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75 T8 MASH (1970) - May 20, 2018
65 T6 Phantom Thread (2017) - May 20, 2018
"PTA is a skilled craftsman, but the micro and macro perspectives in his work are often curiously unbalanced. Why are his male characters so pathetic and neurotic? Just because. Does he have anything to say about their neurosis? Not really. Do we really believe that Reynolds and Alma are inextricably bound in a semi-morbid way? Not really, or at least I didn't, yet it's hard to deny the obvious pleasures of the performances and the costume designs, even if they don't add up to much."
73 T8 Mother! (2017) - May 20, 2018
63 T5 In the Heat of the Night (1967) - May 20, 2018
63 T5 Shanghai Express (1932) - May 15, 2018
68 T6 Elephant (2003) - May 14, 2018
"Elephant is a middlebrow quasi-art film catering to aesthetically conservative Anglophones, but on the other hand there is a concerted effort to make some kind of sense of a tragedy rooted in a specific social pathology. It was a HBO production, so it was never going to be as radical as it should have been, but Savides' camera patiently glides through empty school hallways, emphasising the dislocation of youngsters raised in a rootless world. Van Sant's avoidance of agitprop is commendable."
60 T5 Supergirl (1984) - May 12, 2018
"A much maligned film whose obvious flaws have overwhelmed its cinematic virtues. Szwarc struggled to find a consistent tone, mixing poetic fantasy with rather mundane 'realism', but there are some very impressive set pieces, especially the monster storm and The Phantom Zone, that hint at what could have been and showcase neat practical effects and a darkly bombastic sense of spectacle. Slater is stunning as Supergirl, and her sincerity and grace compensate for her slightly wonky performance."
35 T1 Superman III (1983) - May 12, 2018
"(Viewed on 9/12/10): Lester only directed III for a cheque and boy does it show. Where to start? Pryor doesn't belong in the Superman universe, the villain is weak, and Kidder's absence for 80% of the movie is indeed telling. i.e she crossed the Salkinds. The attempts at comedy fall completely flat, and the whole anti-technology theme is laughable, even for a old comic book film. The dual between good and evil Superman in a junkyard is good, but it's like an oasis surrounded by parched land."
48 T2 Town & Country (2001) - May 12, 2018
"Hollywood comedies about cheating spouses aren't exactly common, so there was perhaps potential in Town and Country if its script problems were sorted. Sometime during the second act it becomes clear that the talented cast are improvising their way through the film, and while they pull it off to some degree, the lack of focus proves damaging. Chelsom never really establishes a proper comic rhythm, and tonally it's a mess, veering from satire to farce with reckless abandon."
63 T5 Jade (1995) - May 11, 2018
"Nowhere near as bad as its reputation suggests, but it's pitched awkwardly between cheap exploitation and a serious psychological thriller about the consequences of unleashed desire. Whether Friedkin or Eszterhas is to blame is open to debate, but it's clear that there was a much better film in here crying to get out. Caruso was miscast and has no real presence, but Fiorentino sizzles as the femme fatale, and Friedkin creates a dark and seductive noirish atmosphere of suspicion and sleaze."