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18 9% Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (2009) - Mar 10, 2009
"Spectacularly bad. The worst movie I've seen in theatres since Fantastic 4. The script is inconcievably poor, and lazy. Superfluous narration, kung fu fight, atrocious dialog, kung fu fight, EVEN MORE NARRATION! If you must see this, it is to witness Chris Klein, acting like Christian Slater would if he'd taken lessons from David Caruso. To her credit, Kreuk isn't half bad, but Shou gets a laugh from every scene (not on purpose), and the effects budget is cheap cheap cheap. Terrible, but funny."
91 92% Match Point (2005) - Mar 13, 2008
"The first good film out of Woody Allen in a long while, and what could possibly prove to be his last best effort. The plot direction is fairly easy to see before too long, but what makes the movie exceptional is the sense of dread Allen instills in everything. The tension mounts to the point where the film is physically uncomfortable to watch and I just wanted it to be over with -- and yet, that's the highest compliment I can pay it. Outstanding."
3% Evan Almighty (2007) - Mar 18, 2008
"Painful. Another Daily Show alumnus shows up as the news anchor in this one: Ed Helms. According to IMDb, his character's name was apparently Ed Carson. I'm now waiting on Ed Almighty to round out the trilogy. In the spirit of this sequel, it will be about a man who leaves the news after 30 seconds to become an astronaut who talks with God. There will be talks of actually sending Helms and Freeman into space (for the sake of realism), and the movie should cost more than $500 million to make. [Read Full Review]"
37 20% Red Dawn (2012) - Dec 13, 2012
"Not as excruciating as I had thought it might be. ... How's that for a quote on the DVD? Of course it's not very good, and the fact that it was shelved for two years so they could change the foreign menace from China to North Korea makes the movie completely preposterous. But there are still Chinese symbols all over the film -- the edits weren't that thorough, apparently. If you're going to make race-baiting Asian Fear porn (don't Google this), at least have the courage of your convictions."
67 52% Lethal Weapon (1987) - Mar 13, 2008
"The originator. This one laid down the blue-print for every Bruckheimer buddy flick to come. And as insulting as that sounds, somehow, this one works. Sure it meanders a little too much out the gate. Sure by now most of its characters, situations and sequences have become cliches. Sure there isn't much by way of plot. Sure Gibson's rocking the Mellet. It doesn't matter. It's just a fun and very likable flick. Released four months before I was born, it hasn't aged as gracefully as I have."
16 8% Aladdin: The Return of Jafar (1994) - Jan 18, 2010
"As a child I remember being quite upset the day my VCR ate this tape (and subsequently died). Something about Genie-Jafar was unspeakably awesome to young me. Retrospectively, I mourn the loss of my VCR. It killed itself instead of finishing this, using its last breath to mangle the film forever. It was trying to protect me."
87 87% American Splendor (2003) - Mar 19, 2008
"Seemlessly blends animated versions of Pekar's strips with interviews from the man himself, all integrated into the film starring Giamatti and Davis. Directors Berman and Pulcini have made a creative and unique work like nothing you've ever seen. It works as a documentary, a bio-pic, and a tragicomedy. Giamatti shows us Pekar as a man self-aware -- he knows his life is absurd, and he strikes a half-grin before saying things, the cogs in his head already working them into Splendor's next issue."
91 92% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) - May 19, 2009
""Let me tell you about my ship." There is so much to love about this movie. On top of the typical Anderson quirks and dry wit, we have a GREAT cast, Henry Selick providing stop-motion sealife, Seu Jorge rocking Bowie in Portuguese, and an end-credits sequence lifted straight out of Buckaroo Banzai (complete with Jeff Goldblum!). It's about daddy issues of course, but at its heart it is a loving ode to the adventure of filmmaking. Anderson's funniest, and I tear up at the finale every time."
39 22% Top Gun (1986) - Feb 25, 2009
"Not as gay as, say, Batman & Robin, but it's nearly there. A beach volleyball scene feels more like softcore gay porn, but my favourite part is when the fleet commander (or whatever) declares he wants butts. While it's one of the movies that Cruise has become most famous for, the huge stars here are Val Kilmer's teeth. The movie is completely ridiculous, but there's a certain stupid charm to it that makes it almost watchable. It has a sizeable cult following for some reason, but it's bad."
60 41% Signs (2002) - Mar 26, 2007
"The beginning of the end for Shyamalan. Half-way through, his career heads into a nosedive it hasn't yet been able to pull out of. The moment? The big alien "reveal", which is pure goosebumps and easily the scariest bit. The problem is that we've now seen what we were previously only teased with, and the level of tension drops substantially. The movie is at its best when it doesn't show you what's out there, and instead opts to let your imagination run wild with hints of shadowy figures."