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Member Since: Dec 10, 2014

Location: Ontario, Canada

Age: 33

Gender: Female

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75 40% Guns Akimbo (2020) - Mar 03, 2020
"Enjoyable popcorn flick, entirely DESPITE the writing. The concept definitely feels like a waste of a good idea, especially the specifics of the guns being drilled in place. The villain is especially cartoonish unfortunately, and the Nix character just feels like a knockoff Harley Quinn attempt. Go see Birds of Prey instead if you can, this one is if you have nothing else to watch. Still, enjoyable enough."
100 98% Knives Out (2019) - Dec 26, 2019
"Easily my movie of the year, Knives out contains everything I like in movie making."
90 87% Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Dec 26, 2019
"Despite weak spots along obvious lines like the obsession with planet-destroying threats, the main throughline with Rey and Kylo Ren is shot spectacularly. Enjoyable with its flaws."
70 30% Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - Dec 26, 2019
"Not really worthwhile on any measureable metric, its not bad to catch for free while doing something else."
75 40% Captain Marvel (2019) - Dec 19, 2019
"Underwhelming. Samuel L Jackson is one of the best things about this movie - while I like Captain Marvel as a character the movie suffers from ALL the typical Cape movie issues without any real upside."
80 59% Joker (2019) - Dec 19, 2019
70 30% Always Be My Maybe (2019) - Dec 19, 2019
"Sort of boring"
70 30% Alita: Battle Angel (2019) - Dec 19, 2019
"Alita and the other cyborgs were really well acted and animated - right up until the combat, which felt plastic and ungrounded in the world. The two secondary characters of the Doctor and the Love Interest were wooden and just bad, respectively, making the movie into a chore to watch."
75 40% Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) - Jul 21, 2019
"A good movie overall, I was disappointed that Mysterio wasn't used as a chance to make a more interesting villain, and more generally found the movie to be too "haha that was funny" instead of actually making me laugh."