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Member Since: Dec 10, 2014

Location: Ontario, Canada

Age: 31

Gender: Female

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3% The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (2014) - Aug 06, 2018
"Couldn't finish watching this, no good."
50 19% Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) - Aug 01, 2018
"Completely trash-tier story that alternatively makes no sense, is boring or is just plain stupid."
85 74% Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Jul 04, 2018
" While there are tons of things done well - interesting new villains with no build-up before this movie, tons of fun and funny scenes from the favorites of the giant cast, etc - the movie also suffers from certain parts standing out as boring. Honestly the movie would deserve a higher rating if it didn't spend what felt like far far too long soaking the audience in the deaths of characters that everyone knows are going to be brought back from the grave in some big 'UNDO' in the sequel movie."
80 59% I Feel Pretty (2018) - Jul 04, 2018
"I think I must be the target demographic for this movie, because I really enjoyed it! Obviously not the best thing ever, I was still able to empathize with the main thrust of it."
85 74% Blockers (2018) - Jun 22, 2018
"Fun comedy, does well with a premise that could easily have been really terrible - bonus points for lesbians."
3% Life of the Party (2018) - Jun 22, 2018
"The kind of unwatchable weak comedy I've come to expect from Melissa McArthy vehicles."
42 12% Past Forward (2016) - Apr 10, 2018
100 98% A Quiet Place (2018) - Apr 10, 2018
"Have you ever wished that Signs had been the most tense, edge-of-your-seat apocalyptic horror movie you had ever seen? A Quiet Place is that movie, a version of monsters on earth that is the best horror/thriller I have ever seen. An amazing experience."
42 12% Madonna: Bad Girl (1993) - Apr 08, 2018