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52 T4 Police Academy (1984) - Feb 03, 2017
31 T2 Killer Elite (2011) - Jan 26, 2017
"This felt really long. Jumping from country to country and location to location didn't really add much momentum to it at all, and though some of its concepts had potential (e.g. having to coax confessions out of people as well as making their deaths look accidental), most ideas were undercooked or just fell flat. And the lame, by-the-numbers romance stuff was terrible despite Miranda Lawson. I did appreciate the front flip senton while strapped to a chair and the nonsensical sacrifice throw."
18 T1 Just Married (2003) - Jan 25, 2017
"Nice one, PSI--I was literally thinking "I dunno the exact score I should give this, but probably sub-20", and yeah, 18 seems about right. Really terrible. The climactic scene, cliché as it may be, was almost passable as far as those things go, but then they started referencing all the things they went through earlier in the film, reminding the viewer just how dumb Kutcher's character is and just how unfun their relationship's been. Actually a pretty uncomfortable watch."
33 T3 The Tuxedo (2002) - Jan 21, 2017
"Bad but pretty easy to watch, with a couple of dumb laughs in there. "
90 T10 Casablanca (1942) - Jan 20, 2017
"Huh. I expected there to be a 50/50 shot of me tolerating this, but nope, I really liked it! Great characters, vibrant universe, memorable lines, tense story. And well directed, too! Didn't know they could do the movie stuff all proper-like in the 40s."
73 T7 The Godfather: Part III (1990) - Jan 17, 2017
"Had a real hard time getting through this one--took me around 7 separate sessions spread across a week or two, all told. Liked the second half a lot more; it actually managed to go from "oof, this is pretty bad" to having some great, compelling scenes. Not a fan of the weird romance, but I have to say that the much-maligned Sofia Coppola really wasn't a bad casting decision in my view. Not sure about Bronson Pinchot as Vincent, though... Anyways, rating #500, woohoo! Uneven, but good."
80 T8 The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - Jan 06, 2017
"Pretty optimistic PSI on this one--a few too many long-winded speeches and overlong sex scenes, and too glamorized a vision of some terrible person's past. Powerhouse performance by DiCaprio, though, and occasionally super funny. Very entertaining when at its best."
59 T5 Lev Stærkt (2014) - Dec 30, 2016
"For some reason, the racing seemed a bit short on momentum. I wasn't really feeling that sense of speed. But the drama was pretty interesting, and though most of it gave me douchechills, it was a pretty damn plausible and realistic depiction of those kinds of dudebro interactions."
56 T5 Bernie (2012) - Dec 30, 2016
"Wasn't sure what to think of it - wish I'd known beforehand that it was based on a true story and that it featured non-actors giving their genuine opinion, 'cuz that's pretty interesting. The townspeople were fun, but it didn't feel that dramatic aside from the ending, and the comedic stuff wasn't really funny (especially not in retrospect, what with it being reality based), just more of a bummer."
72 T7 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) - Dec 28, 2016
"I think I watched this in the cinema. Might've been the couch. I think I liked it slightly better than the first one, though this was also overlong."