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Movie Buff - 373 Film Ratings

Member Since: Jan 10, 2020

Bio: Just trying to keep track of the movies I am watching, starting January 8th 2020 since it would be too hard trying to go more retroactively than that.

My movie choice and their logical order are erratic and logical only to me :U
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68 64% The Lady Vanishes (2013) - Oct 24, 2020
78 87% House on Haunted Hill (1959) - Oct 22, 2020
"It shows its age, but it reminded me of And then there were none, so it was neat. Maybe it was very scary back in the time it came it, and nowadays it might be tamer than some movie, but the scares are still entertaining and gutsy, the story is fun and the ending won't leave you indifferent."
80 93% Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) - Oct 21, 2020
"More generous for kids movies. Dreamwork took a chance with this one: animating horses being complicated from the start, and choosing to make the horses unable to talk were all risks. In the end, I think it works, even if the theme remains set firmly on reflections about freedom and the plot is simple. The animation is great and looks nice, the emotions go through even without words. The music needs variation though. Many kids could love this still."
58 27% Zombill√©nium (2017) - Oct 21, 2020
"What really doesn't help is the plot changes from the comic that made a fun concept so generic instead, for half the movie. The nice misfits vs mean handsome preps thing is so overdone it's charcoal by now. There is some break between the first part and the second part, and the daughter addition is useless imo."
61 44% City Hunter (1993) - Oct 20, 2020
"Very odd, almost overwhelming with the endless slapstick humour. A big product of its time and of what animes considered cool then. Part of me was tempted to score lower because of how off-putting the childishness was at time, but the rest of me found that it left you wondering and kept you interested in figuring out wtf. I think it could be a fun movie for kids though, even with the horniness of some characters"
55 19% Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984) - Oct 19, 2020
"taking the "bad horny teenagers getting killed" to the max, but doing it worse. Some of the kids were so damn annoying and horribly acting"
61 44% Friday the 13th Part III (1982) - Oct 19, 2020
"Still not much of a plot, some more creative kills. That 3D had me laughing"
60 39% Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) - Oct 19, 2020
60 39% Friday the 13th (1980) - Oct 19, 2020
"Hard to rate without being influenced by its legacy. I think it would be easier to appreciate watching it in the years in came out, back when slasher standards and horror movies were at a different phase of their evolution. Now, we've had so many parodies of the type that horny teenagers getting killed is hard to get into, and it is also hard not to be critical of the bad acting and low count of big killings."
54 16% Fantasy Island (2020) - Oct 18, 2020
"I was expecting worse from the trailer, and it wasn't as bad as it seemed. Sure, not good, but it still had moments of wondering what was up. Though it seriously got lost along the way, the whole black goo thing was hard to take seriously at all, and the number of twists is a bit disorienting."