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90 86% Tune in Tomorrow... (1990) - Oct 17, 2008
"Charmingly strange little movie about a young man chasing his sexy aunt, helped along the way (if "helped" is the right word) by an eccentric scriptwriter. Along the way we keep leaving the "real" storyline for interludes into the writer's deranged radio drama, which is studded with star cameos. A fun movie that also has something to say, and it's not what you might think. I don't think there's any other film quite like it"
100 95% Night of the Ghouls (1959) - Mar 31, 2007
"Very much in the Ed Wood tradition of being so bad it's priceless. Not to be missed"
100 95% Heart Like a Wheel (1983) - Apr 15, 2008
"I don't give a damn about racing -- or about any sports -- but I think this movie is wonderful. I watch my copy over and over again, never tiring of it. Bedelia gives one of the greatest "quiet" performances I ever saw, of one woman's struggle to be what she was born to be, and Bridges is damn near perfect as one of the classic characters in fiction -- the lovable scoundrel"
100 95% Betty Boop's Ker-Choo (1933) - Sep 14, 2009
"Do we Boop? Oh fuck yeah we Boop. Dave Fleischer cartoons are much better than most of the toons produced today as it is, but this really hits the spot. Enormously funny and charming from start to finish"
50 33% Nayakan (1987) - May 02, 2009
"My first Bollywood film (actually Kollywood, but why split hairs). I know all about how Kamal Hassan is a legend in India and actually has his own human services organization to help the poor, etc., etc., etc., but this movie feels like a junior high school pageant. Clearly, the makers of this movie want it to be _The Godfather_ really friggin' bad (Hassan even stuffs cotton in his mouth Brando-style at one point) but this isn't it. The obligatory musical numbers make it even more silly"
100 95% Document of the Dead (1985) - Jun 06, 2009
"Excellent documentary about the man and his work. Just make sure you see _Two Evil Eyes_ before you see this, since this contains spoilers for that movie"
90 86% Twice Upon a Time (1983) - Apr 13, 2009
"This is a lot of fun. Should be better known than it is"
90 86% Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions (1933) - Sep 15, 2009
"Genuinely witty. Evidently no Betty Boop cartoon is complete without her performing a song, and not only is it a real charmer but it's seamlessly sewn (heh) into the plot. They don't make 'em like this anymore"
100 95% Be Human (1936) - Sep 20, 2009
"A Betty Boop cartoon about how horrible it is to abuse animals... which therefore manages to convey the ugly truth of the matter while still, by virtue of being a cartoon, doesn't make it *too* hard to bear. I have been amused and heartwarmed by more than a few of these Boop toons; to be moved by one is something else quite again"
80 68% Basket Case 3: The Progeny (1992) - Sep 10, 2008
"More like comedy than serious horror, but, considering the material and the director, that seems perfectly appropriate. So funny and completely off-the-chart weird that it's a minor delight"