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Member Since: Jul 27, 2008

Location: Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Status: Single

Bio: I rank in tiers of 5 (so every ranking will end in either 5 or 0), decided by the following criteria.

100-90 is OUTSTANDING: Note, I do feel like there is such a thing as a "perfect film", but I don't dole out 100s easily. The difference between a 100 and a 95 film is a certain intangible quality I suppose, something that I know will make me always come back to it no matter what. Any film that makes a 90 and up from me is one I would either recommend to anyone in a heartbeat, or one which I feel goes far above and beyond my expectations from it.

89-80 is QUALITY: A quality film for me is one which is often a strong recommendation, a film that does its job to a higher level than the next tier, often notable for overall performances and/or production.

79-70 is SERVICEABLE: A serviceable film for me is one which does its job and is good entertainment either within its own genre or as a stand-alone film. It may or may not be recommended viewing from me, but more often than not it will be.

69-35 is AVERAGE: Since the term "average" is so wide, here is how I define it. An average film falls anywhere between something that is not a total flop and has redeeming qualities (performance, content, production, etc.), and one which has the ability to entertain most people (while potentially not being a personal recommendation).

34-0 is UNDERWHELMED: An underwhelming film is one which is forgettable. It either has no redeeming qualities, or its positive qualities do not outweigh the negative ones. At their worst, movies in this category offend me as a movie-watcher.

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T1 Shutter (2008) - Jul 31, 2008
"Here it is, folks! Quite possibly THE WORST thing ever filmed, and this coming from a man who has seen lots of porn. The moral? Gang-raping your Japanese girlfriend because she is too clingy (and filming it) is bad because she might kill herself and come back and haunt you and your pretty new Caucasian bride. This is not one-percent exaggerated; that IS the plot of this movie. Be smart, kids - don't rape your Japanese girlfriend and film it. And whatever you do, do NOT see 'Shutter', either."
95 T10 50/50 (2011) - Oct 07, 2011
"It does the dramedy mix with subtle perfection: the funny parts are funny and the serious parts are serious, neither were half-assed attempts at both, and awareness displayed that they need each other. Drama needs comedy to humanize and lighten its subject matter; comedy needs drama to deftly remind the audience that the subject matter is not meant to be light and fluffy. I loved the performances completely, the so-called "predictability" is debatable at best... it does everything exceptionally."