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Member Since: Mar 26, 2006

Location: Colonia, New Jersey, USA

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24 19% Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014) - Jan 22, 2017
"Almost certainly the best movie with three WWE Hall of Famers and worth watching to see Roddy Piper put over Shane Douglas in an incredibly meta moment where film and wrestling collide. "
66 63% The Birds (1963) - Jan 22, 2017
"Some movies lose their potency over time. The Birds is one of those movies, because many of the scenes are copied and redone over and over again, though the end is still chilling. "
84 84% Rebecca (1940) - Jan 22, 2017
"Watching the film, I was struck how movies like this aren't made any more. I was shocked that I could be riveted to the screen for two hours by a coherent plot and heightened tension without constant explosions and catch phrases. Though, imagine what Laurence Olivier could have done with a catch phrase..."
56 50% Trance (2013) - Jan 22, 2017
"Enjoyable, but not memorable. I had no idea this was a Danny Boyle film until two whole years later. "
74 74% 28 Days Later (2002) - Jan 22, 2017
"Haunting and dark, it focuses on humanity's evil side and shows how quickly we expect things to break down in life...about four weeks, give or take three weeks. "
32 26% Continental Divide (1981) - Jan 22, 2017
"After watching this movie, I was no longer sad that John Belushi died so young."
92 92% Battle Royale (2000) - Dec 04, 2016
"Finally, a movie that agrees with my theories on raising children and by setting them lose with weapons to kill one another, they get valuable exercise lost as Physical Education classes are replaced. "
54 48% Evil Dead II (1987) - Dec 04, 2016
"Better than the original, with first rate stop motion gore and Bruce Campbell, who chews every scene wonderfully, but forgets to act as if he's taken his own possessed hand off earlier that very day, despite lacking any medical knowledge to remove a possessed hand or painkillers. A shameful oversight!"
42 36% The Acid House (1998) - Dec 04, 2016
"The original source material is compelling, but with the exception of the second vignette, the movie is not. And accents, my goodness, those accents couldn't be any thicker if they tried. "
86 87% Rope (1948) - Nov 26, 2016
"Incredibly suspenseful and tight. Each scene is impactful and impeccably filmed. "