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53 T3 The Outsider (2005) - Jan 18, 2018
"The myth of Toback has always been more interesting than the reality. Fingers was a great debut, but no other film he made even comes close. This plays like an advertisement for When Will I Be Loved--the film Toback was shooting and trying to distribute while Jarecki was filming--and a valentine to a kind of antiquated American 'renegade' auteurism. Jarecki is too enamoured with his subject, and fans won't find anything new here while newcomers are unlikely to be won over by Toback's hustle."
63 T5 A Bay of Blood (1971) - Jan 16, 2018
"Cunningham should be paying Lamberto Bava royalties. There is just no getting around how influential Bay of Blood was on the direction of American horror shortly after its release, or even Italian horror, but it wasn't necessarily a good influence. Bava upped the ante on gore and set an unfortunate precedent, laying the groundwork for stalk and slash nonsense. His trademark lighting remains intact--it's stylish despite being less flamboyant--and it contains one of his best opening sequences."
60 T5 A Very Brady Sequel (1996) - Jan 16, 2018
"The first Brady Bunch never found the right balance between nostalgia and mockery. The sequel lacks its novelty, but it's less caught up in ridiculing the Brady's for being out of time and actually gives them something to do. Much hilarity ensues from the intentionally goofy plot involving fraudulent identity, an awkward romance between Marcia and Greg, and Jane's embarrassing attempts to prove she has a boyfriend. Overall, there is a sense of good cheer that was sorely missing before."
80 T9 Parsifal (1982) - Jan 15, 2018
"Syberberg is one of the most wildly ambitious film makers of his generation, and his interpretation of Parsifal is a typically grandiose and idiosyncratic collision of the avantgarde and the accessible, pushing his theatrical tableux style into new levels of refinement. The opera format allows for a greater depth and intensity of performance hereto unseen in his work, resulting in wonderfully concentrated turns by Clever and Krick who mime movingly through shifting surreal landscapes."
75 T8 Silence and Cry (1967) - Jan 15, 2018
"Silence and Cry works best as a companion piece to the superior Jancso films that surround it, but it's still a gripping take on his usual obsession with the corrosive effects of arbitrary power set in a specific historical period. His trademark long takes track movement and imbue wide open spaces with disquieting dread, revealing the invisible demarcating lines of oppressive authority. Its stark vision of people under iron rule is superbly realized, even if the ending is a tad abrupt."
58 T4 PCU (1994) - Jan 15, 2018
"Agreeable college comedy came out at the wrong time when youth comedies were out of fashion. It didn't help that it was marketed as a 90's Animal House despite lacking the freshness and energy of that seminal film. It never becomes the wild rowdy romp that it threatens to be, nor is it really the sharp satire of contemporary campus life overtaken by identity politics that it hints at in its early scenes. Nonetheless, Piven is engaging as a slacker frat leader, and there are some funny moments."
53 T3 The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) - Jan 14, 2018
"The Brady Bunch Movie suffers from Anchorman syndrome (i.e the belief that retro attire and constant mugging are inherently funny) and from Coneheads syndrome (the concept and casting is funnier than the actual film). The cast is superb, especially Long and Taylor as Mrs Brady and Marcia respectively; Taylor particularly inhabits her character in a peculiarly uncanny way. But it's a one note joke that's largely bereft of wit and relies too heavily on the Brady's anachronistic foolishness."
48 T2 The Hills Have Eyes (1977) - Jan 14, 2018
"Neither Craven's best or worst effort, T.H.H.E falls somewhere in the lower middle of his filmography. The raw style works for the material, and some effort is made to establish the isolation of the family, far on the outskirts of civil society, who are really out of their element, but this is low rent junk that spins its wheels quickly after its harrowing scenario has been established. It's disturbing to a degree, and Berryman is magnificently ugly, but it has been done better elsewhere."
53 T3 Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) - Jan 14, 2018
"Farley died too soon, but it's difficult to see how he would have become a legitimate movie star on the back of sporadically funny films like B.H.N, which is a fair showcase for his childish slapstick buffoonery but little else. His bumbling oafish anctics are quite amusing for low brow humour addicts, and he is always likeable, even when the jokes fall flat, which is often. Shou, Rock and Sheridan provide adequate support when the dopey counterfeit ring plot fails to sustain interest."
68 T6 Edvard Munch (1974) - Jan 13, 2018
"It's impossible for any sensible well rounded film lover to not at least appreciate the enormity of Watkins' undertaking with Edvard Munch. His faux documentary approach transcends gimmickry to explore the inner and outer life of an artist in an obviously superior fashion to the Mike Leigh's of this world. Westby's uncanny resemblance to Munch is a definite plus, but it's a fairly dry and bloodless portrait with overly obtrusive narration and somewhat simple psychology."