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Bio: I love film and rate according to genre and/or a director's body of work.
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68 62% Waxworks (1924) - Sep 28, 2020
"The consensus is correct: it's a triumph of production design over story, of style over substance, rather than the synthesis achieved in the greatest German expressionist works. Leni was experimenting with an array of techniques that he would later refine and wed more fluently to sturdier narrative structures, but the sets are often stunning, and the lighting was arguably next level for 1924 and remains impressive today. Veidt and Jannings also make typically valuable contributions."
80 91% The Man Who Laughs (1928) - Sep 27, 2020
60 45% Serpent's Poison (1984) - Sep 27, 2020
"Vlacil himself struggled with alcoholism, so his attraction to this material, which he co-wrote, was obvious. It begins well, and Vinklar and Brozek do fine work, but its commitment to realism doesn't suit Vlacil, who is more effective when trading in moral ambiguity and/or poetics. Ultimately, its prosaic style and insistence on dedramatisation create a rather muted impression that is more slight than subtle."
30 2% Dudley Do-Right (1999) - Sep 25, 2020
68 62% Shades of Fern (1986) - Sep 24, 2020
65 57% Portrait of Madame Yuki (1950) - Sep 22, 2020
"It begins brilliantly, there are some great scenes, and Kogure is typically luminous, but the story follows the predictable downbeats of Mizoguchi's tragic woman's stories without offering much insight or catharsis. Kogure though."
70 68% Oyû-sama (1951) - Sep 20, 2020
"Simple but effective drama about the impact of rigid social constraints on love and happiness. This is familiar territory for Mizoguchi, and the theme of self sacrifice leading to tragic consequences was handled more effectively in his more acclaimed works, especially from the same period. Nonetheless, it is well acted and realised with care and sensitivity, despite the occasional lapse into melodramatic cliche that could have been potentially ruinous in the hands of a lesser director."
70 68% Bride of Frankenstein (1935) - Sep 18, 2020
65 57% The Immortal Story (1968) - Sep 18, 2020
"Sandwiched between Chimes and F For Fake, two lively and inventive films, this is undoubtedly a lesser work, and the performance of Eshley absolutely hurts it; in a minimalist chamber piece, there is less room for error, and he makes plenty of them. Exactly how his dodgy performance managed to occur on Welles' watch is a total mystery, but the film has a real self contained atmosphere that could perhaps uncharitably be labelled as cut price Visconti if it wasn't for its near spectral aura."
73 75% Poem (1972) - Sep 13, 2020