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Member Since: Jul 7, 2014

Bio: I love film and rate according to genre and/or a director's body of work.
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53 31% Loose Screws (1985) - Jan 25, 2021
"Despite the frequent claims of sexism, which obviously have some validity, the best T+A films had charming female characters who were generally smarter than the male ones and ran rings around them. While this sequel was co-written by Shayne, her absence is sorely missed, and there aren't any interesting female characters or even male characters that weren't in the first film. Zielinski's direction is also toned down somewhat, less freewheeling, but fans of this 'genre' could do a lot worse."
68 63% Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) - Jan 24, 2021
"Has moments of real pictorial beauty-- the interiors are often stunning, as are scenes balancing light and rain--but the presentation of this historical moment is problematic politically as it's played relatively 'straight' (i.e. affirmative), so the racial stereotyping is difficult to reconcile with the overall vision of this emergent world. America was built on idealism, labour and bloodshed, and Ford's best films explore the complexity of these tensions in a way that is largely absent here."
55 35% Where East Is East (1929) - Jan 13, 2021
"Has some appealing elements of faux exotica, 1920's Hollywood style--this time set in China--without displaying overt racial hostility, but the narrative about troubled love and familial conflict is not sufficiently developed and relies heavily on the performances and faces of its main actors to sustain interest. But what faces!! Especially Chaney and Taylor."
50 26% HealtH (1980) - Jan 11, 2021
83 94% Nights of Cabiria (1957) - Jan 08, 2021
53 31% H.O.T.S. (1979) - Jan 08, 2021
"Animal House with no budget and tits. Poorly made in most respects, it gets by on the fresh faced appeal and charm of its protagonists--their amateurish unselfconscious performances are extremely likeable--and the inevitable scenes of gratuitous nudity also seem completely organic and unforced, including the 'strip football' finale that succeeds on gall alone. With a tighter plot, better dialogue and more jokes, it could have been a real winner. As it stands, it is above average T+A fare."
65 57% Somniloquies (2017) - Jan 07, 2021
45 14% Cujo (1983) - Jan 06, 2021
"What's worse than films with dogs? Films with monkeys? Hard choice. Movies with killer dogs have never been particularly good, and Cujo, despite being one of the first, does not stand out. Wallace is fine and the ending is passable, but it takes far too long to shift out of first gear and never moves beyond second. Teague's direction is purely functional too."
63 52% Il Bidone (1955) - Jan 03, 2021