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88 T10 Harakiri (1962) - Mar 17, 2018
"Wowee, a PSI of 99 has to be the highest I've ever seen. I get it, too; Harakiri is incredibly good on all fronts, and even tells its tale in an interesting and effective way. I didn't know who directed it or who was in it, but I figured I had a case of the face-blindness and the main character had to be Mifune, on account of how perfect he was in that role. The pacing in the beginning of the latter half caused my attention to waver a little bit, but it wraps up very well. 23rd film of 2018."
73 T8 The Witch (2016) - Mar 16, 2018
"I was invested from start to finish, which is a rarity for me regardless of quality. Great cast -- the oldest son's performance was awesome and daring for someone his age; the father with the bass in place of a voice box could not have been more convincing in his role -- and characterization; always enough tension, never so much that I turned on any of the characters. Low-key cool score, too. Glad I knew almost nothing about it, though what little I knew was already too much. 22nd film of 2018. "
67 T7 Ghostbusters (1984) - Mar 03, 2018
"I thought I might have watched the second half of this when I was a kid, but nope. Though I was about 35 years late to the party, it was definitely a good time. Rick Moranis' dumb character made me laugh a bunch, and the main cast obviously had great chemistry. 21st film of 2018."
57 T5 The Way We Dance (2013) - Mar 02, 2018
"TWWD has a loose, flowy structure that I suppose is thematically appropriate, but makes for unsatisfactory storytelling. Still, Ngan is a charismatic lead surrounded by talented dancers and athletes. The sporadic attempts at emotional coercion never work, but as a collection of cool dance scenarios, I can only imagine it's inspired thousands of people to take up both dance and tai chi. The big finale was climactic enough to tip my final opinion in favor of the movie. 20th film of 2018."
75 T8 Boyz n the Hood (1991) - Mar 01, 2018
"I thought I was watching my first Spike Lee right up until the credits rolled. Huh. Regardless of who I thought directed it, it was a good movie that feels completely relevant and barely dated at all 30 years later. 19th film of 2018."
71 T7 Elysium (2013) - Mar 01, 2018
"Works really well as an action film, though it doesn't quite succeed as a political and human story. Fortunately the concept and consistently cool visuals make it easy enough to look past its shortcomings. 18th film of 2018."
19 T1 A Dangerous Man (2010) - Feb 23, 2018
"A Dangerous Man is basically the proto-Born to Raise Hell -- it's about two evil factions fighting, with Seagal just being this random force of nature that happens to be passing by, making besties with a middle-aged Russian crime lord along the way. Both titles are also variations of 'I Am Really Cool.' It's slightly more competent than BTRH, but more humorless, and horribly edited with a hilariously tacked-on ending. If nothing else, Mah's a genuine bombshell. 17th film of 2018."
62 T6 Dirty Harry (1971) - Feb 17, 2018
"Totally fine now; probably really great for its time. 16th film of 2018."
12 T1 Born to Raise Hell (2010) - Feb 15, 2018
"Poorly directed, edited, acted, written, scored, and choreographed. Even the out-of-place title is trash. The aikido stuff is repetitive and without suspense, but on top of that, those scenes suffer from the action film equivalent of when someone records a guitarist by zooming all the way in on the strumming hand. Seagal's 'jokes' and attempts at showing emotions are probably the low points, but it's hard to choose. SS beating a chess genius in 1 move is peak Seagal egoism. 15th film of 2018."
32 T2 Above the Law (1988) - Feb 14, 2018
"Skinny Seagal is kind of a trip, though not as much as him being shockingly proficient in Japanese. I'm not convinced "Sayonattasou" is an actual thing Japanese people say, but he definitely picked some stuff up during his martial arts days. His fights here are quick and brutal, but much of the focus is on political intrigue, and the film is nowhere near well written enough to make it work. Grier and Ross have the best characters, but they drop the ball on both of them. 14th film of 2018."