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Member Since: Mar 21, 2010

Location: Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

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90 94% Sorry to Bother You (2018) - May 09, 2019
"Best movie I've gone into blind in the cinema for so far. Carnivalesque, yet grounded in sad, frustrating reality. Funny, absurd, realistic, and well performed."
71 66% Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017) - Apr 28, 2019
"Coupla eyerolls here and there, and Kylo Ren seriously generates nothing but go-away heat, but I did have a good time watching it (with the biggest OG SW fan in the galaxy). The multiple stories happening led to no chemistry being developed by any key characters outside of Rey and Kylo, so going into the next one I can't imagine anyone caring much about anyone aside from C3PO and Chewbacca, but maybe they'll wind up pulling a space rabbit out of their elaborate and impractical theater hats."
79 78% Ukigumo (1955) - Apr 17, 2019
"My PSI for this is nuts. It's basically saying this'll ought to be my favorite film of all time. I don't expect it to be, though it was a very faithful (except everyone being far too attractive) and well realized adaptation of the book. Odd that they mostly cut Kano out of the story, since he was the one topic they always returned to in the book and his fate set things in motion, but for a low-impact 2-hour film, it has no wasted motion. Hideko really inhabits Yukiko scarily well."
73 70% In My Room (2018) - Apr 17, 2019
"Watched this in the cinema with little idea of what to expect. The one thing I thought I knew was that I'd be seeing a Coen movie, so that not being the case was a surprise. Then when I thought I knew what type of film I was watching, everyone in the film disappeared. Very cool twist -- shame almost anyone who watches this will be going in knowing it. The 'party' near the end of the film was great -- gave me chills -- but all in all I would've liked a bit more to happen. "
87 90% Enemy (2014) - Mar 22, 2019
77 76% Blaze (2018) - Mar 07, 2019
"Had no idea what this was about and was horrified when it turned out to be about country music. Fortunately, knowing anything about the subject (including being unsure if the film was pure fiction or based on real people) wasn't a detriment -- it's a good piece of filmmaking! Really authentic performances by the two musicians and AS. 3rd film of 2019 (1st in cinema)."
65 56% FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened (2019) - Mar 02, 2019
"1st film of 2019."
90 94% Interstellar (2014) - Mar 02, 2019
"2nd film of 2019."
51 37% The Christmas Chronicles (2018) - Jan 04, 2019
"Watched it with my mom and had a good Christmas time though it's sort of a nothing movie."
85 88% Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004) - Oct 20, 2018
"52 PSA is craziness. I'm no Metallica fan, but their endless budget and addiction to attention makes this as detailed a fly-on-the-wall documentary that you could want about a major band. "