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0 film ratings
Uwe Boll

Flick Fan - 17 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jul 6, 2009

Location: Wermelskirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Status: Attached

Bio: yeh fucks haha its uwe boll here, legendary director of bloodrayne and house of the dead, the modern day of cult films and prat of the new dark age art movment. i use my skill behind the camra to craft my unique genre odities of horror.. user on here gos by the name of the horror master.. bro fuckin ace man thank for ur support of my work hi five for yer
more Recent Ratings
100 % Amoklauf (1994) - Jul 06, 2009
"one off my lessir known masterpiecs if only people would be fukn lazy enogh to fuckin watch it dude.. u just lazy fuk yeah it was great"
100 % Das Erste Semester (1997) - Jul 06, 2009
"oh haha fuc this one was the shizzz fuuuck i laugh like oh fucking ten times a second!! thanks to my writing, otherwise it wouldve ben shit.. the actors all sucked to...!"
100 % Sanctimony (2000) - Jul 06, 2009
"my most ratistic film too date.. to very homage to the old works of italian horrer of daria angento and mario bava.. fuckin sweet man"
100 % Heart of America (2002) - Jul 06, 2009
"jenies. i like to give my thankns out of to horrormaster of criticker, thanks for subitting it to criticker other wise no fackin dudes will see it man!haha bro"
100 % Blackwoods (2002) - Jul 06, 2009
"this one was a lesser known of my art, but it was also one of the favurites of my art. it was very scary, when we filmd it i was very scared behind the camera ! which wa weird coz all the of actors wer fuckin bastard man!.."
100 % BloodRayne (2006) - Jul 06, 2009
"so yeah, FUCKIN awesome of this. gore galore, one of my new age art masterpeaces.."
100 % Alone in the Dark (2005) - Jul 06, 2009
"FUCk yeah, nother one of my cult masterpeacs.. i thought this one was just great, the only reeson the idiots like you didnt fickin like it was becfause it was to smart for you IDIOT!"
100 % Seed (2007) - Jul 06, 2009
"this was one of my true deep psycohligcal masterpeaces. um yea it was so psyohlical for you idiots wearing red THATS WHY U DIDNT FACKING GET IT LOOSERS.. IT WAS TO SMART FOR YOU, FACKIN IDIOTS"
100 % Postal (2007) - Jul 06, 2009
"oh. mother. fucking. yes.. this was a fuckin legend oh yea. in with this film i lead the new cult of movee makers who are like good at their shit, dude i think my work in this film will probably live on for of a whiel.."
100 % BloodRayne II: Deliverance (2007) - Jul 06, 2009
"oh hell fucking yeah.! what a fuckin good sequel, man. we actually had more fun in the producing off this then the first one, and the furst one of fackin brilliant! maaan i enjoyed this pic"