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T7 Focus (2015) - Nov 21, 2017
T3 Rain Man (1988) - Nov 21, 2017
T2 Justice League (2017) - Nov 17, 2017
"Watch: Big screen for big kabooms, but one you could watch at home just fine. 3D was well done, but doesn't really add much. | I will say this about JL: it's not as bad as I expected. It's nothing special, but the story is okay, the action is big, the jokes are hit and miss, and the surprises really only last a couple minutes. It gets one mark above "Meh" from me because Flash was silly and Wonder Woman was still on-point. "
10 T9 Last Action Hero (1993) - Nov 12, 2017
T5 The Get Down (2016) - Nov 01, 2017
10 T9 Idiocracy (2006) - Oct 31, 2017
T2 Extract (2009) - Oct 31, 2017
10 T9 Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Oct 31, 2017
"Watch: In theater for big kabooms; 3D is nice, but doesn't add much | Easily the funniest of all the Marvel movies sofar (but you've heard that already). A solid movie all around. And I'm gonna call it here: [Spoiler] The Eternal Flame is the Soul Stone. The Aether was liquid, so they're not all stones. The Soul Stone can manipulate the dead, and that's what happened here."
T2 Now You See Me (2013) - Oct 31, 2017
"It's an ok background movie. Not terrible, but you won't care if you miss it. This tries to be an Oceans 11-style heist movie, but does so in a way that you don't really care for any of the characters and you're confused the entire time."
T1 Haters Back Off! (2016) - Oct 30, 2017