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50 13% Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - Apr 19, 2020
"The best part of this movie was Zoey Deutch. She brought a spark of life and color to a dull movie. It was enjoyable watching her play an unusual role as a ditsy blonde. Her mastery of witty, comedic timing, and expressive body language, hearkens back to her 2014 role in Vampire Academy. The other actors were flat and uninteresting, in comparison. The script was mediocre. And for a movie that purports to be a comedy, I don't think I laughed once. I hope I never have to watch this again."
10 1% After Darkness (2018) - Dec 07, 2019
"This movie is marketed as science fiction, but it's a boring, shit movie about family drama. After watching for 30 minutes I realized I didn't care about any of the characters or their supposed predicament. The actors lacked charisma and I found nothing compelling to continue watching so I jumped ahead multiple times to see how the plot unfolds. There is nothing interesting or redeeming and I'm glad I didn't sit through the full 95 minutes."
95 79% Girl from Nowhere (2017) - Sep 23, 2019
"This movie is different in all of the best ways. The production value is low, but the quality is not. The dialogue is interesting and the plot kept me guessing until the very end. I particularly enjoyed the music selection for this film. Christia Visser is beautiful and plays her role with charisma. Girl From Nowhere is a perfect example of not needing a lot of money to tell a compelling story."
45 11% Blackway (2016) - Sep 01, 2019
"Boring. I don't know why this film was made or why these actors chose to act in it. I would not watch this again or recommend anyone else to watch it. I can think of nothing compelling about this movie. The most I can say is that it was at least competently assembled."
90 69% The Invisible (2007) - Aug 05, 2019
"I remembered this movie fondly the first time I watched it shortly after it was released. Years later, I had forgotten most of the details and wanted to rewatch it. There was no option to rent, only buy, which I did without hesitation and that's unusual for me. The movie holds up years later with a particular outstanding performance by actress Margarita Levieva. She is convincing as a menacing street tough and I even remember thinking she was a boy in her first scene. "
80 46% Blood Cure (2013) - Feb 20, 2019
"I decided to give this movie a chance on Amazon Prime and was pleasantly surprised to find a gem. The movie has a low budget, but the cast and crew made effective use of what they had. By 30 minutes in I was hooked and was genuinely interested in the story of Mackenzie's character. She is famous from acting in 7th Heaven, but I never watched that show. This was my first exposure to her and she has charisma. Make sure you watch until the end of the credits."
80 46% Look Away (2018) - Nov 18, 2018
"A hauntingly beautiful film that defied my expectations in many ways."
85 58% Ghosts of Mars (2001) - Sep 24, 2018
"A solid science-fiction action movie with elements of horror, reminiscent of the iconic video game Doom. The setting is introduced quickly without a lot of unnecessary exposition. It was a nice visual decision to shoot only at night and heavy use of the color red. The fight choreography is good and Natasha Henstridge is a convincing lead as a disillusioned police officer. Jason Statham also brings his humor and charisma."
100 93% The Putin Interviews (2017) - Sep 10, 2018
"An outstanding, in-depth interview with one of the greatest world leaders, who is deliberately being lied about and mis-portrayed by western media. He took leadership of a country in a bad state and improved every metric in the past 18 years, including paying off the national debt, raising GDP, domestic industry and agriculture, improving birthrates, and improving the life of the average Russian. These interviews allow him to talk at length and are well edited. Read the book for cut material."
75 36% Descendants (2015) - Sep 10, 2018
"A colorful, fun movie, with great costumes and singing. The concept is interesting and the mixture of fantasy with modern technology is done well. The film wastes no time jumping right into the premise and introducing all of the main characters."