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55 T4 The Odd Couple II (1998) - Mar 21, 2018
50 T3 Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987) - Mar 20, 2018
"Watchable but uninspired sequel sends the nerds to Florida in what is essentially a remake. The gags have been toned down for mass appeal, resulting in a diluted film that doesn't capture the anarchic spirit of the original nor its feel good charm. Consequently, the jokes aren't as funny this time around, and the lack of raunch hurts. Thankfully the nerds themselves remain likable--Carradine and Armstrong are always amusing--and Hong has a hilarious cameo as Booger's older Asian equivalent."
45 T2 Striptease (1996) - Mar 19, 2018
"A confused 'comedy' with an overpaid Moore giving a strangely earnest (i.e tone deaf) performance as a single mother forced to strip for a living. Whether A.Bergman asked her to play it straight because she has no talent for comedy is anyone's guess, but she is incongruous with her farcical surroundings, which seriously dampens the humour. Her strip scenes aren't titillating because her body is too sculptured and she moves like a man. Only Reynolds as a sleazy politician provides any real laughs"
53 T3 After Hours (1985) - Mar 19, 2018
43 T2 Eraser (1996) - Mar 19, 2018
"Generic and predictable Arnie flick arrived at the tail end of his superstar period, just before Batman and Robin led to his downfall. By 1996 he had exhausted his screen persona, and Eraser makes no attempt to break the formula. He plays a wise cracking tough guy who must kill the bad guys and protect a witness played by Williams, a beautiful bore. Aside from a ridiculous scene with CGI crocodiles, Eraser is just an overblown collection of stale warmed over cliches reheated repeatedly."
68 T6 The Beyond (1981) - Mar 18, 2018
55 T4 Trop tot, trop tard (1982) - Mar 18, 2018
"T.T, T.T's appeal will largely depend on one's political orientation and tolerance for slow moving observation style 'documentaries'. The section based on Engels' letter regarding his assessment of France's economic situation has some resonance, if only because it closely echoes contemporary reality. The second part on Egypt is given priority, and my ignorance of that country's specific social dynamics led to disengagement. Some shots seem overextended while the circular pans are overdone."
20 T1 Hellraiser: Revelations (2011) - Mar 18, 2018
"Revelations is easily the worst Hellraiser film in the series, and that's quite an accomplishment given how steeply this franchise has declined since Dimension took over. It's cheap and atrociously made with a pointless found footage gimmick that's pure padding. The performances are terrible and the effects are subpar. Collins is an abysmal replacement for Bradley (he looks _and_ sounds wrong) and Eversman stinks up the screen as a deranged kid with a murderous motivation that's laughably 90's."
78 T9 Red Psalm (1972) - Mar 17, 2018
"Red Psalm is leftist cinema that merges modernist aesthetics with peasant folklore. Historical accuracy isn't Jancso's aim, but he nonetheless reconstructs a vision of the past that feels authentic in spite of its anachronistic elements.It also doubles as a 'socialist musical' with its wall-to-wall soundtrack of protest songs and simple folk tunes that stand in direct counterpoint to the complex camera movements that relentlessly track and circle the actors with extreme virtuosity"
68 T6 Miss Julie (1999) - Mar 17, 2018
"Figgis took a leaf out of Dogma 95's book for this modern interpretation that uses handhelds to create a claustrophobic character study with an emotional intimacy that wouldn't be possible with conventional shooting methods. When it works it's an intense experience: the verbal barbs traded between Julie and Jean sting with brittle discord, heightening the central theme of class conflict, but the budget constraints are sometimes obtrusive and Burrows is a frustratingly uneven Julie."