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Member Since: Feb 6, 2017

Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Age: 39

Gender: Male

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62 14% Breakdown (1997) - Mar 09, 2020
"Harmless 90's thriller fair. Russell overacts in this, possibly trying to polish the scripts turdiness. The film verges on the ridiculous at times, my favourite moment being the kidnapped wife spotting her saviours eyeball in a plank's hole 50 metres away. "
68 27% Flowers (2014) - Mar 06, 2020
59 9% Arctic (2019) - Mar 01, 2020
68 27% 1917 (2019) - Jan 28, 2020
"The one/two shot technique is used to good effect here, serving to reflect the immediacy of death and chaos in the race against time. Unfortunately the two protagonists haven't been given any character story and are impossible to care about. This film really does dissipate from the memory within hours."
81 76% The Disaster Artist (2017) - Dec 25, 2019
57 8% Spirala (1978) - Dec 24, 2019
52 6% The King (2019) - Dec 24, 2019
"Henry V's transformation from worthless drunk to valiant prince is never convincing, which isn't a good basis to start with. Chalamet is great in this despite being handed a lacklustre script and scenes whose dialogue you can work out for yourself. Just boring."
82 79% Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) - Aug 17, 2019
""Fuck, so that's where that Simpsons character came from" was one of my first thoughts. Another was "Holy Shit. This screenplay is exemplary!" The only dampener in waiting so long to see this was the Alec Baldwin monologue being nowhere near as good as I had been told it was. Man I miss Jack Lemmon."
53 6% The Fog (1980) - Aug 13, 2019
" If you can detatch yourself from the progress made in special effects over the last 40 years and look past the goofy storyline, then you may, just may be able to comprehend that this was once quite scary. Having said that, The original 'The Thing' is still scary and shits all over this."
78 63% Chinatown (1974) - Aug 06, 2019