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T1 Blitz (2011) - Jul 21, 2016
"A completely pointless movie. The action is boring and the plot makes little sense. The main character is not just a stereotypical loose cannon, but a complete psychopath who waltzes in to a murder scene to crack jokes about a colleague who has been brutally murdered just a few hours earlier. Then he pokes fun at his new partner for being "a poof" and tells the lady cop to put the kettle on. Then he fucks up the entire investigation because he's a terrible cop. And no one seems to mind."
T1 Wanted (2008) - Jul 21, 2016
"Adolescent male power fantasy that tries so hard to be cool but ends up being completely vacuous. The protagonist is a boring blank slate and the rest of the cast of supporting characters don't really seem to have much of a personality either. The overt misogyny doesn't really help much."
T2 Rising Sun (1993) - Jul 21, 2016
T1 Be Cool (2005) - Jul 21, 2016
T6 Patriot Games (1992) - Jul 21, 2016
T6 What Lies Beneath (2000) - Jul 21, 2016
T2 Hollywood Homicide (2003) - Jul 21, 2016
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