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28 T1 Shark Night 3D (2011) - Jul 24, 2017
"(Viewed on 16/06/12): 3D horrors are hardly known for their quality, but S.N is right up there with the worst. It's an ineptly made film that proves once and for all that aside from Jaws, and maybe Deep Blue Sea, there is no good reason to ever watch a shark movie. Considering how frightening they are it's puzzling, yet there are so few credible ones. Unlike Piranha 3D, S.N doesn't take full advantage of the 3D technology nor does it offer over the top gore and mayhem. It's just dull."
38 T1 Where to Invade Next (2015) - Jul 23, 2017
"As a potential pilot for a TV series, W.T.I.N could have been an appealing appetiser for an extensive cross-country investigation into different cultural practices in key areas such as education, health, incarceration and women's rights. But Moore's only interest here is to shame Americans by comparing them to nations that perform better in a few major areas, offering little but smug condescension in place of genuine insight. It's ego-driven flatulence from the world's laziest showbiz liberal. "
80 T9 L'argent (1983) - Jul 23, 2017
"Abandon all hope ye who enter here."
80 T9 Little Shop of Horrors (1986) - Jul 22, 2017
"(Viewed on 21/02/13)"
70 T6 Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Jul 22, 2017
75 T8 Day of the Dead (1985) - Jul 21, 2017
"An ambitious horror whose impact is somewhat undercut by corny musical cues and bad acting which really stands out in this more dialogue driven effort that Romero seems to be taking seriously. Nonetheless, he effectively explores moral themes and builds incredible tension between the human characters in a claustrophobic underground setting which functions as a temporary, though tenuous, refuge from the zombie infested world. The gore soaked finale with Giallo style lighting is classic horror."
55 T4 Diamonds of the Night (1964) - Jul 20, 2017
"D.O.T.N is an exercise in formalism that attempts to express the anxiety, the fear and the memories of two Jewish men desperately trying to elude their Nazi captors who want them dead.The narrative shifts back and forth in time, and it's presented in a quasi-abstracted fashion, edited in an aggressive montage style with rapid cutting techniques seemingly influenced by the Nouvelle Vague. It's impressively visceral, but the formal trickery wears thin and lacks a deeper sense of purpose."
65 T5 The Searchers (1956) - Jul 20, 2017
"Ford was arguably the greatest old Hollywood director, but he didn't have the 'right' sensibility to tackle this subject matter. In short, it needed to be far more violent, rugged and psychologically penetrating. It's too lightweight, and the comic relief is jarring, reducing the intensity of many key scenes. Wayne is OK as Edwards, but it isn't an immersive performance, and while it has moments of beauty, it's overproduced and mannered, lacking the subtle poetry of Ford's best work. Overrated."
70 T6 The Blob (1958) - Jul 19, 2017
"The Blob stars a pre-fame McQueen as quite possibly the oldest looking teenager on film, which is distracting even in a movie that isn't aiming for realism. When broken down to its constituent parts it really isn't good, but somehow it works, mostly due to a strong use of color, appealingly primitive effects and great period atmosphere. The acting is mediocre though and the plot could have been better developed. Overall, it's a charming time capsule that's worth a look for fans of the genre."
50 T3 Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Jul 18, 2017
"No matter how many times they remake/reboot Kong, the result is never as effective as the original, which is somewhat overrated but nonetheless remains streets ahead. To their credit, the creators of K.S.L have at least tried to distinguish it from the pack, flirting with neo-psychadelic flourishes ala Apocalypse Now and rejecting the characteristic slow build--Kong starts punching down choppers in the first act--but the script is lousy and there is too much of a Jurassic Park influence."