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92 T10 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) - Aug 18, 2017
"I thought this was the best SW when I saw it as a kid, though it's the only one I only saw once. Rewatching it it 20 years later, I realize child-me was totally right. Ewoks are cool, sorry."
70 T7 Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) - Aug 09, 2017
"Way more fun to watch than the original, which had an awkward blend of humorous and super bleak moments. Gibson's character is way more likable, it's funnier, the action is better (if for no other reason, then simply by virtue of not being sans lighting), and I liked how they sensibly avoided the family being the main targets while still keeping it dramatic. The villains kinda suck, but Pesci and the love interest are interesting additions."
80 T8 The Big Blue (1988) - Aug 04, 2017
"Love the pacing (with one caveat that I'll get to), the visuals, the soundtrack, the tone, the humor, Jean Reno, and Rosanna Arquette. Main character wasn't too shabby either, but Reno's been my favorite since forever, and wow, Rosanna Arquette probably would've been a since-forever favorite had I caught another 80s movie with her in it. Things happen way too quickly and suddenly towards the end, which is lame considering Besson had 3 hours to wrap things up, but overall it's almost great."
60 T5 Lethal Weapon (1987) - Jul 20, 2017
88 T10 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Jul 16, 2017
"Rewatched for the first time in 20-some years. I had zero recollection of Lando, was surprised by how comedic the Yoda encounter was, and I could've sworn this film's first half was all about their run-in with Jabba. Interesting just how film-2-of-a-trilogy this is; it wouldn't work as an introduction,and it barely even has an ending. Halfway through it just clicks and becomes fun movie magic from one scene to the next."
60 T5 Atari: Game Over (2014) - Jul 08, 2017
81 T9 Okja (2017) - Jul 07, 2017
"Watched it with my mom on my 29th birthday. It almost managed to open the floodgates with its final scene in NY, and was otherwise pretty exciting and enjoyable. Okja and the lead were both very good."
63 T6 Blackhearts (2017) - Jun 20, 2017
"Light documentary with a good angle, following 3 separate acts from 3 different continents, all following 1 goal of getting to perform black metal in the country that defined the genre. Would've been interesting to dive deeper into their motivation (the Colombian band's juxtaposition between being kids in a candy store and going all in on their Satanic LARPing makes them look especially ridiculous; the Greek NS being dumb's a no-brainer), but the concept is well executed. Much respect to Sina."
30 T2 Suicide Squad (2016) - Jun 12, 2017
"About as dire a soundtrack and sound direction as you'll find in a film, and also super disappointing visually. It was more coherent and attention-grabbing than Batman vs. Superman, and ultimately I enjoyed it slightly more, though it was bad. If I were held at gunpoint and forced to rewatch them both I'd imagine BvS, being the much denser and more complex film, would overtake Suicide Squad, but both were a waste of time. Smith and Robbie were decent casting choices. The rest, not so much."
20 T1 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) - Jun 11, 2017
"Good lord. Man of Steel was a snooze, but this is bad in a completely different way. It has tons of stuff happening, but all of it feels rushed and badly undercooked. Introducing the new Batman like this, with him being completely unlikable, seems like an odd choice, and the couple of Typical Superhero Movie Jokes that are squeezed in sure don't jive with the film's vibe. Luthor being Zuckerberg is dumb as hell, also. So many villains are wacky like that already, so it was a complete waste."