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76 T4 Life (2017) - Mar 28, 2017
"This is a tricky film to pin down with a trailer that looks like a B-movie knock-off "Alien"(1979) remake, but with a big budget and movie stars. Although, the film is surprisingly tense at times it never evolves past generic horror movie territory. The movie tries to go in a hard sci-fi direction, but that too never feels like it goes anywhere too deep beyond what is needed to be adequate. Featuring B-movie level characters acted well enough by famous people to keep you watching as they die."
69 T2 Power Rangers (2017) - Mar 28, 2017
"The "Power Rangers" super hero origin story told like a lighter version of "Man of Steel"(2013) meets "Fantastic Four"(2015). This is the movie you get when you take the campy 90's TV show, that was nothing more than a toy commercial that merged recycled Japanese footage with cheap knock-off "Saved by the Bell" filler, and make a more realistic teen drama. Unfortunately, it turned out a boring tonally confused movie struggling to find its audience. The only clear demographic was doughnut fans."
30 T1 Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) - Mar 28, 2017
"The second attempt at a big screen Power Rangers movie is nothing more than a terribly long episode of the TV show. Say what you will about the first film, but at least it understood how to appeal to fans of the show. This movie thinks children tuned into the Power Rangers for the plot. With a script that makes the first movie seem award worthy this movie is ridiculously boring. Unfortunately, the return of the practical effects monster battles of the TV show is preceded by 90 minutes of shit."
70 T3 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) - Mar 27, 2017
"No 90's childhood is complete without some exposure to the classic "Power Rangers" franchise. The film knows its target audience, young children who watched the TV show, and delivered plenty of trademark "Mighty Morphin" action for them. However, the film offers little beyond that core demographic as the movie is nothing more than campy 90's schlock for kids. Unfortunately, the film uses horribly dated CGI instead of relying on the charm of the kaiju style of monster battles seen on the TV show."
90 T9 Aladdin (1992) - Mar 27, 2017
"Disney's Renaissance continued with a Middle Eastern fairy tale centered around a Prince in the making. Our diamond in the rough Prince plays out his "Cinderella" story with the help of one of the greatest Disney characters and performances ever by Robin Williams as the Genie. The master comedian's improvisational skills were captured fantastically in the animation. The film also introduces one of the greatest Disney villains ever. Plus the few songs featured in the movie are all pretty great."
70 T3 Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987) - Mar 26, 2017
"Terrible acting with a ridiculous script makes for one hilariously bad movie with plenty of great 80's BEWBS. "
69 T2 The Machine Girl (2008) - Mar 26, 2017
"Ridiculous and over-the top in every single aspect. A mix of insanely enjoyable while also being overwhelming and painfully bad. This movie is like brain freeze."
46 T1 R.O.T.O.R. (1989) - Mar 26, 2017
"Shitty low-budget sci-fi movie that makes for a fun, but slow watch. Self-aware of its poor quality this obvious rip-off of "The Terminator"(1984) and "RoboCop"(1987) is fascinatingly bad. "
56 T1 Mazes and Monsters (1982) - Mar 26, 2017
"This made-for-TV movie with an after school message about the evils of "Dungeons and Dragons" staring a young Tom Hanks makes for a pretty funny bad movie. Pack your sword and spells and join the holy man Pardieu(Tom Hanks) on his descent into the maze of madness. "
81 T6 Beauty and the Beast (2017) - Mar 21, 2017
"This live-action remake of a Disney animated classic is a mixed bag. The movie is at times a shot for shot recreation, but however did attempt to add a few new things. Strangely this film has parallels with Peter Jackson's "King Kong"(2005) remake. Here Disney used a few new songs along side some extra character development and some upgraded exposition to enrich the story. However like the Kong remake the additional scenes as well as the reliance on CGI detracts something from the original magic"