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90 86% Twice Upon a Time (1983) - Apr 13, 2009
"This is a lot of fun. Should be better known than it is"
50 33% Nayakan (1987) - May 02, 2009
"My first Bollywood film (actually Kollywood, but why split hairs). I know all about how Kamal Hassan is a legend in India and actually has his own human services organization to help the poor, etc., etc., etc., but this movie feels like a junior high school pageant. Clearly, the makers of this movie want it to be _The Godfather_ really friggin' bad (Hassan even stuffs cotton in his mouth Brando-style at one point) but this isn't it. The obligatory musical numbers make it even more silly"
50 33% Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2009) - Apr 19, 2009
"Yes, this is a real movie and "Anvil" is a real band, despite the drummer's name and a couple other things that look like _Spinal Tap_ references. The whole time I was thinking, "These guys are SUCH retards." Further evidence for the longstanding theory that people who are into drugs (even the legal ones) never grow up; in particular, "Lips" has the "stoner" default facial expression, and still speaks the "Sup dude!" metaller patois despite being over 50. Their music isn't so hot, either"
80 68% Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971) - Nov 23, 2009
"This is an awful movie, but it's so fascinating. One of the central locations is a low-budget freak show, and that's exactly what this whole movie is. Naish and Chaney, both dying men at this point, going through the motions as yet another mad scientist and yet another Lennie variation. Russ Tamblyn as a biker who keeps wandering in and out of the movie. An astonishingly large number of name actors for a production this shoddy. Risibly inept makeup, photography, scripting, direction, etc., etc."
40 23% Macario (1960) - May 11, 2009
"Handsomely photographed, but silly. This is yet another movie in which every character has to behave like an idiot so the plot can keep going. The late Philip Jose Farmer's novel _Stations of a Nightmare_ is a MUCH better story with basically the same plot -- "ordinary man suddenly and inexplicably becomes a great healer""
90 86% Crac (1981) - Oct 11, 2008
"I remember seeing this when I was a kid; in adulthood, it took me forever to figure out what it was. By pure chance I wandered into a museum exhibit recently featuring Back's work, and I finally realized. A recent re-viewing of this animation shows it to be even better than I remembered"
80 68% Reefer Madness (1936) - Jun 12, 2007
"Bad but fascinating in its crudity, cheapness, hilarious ignorance of marijuana, and sheer hypocrisy"
50 33% Night and Fog (1955) - Mar 25, 2007
"Thunder stolen by all the subsequent films and TV shows about the Holocaust"
100 95% Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) - Mar 30, 2007
"So ineptly made, impassioned, and utterly crazy that it's beautiful to behold. Absolutely not to be missed"
100 95% Document of the Dead (1985) - Jun 06, 2009
"Excellent documentary about the man and his work. Just make sure you see _Two Evil Eyes_ before you see this, since this contains spoilers for that movie"