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20 T1 Ninja Academy (1989) - Mar 22, 2018
"If you ever saw any of the "Police Academy" movies and thought to yourself, 'I like this terrible dumb comedy, but cops are boring, I wonder what these movies would be like if instead they were about an academy for NINJAS!.' Well have I got the movie for you. Thanks to director Nico Mastorakis and company the world now has an answer to that dumb idea in the form of this terribly boring bad ninja comedy slog of a B-movie. Despite some mime ninja high-jinks, there is nothing here worth watching."
35 T2 Bloody Movie (1987) - Mar 22, 2018
"What could have been an awesome 80's B-movie "Scooby-Doo"-esque mystery/slasher where a group of college kids are exploring an abandoned mansion whose missing silent movie star owner is dressing up as famous characters from his filmography to creatively murder them in order to hide his identity, instead unfortunately is mostly just a muddled bore whose signature move is to play ripped-off old movie footage before each wonky kill. Forgettable B-movie only recommended to hardcore 80's horror fans."
28 T2 Darkroom (1989) - Mar 20, 2018
"An 80's slasher B-movie with a cheap photography gimmick full of bad acting, boring dialogue, a weak story, and all without any notable death scenes boils down to a boring family drama-murder mystery. The movie reminded me of "Hospital Massacre"(1982), but on a farm. Both films are full of half-baked red herrings that ultimately feel like filler when the murderer is revealed to indifference, but Barbi Benton stuck in an E.R. waiting room would be more thrilling than this forgettable slasher."
36 T2 High Spirits (1988) - Mar 18, 2018
"What started off as a potentially fun, if not only mediocre, fantasy/comedy quickly devolved into a bad comedy slog...right about the time Steve Guttenberg appeared on screen. His black hole of comedic acting alongside the farcical tone combined to create a void of "nomedy" that sucked up any and all entertainment the rest of the movie managed to muster up. An easily avoidable failed comedy not worth the bother of trying to watch."
47 T3 Fatal Deviation (1998) - Mar 18, 2018
"This wonderfully terrible movie may be, by default, the greatest Irish martial-arts movie ever. A so-bad-it's-good action movie that feels exactly like what you'd think a movie made by an Irish martial-arts champion and the random people of an entire village somewhere in Ireland would be like; shite. But unintentionally fun shite, worth a watch for fans of bad movies everywhere."
32 T2 Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003) - Mar 18, 2018
""Back 2 tha Hood" feels like a reboot to the campier "Leprechaun in the Hood"(2000) instead playing it more as a straight forward awkward urban drama that eventually gets invaded by a Leprechaun movie. Instead of a fun weed smoking/rapping Leprechaun, Warwick Davis gets high and spends his time preforming cheap slapstick by getting the shit kicked out of him before eventually just stabbing the person with whatever. Although this version was a little better produced, it loses too much of the fun."
35 T2 Leprechaun in the Hood (2000) - Mar 18, 2018
""Lep in the hood, come to do no good" definitely rings true since there is pretty much nothing good to be said about this movie. Although some things like the awkwardly terrible raps and introducing the Leprechaun to weed were fun, most of the movie fails to capture the campy B-movie feel it wants, instead it just feels like a bad movie. However, I wish the movie was more right in its claim "I'm so bad, I'm good", but sadly despite trying to wink at the camera, this sequel is mostly just wack."
27 T2 Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997) - Mar 18, 2018
"It's kind of quite telling that the "Leprechaun" series, with only 3 previous films, did what it eventually took the "Friday the 13th" series 9 films before finally completely jumping the shark with their "horror" franchises by sending their iconic characters into space. The fourth "Leprechaun" movie, like the third film tries way too hard at being a campy B-movie. However, given the absurd combinations of everything involved, eventually the movie starts to become a mutant sci-fi parody mess."
37 T2 Leprechaun 3 (1995) - Mar 17, 2018
"After improving on the first film, the "Leprechaun" series' luck seemingly crapped out in "Sin City" when the third film in the franchise was released straight-to-video, taking the form of this odd failed attempt at a perverse dark comedy of sorts. Although Warwick Davis' wise cracking limerick slinging "Leprechaun" easily comes up short compared to Robert Englund's "Freddy Krueger", this sequel quickly feels similar to the weaker later "A Nightmare on Elm Street" sequels, but even worse."
64 T5 Leprechaun 2 (1994) - Mar 17, 2018
"Maybe it's the "luck of the Irish" or just severely lowered expectations, but this sequel/reboot to "Leprechaun"(1993) was luckily the entertaining campy B-movie I was promised back with the original. Now with twice the budget, plus new filmmakers with their tongues firmly placed in their cheeks, and we get more fun kills and cheesy Leprechaun one-liners than ever before. Probably best though if you just stop here with "Leprechaun" movies, and save yourself from the future Shamrock shit films."