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Location: Colonia, New Jersey, USA

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69 67% Brazil (1985) - Jan 20, 2019
"Tremendous vision through the exception use of color and imagery by Terry Gilliam. Also, a cast littered with some of the best comedic actors in British history make for a great experience, but not a movie that draws you in with full immersion. "
89 90% The Asphalt Jungle (1950) - Jan 20, 2019
"Sterling Hayden is tremendous as always, delivering a nuanced performance of someone you would consider a two-bit thug in most pieces of art. "
66 63% My 5 Wives (2000) - Jan 20, 2019
"Proof that Rodney Dangerfield could make just about anything funny. To say this is an exploration of polygamy would be disingenuous, but Rodney carries every scene, even when the material makes it difficult or nearly impossible to do. "
93 94% The Death of Stalin (2017) - Jan 20, 2019
"Political farce at its finest. The great performances, especially by Steve Buscemi and Jeffrey Tambor make the movie fly by and provide a twisted insight into what happens when governments fail. "
3% The Punisher (2004) - Jan 20, 2019
"The Punished are the audiences. The slow pacing and action scenes, which seem impossible suck the life out of the room while Thomas Jane and John Travolta deliver sad, wooden performances that make you care about the death of absolutely no one in the film."
69 67% Children of Men (2006) - Oct 24, 2018
"I feel cheated that we are less than a decade away from the date in the movie and people are still having children without issue. I demand more gritty realism in my dystopias. "
66 63% Logan (2017) - Oct 24, 2018
"Better in black and white to push the noir angle, Logan is a gritty, violent film which slowly takes you through a dying world through the eyes of dying people. A movie which should be sadder than it is. "
84 85% Snatch (2000) - Oct 24, 2018
"Hysterical and adrenaline-filled, Snatch delivers a great time with a first-rate case. "
63 58% The Bank Job (2008) - Oct 24, 2018
"More suspenseful than action packed, it is another Jason Statham vehicle worth watching, with a good plot and acting. "
53 46% Fast & Furious 6 (2013) - Oct 24, 2018
"A movie dependent on action and pacing, which leaves plotting to the side in favor of set pieces. A self-aware piece of film-making that understands its audience. "