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Toxic Fletch

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Bio: Movie reviewer and gamer. I have my own blog at http://toxicfletch.blogspot.com/ where I write movie reviews, gaming articles, and rant on occasion too.

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90 T8 The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) - Dec 14, 2014
"A defense lawyer who works from his chauffered Lincoln has a case fall into his lap that should be cut and dry, but when he thinks he has a handle on things it begins to unravel and put him and his family in danger. Filled with twists and turns and "I didn't see that coming" moments, Lincoln Lawyer is a tense movie with characters who feel real and draw empathy from the viewer. Excellent performances and plot twists make this a first class thriller."
60 T6 Priest (2011) - Dec 14, 2014
"An alternate reality world where civilization evolves against a constant threat of vampires gives rise to a world theocracy of walled cities run by the church and vampire hunting priests. A mix of sci-fi, dystopia and western, Priest is a roller coaster ride of action as a priest searches for his neice taken by vampires against the will of church elders unwilling to believe a threat still exists from the vampires, but an even newer threat rears its head. Like a graphic novel video game."
90 T8 Sahara (1943) - Dec 14, 2014
"A small group of soldiers consisting of a tank crew and various allies they pick up along the way make their way across the Sahara in the wake of Rommel's advance. Saraha maintains a tense plot as the protagonists have to conserve water and fuel while a much larger German army threatens their retreat and they find themselves facing off against greater odds. Sahara is a classic that takes a stand against prejudice, especially against the Nazi mindset of ethnic cleansing of the time."
10 T2 Flesh Eater (1988) - Dec 14, 2014
"A buried bad actor is released by a group of hayriding teens/young adults and then bores the hell out of the viewer for 90 minutes; they obviously didn't bury him deep enough. A pathetic effort by Bill Hinzman to resurrect (pun not intended) his 15 minutes of fame as the first zombie in Night of the Living Dead consistently fails with bad acting, no plot, and Hinzman growling pathetically as though that's impressive to anybody. How this $2 low budget trash rates a 4.9 on IMDB is beyond me. "
20 T3 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea (2007) - Dec 14, 2014
"A submarine sunk to the ocean floor by a giant squid brings in estranged exes with an invention that will allow them to rescue the trapped crew, but a surface-shunning Captain Nemo has other plans for their invention. The premise sounds interesting but the execution is seriously flawed. The sets and props make this movie look beyond cheap. For an Asylum movie, which usually means 'cheap but fun', the one ingredient lacking in their usually successful formula is the fun part."
100 T10 Galaxy Quest (1999) - Dec 14, 2014
"Their show has been canceled but their roles have not. A group of down-on-their-luck actors find their services being requested by a group of aliens who do not understand they are not really space heroes. Galaxy Quest has fun as a send-up of Star Trek in a movie filled with comedy, action, and even taking a moment for poignant moments for the characters in self-discovery and gives the viewer reason to cheer on our heroes. Funny and action-filled from start to finish."
50 T5 City of the Living Dead (1980) - Dec 14, 2014
"A priest's suicide leads to the mysterious death of a woman involved in a seance. This suicide opens the gates of hell and the woman's death is just the starting point that will send two people to the town of Dunwich to close those gates. City of the Living Dead falls apart in the final 20 minutes, but before that is one of the most atmospherically rich and bone chilling of horror movies with an effectively eerie soundtrack. Cheap zombie make-up and a disappointing end make it hard to recommend."
80 T7 Zombie (1979) - Dec 14, 2014
"An unmanned boat sails into the New York Harbor with a mystery onboard which sends a reporter and a woman on a search looking for her father. Their search will take them to a tropical island suffering from a mysterious epidemic where the dead come back to life. Perhaps Fulci's most coherent effort in a zombie movie has an actual linear storyline. The direction is deliberate in style, the atmosphere evoking a sense of doom lingering like a disease. A well paced and visually haunting film."
10 T2 Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986) - Dec 14, 2014
"Beyond pathetic attempt to disguise a travelogue shot on video while walking around Vegas as a movie. Follows three guys walking around insulting everything they see and boring the hell out us for 90 minutes. Includes even dumber subplot about serial killer. Truly the bottom of the barrel in something so bad I wouldn't even dare to call it filmmaking. 10 out of 100."
40 T4 Supergator (2007) - Dec 14, 2014
"Prehistoric gator with an unquenchable appetite feasts on tourists and volcanologists in Hawaii. Passable movie for SyFy Channel fare, but really only if you have 90 minutes to kill with nothing better to do. Too much promise without delivering on any of it; lots of girls running around in bikinis and not a single top comes off."