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46 51% At the Earth's Core (1976) - Feb 19, 2014
"A doctor who film in all but name."
80 92% Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - Jul 22, 2015
"Outstanding - action and aesthetic"
82 93% Machine Gun Preacher (2011) - Mar 21, 2015
"There are better child soldier or african war films, but there are many worse personal salvation films. Instead of going on about discovering god for drugs, or doing something useless like building a baseball pitch in nowhere, this has some real grit."
80 92% The Dark Crystal (1982) - Apr 06, 2015
"Scored from the childhood impact on me rather than on its reviewing now. The story is dark which is why it is amazing for children - all the classic fairy tales have a sadistic edge. The plot though has been done in so many other films under different guises. Best quote "I Don't Have Wings" Answer "Of course not you're a boy." All the kids took that as a stunningly obvious answer?!"
60 73% Border Country: The Story of Britain's Lost Middleland (2014) - Apr 12, 2014
"Nice try - but Stewart gives the game away when he says most (all other?) academics disagree with him - there is no lost middle Britain! Nothing is shared in the lands between the Midlands and Highlands that is not also shared with others. But the story Stewart spins is original, illuminated by forgotten history and told with such panache that it is worth it. But is this in fact a play, in his own small way, on the Scots referendum by the Conservative MP for The Borders?"
44 48% Human Universe (2014) - Feb 19, 2015
"Well made but nothing you will not have seen on other BBC science docs - even Brian Cox looking dreamy focusing on the distance and whispering "when I was a boy I looked up to the stars......""
33 32% No Minor Vices (1948) - Jan 14, 2017
"No major virtues."
90 97% Nice Work (1989) - Feb 20, 2014
"Riveting. The novel itself was a huge hit and was the fastest work to go from publication to being listed on the canon for school literature exams. But this dramatisation can justly be said to have been part of that success and to have enhanced it. Haydn Gwynne IS the Dr. Robyn Penrose, and Warren Clarke IS the Vic Wilcox. And Dr Robyn Penrose will always be that Venus coming out of the clamshell! :)"
85 95% Escape from the Planet of the Apes (1971) - Nov 16, 2014
"The same shock value of the opening sequence - and the twist at the end with plenty of hard questions in the middle. A worthy successor."
79 91% The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins (2014) - Feb 11, 2015
"I thought this was going to be an interesting investigation into the limits of animal communication - but once they got on to giving the dolphins LSD and having sex it was clear it was not going that way. The "suicide" of one dolphin was the inevitable result. So not so much the advance of science but a Frankensteinesque demo of how it goes wrong. The scary thing is this story is not fiction!"