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Member Since: Jan 10, 2020

Bio: Just trying to keep track of the movies I am watching, starting January 8th 2020 since it would be too hard trying to go more retroactively than that.

My movie choice and their logical order are erratic and logical only to me :U If you see me review videogames, it's just me having watched a play-through as if it was a movie, not me having played them.
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54 17% Diverge (2016) - Sep 22, 2021
62 49% Shanghai (2010) - Sep 22, 2021
"Seems like it could have been so much more, as you have a few interesting actors, and the setting is captivating. But it seems to never quite achieve the peak even when action happens. I guess it doesn't help that Cusack gives the feeling he's about to fall asleep in every scene. Like, when he learns war is literally starting, and he just looks like he's rather trying to remember what color are his own socks."
70 74% The Night Before (1988) - Sep 22, 2021
72 79% The Puppetoon movie (1987) - Sep 22, 2021
"It's very interesting in a historical/ anthology point of view. One can try to situate this animation style in the midst of the 2D drawing animation war among studios. Some of the images and symbols are stereotypes of the time, but it can be used by parents to educate on the matter I guess. Not all kids might appreciate the movie since it has almost only musical numbers, it depends on a kid's taste and age."
68 65% La ballade des Dalton (1978) - Sep 21, 2021
"I remember as a kid, I found the dark themes of the movie fascinating, the assassination plans and the creativity in staging them. The animation is way worse than I remember however, so it might confuse newer generations (plus the stereotypes too will need explaining to kids watching by the parents). That 5 minutes trippy musical number though..."
67 61% Daisy Town (1971) - Sep 20, 2021
"The animation and the sound are a bit rough a time, but that's mostly just the age of the thing. Otherwise, it can be interesting for the fans of the comics. (though I grew up watching the movies and tv shows mostly)"
40 5% Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) - Sep 20, 2021
"They sent a guy to get them cool pyrotechnics, but the guy spent the money on these blue sparkler fountains, so they had to use them everywhere for everything"
65 58% Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) - Sep 15, 2021
"More generous with kids' movies. It took the unavoidable plotline of sequels to "they got married and had kids" movies, where it's all family conflicts and criticizing hipster fads. Some jokes could entertain adults, but there were not as many of those as there was in the first one. Kids risk liking it however, and since they are the target audience, well the movie does its job. The animation is nice though: stylized and a nostalgic hand-drawn cartoon feel to it."
62 49% Little Evil (2017) - Sep 15, 2021
"The idea was interesting, and the denial of Scott's character was fun for a while. It sorts of seem to have difficulty deciding between trying to exploit the absurd humour, and between switching gear into more of an action horror comedy kind of movie. That hesitation kind of makes it a less interesting shaky middle ground until the action happens. Though I guess some families and fathers who laugh at every parenting joke might find it passes time and have some laughs."
51 12% Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004) - Sep 15, 2021
"I'm usually nicer with kid's movies, but this suffers from trying to use CGI more than they did in the first movie. It makes for many distractingly bad scenes, so much one ends up forgetting what the paper-thin plot even is. Younger kids risk getting confused and only liking one or two visual gags, older kids risk finding it just too dumb to like it ironically or not."