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Bio: Not the magazine, just a fan of escapism!
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73 65% The Vast of Night (2020) - Sep 12, 2020
"It has a great atmosphere and likable characters. At times it is extremely suspenseful and it almost never feels cliché. It does a lot of things very well. I didn't like the recurring "it's a TV show" gimmick however and the ending was a bit too simple for me. Great effort, but definitely not perfect. With a stronger ending, I'd have rated it higher. "
80 88% They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) - Sep 10, 2020
"Very successful in what it tries to achieve. Absolutely worth seeing."
61 22% Black Panther (2018) - Sep 03, 2020
"Another typical Marvel film in nearly every way, with one big change. While I am happy more people may find representation in a big blockbuster film (which was seriously overdue and hopefully leads to more), I wish the film would have a much better script, so that it would actually be a good film regardless of its political significance. I think it could've used more time spent on less characters and developing them more, rather than the all-out action fest that it is with mostly clichés."
70 46% Tenet (2020) - Aug 27, 2020
"Decent, but the script needs more work. The premise is interesting, but it's mostly wasted on silly clichés. The one dimensional caricature villain with Russian accent, the only major female protagonist only caring about her son 'because she is a mother', the main protagonist going to immense trouble and neglecting the fate of the world and many others by choosing to try and save a woman he hardly knows. I just didn't buy it and I think sci-fi should be a lot better thought out than this. "
50 6% Bumblebee (2018) - Aug 24, 2020
"A completely ridiculous film. Badly acted, extremely poorly written and completely by the numbers. I don't think there is one original moment in this film and everything feels like a bad knock-off of other films. Awful characters, stereotypes and clichés. So generic and predictable that it's offensive. I'm surprised I wasn't more bored by it. "
84 92% Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) - Aug 23, 2020
"Very laugh-out-loud funny, this is the humour I love. The satire is not as sharp as in Life of Brian, but I did think this film was funnier and also more consistently so. Great comedy."
62 26% Lion (2016) - Aug 23, 2020
"It starts of well, with good performances and a setting that is interesting to watch. The middle is where the film lost me as it becomes a very generic, typical Hollywood 'based on a true story' type film. Very flat and cliché characters, bad writing, boring and intellectually insulting. The ending scene is good and did cause me to cry, although I don't think the film itself earned this. There are worse films and the beginning and ending of the film ALMOST make it worth watching. But not really"
78 85% Watchmen (2019) - Aug 21, 2020
"I almost quit watching so I do think it has a bit of a weak start, but redeems itself in the final two episodes, which were really exciting tv making. "
88 96% The Leftovers (2014) - Aug 21, 2020
"Intriguing series, Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon are amazing in this and the soundtrack fits perfectly. Definitely worth watching all three seasons."
70 46% The Boys (2019) - Aug 21, 2020
"Only rating S1: I really enjoyed it at first, thinking finally something comes along that gives a more realistic look at superheroes and challenges the insipid tropes and clichés that are so prevalent in the genre. But then it falls in the same trap by reinforcing those tropes and becoming very predictable and cliché itself. It's partly entertaining, but ultimately it frustrates me more than it excites. Frustrating!"