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Location: Houston, Texas, USA

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21% Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) - Nov 30, 2021
"If you're a big fan of the games and want to just spend 90 minutes going "Hey I recognize that!" then you'll like this. If you're looking for an enjoyable, or even competent movie, you can probably skip this one. Also, whoever the casting director for this was should really just be blacklisted. I understand there's more to it than just picking someone who looks exactly identical, but none of these actors even came close to embodying the spirit of their respective characters"
33% Antlers (2021) - Nov 30, 2021
"As a fan of the short story, this movie felt like it was so close to being something truly great but was hindered by the addition of a bunch of unnecessary character backgrounds and exposition that ultimately accomplishes nothing. The atmosphere, the practical effects, and the monster design were all great but the movie just sort of meanders around before fumbling in the final act."
88% The Lost Boys (1987) - Nov 30, 2021
"I am ashamed that it took me so long to watch this. This movie is just the quintessential 80s experience and I loved it. Something about it just had a warm, comforting feeling to it. The kind of movie I could probably just throw on at any time and always enjoy it. This will probably end up becoming one that I'll watch at least once every year from now on."
58% Mandy (2018) - Nov 30, 2021
"The music and cinematography were incredible in this. The entire experience feeling like some sort of visceral fever dream. Uses a simple revenge plot to provide some fascinating depictions of love & loss, femininity, lust, and especially violent masculinity. The movie, which I believe was set in the 80s, also seemed to draw a lot of inspiration from the movies around that era as well; films like Hellraiser, Krull, and most notably Heavy Metal which I thought was a nice touch."
33% Willy's Wonderland (2021) - Nov 30, 2021
"Look, just don't ask any questions or listen to any of the exposition and enjoy watching a completely silent Nicolas Cage beat up robots for 90 minutes."
88% Dune (2021) - Oct 27, 2021
"A feast for the eyes! Breathtaking visuals and so incredibly dense with its worldbuilding. The sheer scope of this movie is astounding. Nearly every aspect of filmmaking on display here is at the top of its class. The production design and set pieces, costumes, cinematography, sound design, and score. This film is a reminder of why I love to see movies in a theater. My only complaint is that I wish the movie had focused a bit more on developing the characters as much as it did the world."
58% Squid Game (2021) - Oct 27, 2021
"A bit of Hunger Games, a bit of Battle Royale. I was afraid this would be all hype but actually enjoyed it. While the initial premise of 'deadly game show' is straightforward, the show does a fine job of using it as a backdrop to sort of touch on the complexities of desperation, morality, inequality and the ruthless, competitive nature of capitalism. The show also does a solid job of steadily layering on mysteries that keep you guessing about the games and the island it takes place on."
21% V/H/S/94 (2021) - Oct 27, 2021
"Mostly disappointed by this considering it had such positive reviews. Think I may have grown tired of this found-footage format."
10% V/H/S: Viral (2014) - Oct 27, 2021
33% Halloween Kills (2021) - Oct 17, 2021
"The residents of Haddonfield are so god damn dumb that it makes you actually want to root for Myers. There are some interesting ideas here and some of the kills are at least a bit creative (and gnarly) but this movie just feels like filler. Oh well, at least Carpenter's soundtrack is fantastic."