper will stick with you and make you contemplate its deeper meaning for days."
90 T10 Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010) - May 01, 2011
"This is brilliant. Finally a parody that really works and is made by true film makers... and boy, does it work! I was a fan of both Tudyk and Labine beforehand, so seeing them together doing a great job in this extremely well crafted comedy, was just icing on the cake. It spoofs the horror genre almost perfectly. You got to love it."
85 T10 The Cabin in the Woods (2012) - May 24, 2012
"On the surface, CitW is an almost even mix of a horror film, a comedy and a mystery. As such straight forward and very entertaining in all of these aspects. But deeper down these elements are all there to serve a much greater purpose. A purpose that will undoubtedly leave you with a great smile, when afterwards replaying CitW in your head, now with its deeper layer in mind. I loved how Whedon and Goddard dare take on the entire horror genre and give their view on its many clich├ęs. Very bold."
85 T10 Upstream Color (2013) - May 23, 2013
"After a second viewing, it's time for me to rate this. A second watch is not needed, but definitely doesn't hurt. I'm glad Carruth is finally back. I find his movies more interesting, well crafted and different than most films. With Upstream he does something else than Primer, but in the way it's shot and edited, in the care for details, his style is very recognizable. The first half is nothing like anything I've seen before. Unbelievable. The ending I don't fully get. Still it's a great film."
90 T10 Sucker Punch (2011) - Oct 20, 2011
"Sucker Punch has an awesome look and feel to it. The soundtrack is filled with great cover songs that set exactly the right mood whenever needed. The opening scene is one of the best I have seen to get me excited right off the beat, and it is followed by many more; all visually stunning and dreamy. It's definitely a one-to-watch in my book. And yes, as the tagline says: "You Will Be Unprepared"."
70 T8 White House Down (2013) - Dec 29, 2013
"Pure fun and action! It has just the right fraction of parody feel to it to be high spirited and enjoyable, without getting cheap or lowbrow. For a modern day Die Hard inspired genre, it is way better than what the actual franchise has become (A Good Day to Die Hard) and it is also more entertaining than Olympus Has Fallen, if you prefer to compare it with that."