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Cinema Addict - 2020 Film Ratings

Member Since: Feb 16, 2013

Location: USA

Age: 29

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98 99% Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Feb 11, 2015
"Stanley Kubrick's misunderstood masterpiece. Everything about this is so deep, it's just such a densely thematic character study. It's probably the least erotic/thrilling movie about sex ever made, but it's so masterfully and purposefully done. I can't say enough good about this movie, it's so unfairly maligned. My absolute favorite Kubrick film, I think history will eventually start to look on this as his crowning achievement."
85 85% Spotlight (2015) - Dec 09, 2015
"VERY good movie. It was a little slower than I felt it needed to be in the beginning, but once they start investigating (which doesn't take too long), damn does it get intense. The subject matter (child molestation) might be a little much for some people to handle as the movie doesn't pull ANY punches, but it's better for it. Incredibly well-done on every level, and definitely a serious contender for Best Picture, come February."
70 51% Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) - May 15, 2015
"Ultron is definitely the star of the show here, and James Spader's charisma completely carries the movie. Also appreciated is the actual characterization of Hawkeye, and the scenes towards the beginning where the Avengers were just hanging out and being themselves (in particular the scene where everyone was drunkenly trying to lift Thor's hammer was a highlight). There ended up being too many mindless action sequences, but overall, it's an engaging, if not spectacular, comic book movie."
98 99% Whiplash (2014) - Feb 21, 2015
"As a(n obsessive) musician myself, this movie completely took my breath away. Unbelievably intense. 2014 was a great year for movies, but this was easily the best of the year. Simply a triumph. J.K. Simmons deserves that Oscar he's gonna get on Sunday, and you know what? Miles Teller ought to have been nominated too. It's too bad this isn't gonna get as many awards as it deserves, but I know it's gonna have a place of honor in my movie library for years and years to come."
96 98% The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) - Feb 09, 2015
"An underrated masterpiece of animation. This is my favorite Disney movie. The music is Alan Menken's best work of his career, and the characters and story are deep and nuanced - far from your typical Disney fare. The crowning achievement of the Disney Renaissance."
55 30% The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (2015) - Nov 22, 2015
"This was a disappointment I knew I was going to suffer. Part 1 was a triumph in adding depth to weak source material, but Part 2 contained the most troublesome parts of the final novel in the series, and boy do those parts bring this down. For every great scene, things like the unbearable tension of the underground, or Donald Sutherland's brilliant final turn as Snow, there's another scene of insufferable love triangle drama or a forced cameo from a beloved character relegated to the sidelines."
100 99% Amadeus (1984) - Feb 08, 2015
"My favorite film of all time. Every single little aspect of it is so masterfully done - from the music to the sets to the acting to the costumes to the cinematography to the lighting to every other little thing. It truly is deserving of the Best Picture award, beyond most any other film I've ever seen. A truly great example of what Hollywood can accomplish when everything goes right."
60 36% The Revenant (2015) - Jan 08, 2016
"Kind of disappointing. The first 45 minutes or so are exactly what I was hoping the movie would be, but then (much like Leonardo DiCaprio and his horse in the scene from the end of the trailers), it all just kind of falls off a cliff. It's possible my expectations were too high, but for me the second act really gets bogged down in dream sequences and clunky allegory, and makes the whole thing feel way too long. It is gorgeous, though, and with brilliant performances from the entire cast."