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62 T6 Polytechnique (2009) - Oct 17, 2017
"Wildly uncomfortable to watch, but tells an important story with occasionally stunning finesse."
55 T5 Under Siege (1992) - Oct 13, 2017
"This has to be Seagal's best film, right? I say that having only seen around 3 of them, but I imagine his other films suffer from not having Busey and TLJ in them, and from featuring Segal. His smug doucheface in the film's closing moments is so absurdly off-putting that it seems like a Trumpian parody, and I have to imagine he improvised most of his lines, as they're consistently flat and momentum-killing compared to everyone else's. First half was fun. The TLJ fight was astoundingly bad."
83 T9 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - Oct 11, 2017
"Nowhere near its predecessor visually or aurally, and the characters also aren't as gripping. Good film in its own right, though, with its own interesting philosophical musings. Did it need former WWE champion Dave Batista's line to be flashed back to on two separate occasions? S'not an anime; we got the implication the first time. Really didn't love the direction much. Upping rating from 81 because it's stuck with me. Wish the emotional moments had resonated with me."
40 T3 Lost in Space (1998) - Oct 06, 2017
"Probably worse than I'm giving it credit for, but watching it in bite-sized bits over the span of a month made it less harrowing than it would've otherwise been. Matt LeBlanc shouldn't be carrying a movie, Annie's not good, William Hurt basically belongs in a different film with how humorless and unlikable he is, and even Gary Oldman couldn't make his character not drag things down. LIS might have been the first film I didn't like as a kid; adult-me stands by kid-me's assessment."
82 T9 Shall We Dance? (1996) - Oct 06, 2017
"It's staggering how much better the cinematography and shot selection is in this compared to the very good Sumo Do Sumo Don't. Takenaka, the comedic highlight of that film, is even better here in the role that was the progenitor to his Stresemann persona. But then there's the issue of the protagonist being an adulterous stalker. Could've been cool had things gone Vertigo, but a pretty unsympathetic way for him to find a neat hobby. Kusakari not being an actress is shocking; perfect performance."
82 T9 Shiko funjatta (1992) - Oct 05, 2017
"I expected a barely competent light-hearted surface-scratching sumo comedy. Expectations: exceeded. Aside from sometimes not securing long enough takes (leading to abrupt edits that make some scenes difficult to parse), it's a more than competent film--beautifully shot, and chock full of characters that are believable, diverse, and likable. To top it all off, it respects & understands its art as much as any martial arts film, and the well-cast actors portray sumotori superbly. (HS, Strezemann?!)"
68 T7 La Femme Nikita (1990) - Sep 26, 2017
"My least favorite Besson flick to date, but Fifth Element, Leon, The Big Blue and Wasabi are all some of my favorite movie-watching experiences, so that's not a huge knock on it. I normally go along with whatever reality Besson creates for his films, but the internal logic of this film never really sat well with me, and I'm not sure about Parillaud. It was decent enough with some good scenes, but not the action romp I had expected."
72 T7 Elle (2016) - Sep 17, 2017
"The most low-key no-chill thing ever. Conflicted feelings about this one. Staggers drunkenly between dark comedy into dark and disturbing, and though creating multidimensional characters that all have flaws is neat in concept, almost everyone except maybe Elle's bestie have cartoonishly unacceptable flaws. Huppert is excellent and the film was definitely a spectacle. The jumpscare around halfway through got me good; I hadn't yelped like that in a while!"
52 T4 Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press (2017) - Sep 13, 2017
"Really messy. Pretends to be about the war between Hogan and Gawker, a war in which both parties are deplorable, but then uses the fact that Thiel is an acquaintance and supporter of Trump as a transition to talk about how Trump hates the press. Yes, anyone in their right mind is appalled by Trump, but shoehorning it into this film was a mistake. The best part was by far the even more randomly inserted 20-minute piece on the Vegas Review-Journal, though. The info boxes were unreadable, btw."
85 T9 Icarus (2017) - Sep 13, 2017
"I'm glad my mind works completely differently from those who thought this was boring. It starts off as an interesting documentary that then, by pure chance, transforms into something far, far greater. Rodchenkov is a character and a half, and the Metal Gear Solidesque connecting of the dots and jump cuts to more exposition is super riveting. "