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53 T3 I'm Going to Change My Name (2012) - May 27, 2018
58 T4 The Post (2017) - May 27, 2018
"Spielberg isn't bothered by the complex questions raised by the historical events he portrays on screen, but compared to Color or Schindler's The Post is less offensive because it isn't dealing with a 'problem' as prickly. It simply extols the heroic deeds of 4th Estate defenders who risk their reputations to serve the public interest. Hanks and Streep give good, if slightly constipated, performances, and Spielberg's slick direction ensures that it's always watchable, if unchallenging. "
50 T3 Friday (1995) - May 26, 2018
"Standards for 'hood comedies' are so low that this modest film is now considered a 'classic' of its genre. Its main selling point in the mid 90's was its novelty, which has since been eroded by two sequels and numerous copycats. It's sporadically funny, mostly due to the efforts of Witherspoon, whose role as Cube's dog catching father should have been expanded, and Tucker, in his film debut, whose motormouthed stylings steals the show. Cube/Pooh's script is mediocre, and Cube can't act. "
85 T10 The Red and the White (1967) - May 26, 2018
73 T8 The Whip and the Body (1963) - May 26, 2018
48 T2 Baron Blood (1972) - May 26, 2018
"Bava was on autopilot when making Baron Blood, a mediocre slasher mystery that signalled the decline of his creative powers. As usual, it has style to spare, but there is nothing particularly inspired about the world he creates, and he simply recycles images and moments from previous films. The setting is well utilized, but that's a given. Cotten hams is up with some aplomb, but Sommer is surprisingly bad, and the death scenes are quite lazily done. The pacing is off and there is zero suspense."
43 T2 Love Affair (1994) - May 25, 2018
"Beatty/Bening's marriage was heavily publicised, but it was a mistake to think the extensive media coverage would translate into box office heat. The prospect of seeing them fall in love on screen again, a mere 3 years after Bugsy, was not really that enticing, and not even Beatty's presence, undiminished by time, could save this cliche ridden script marked by stale romance and contrived plotting. Willis' lighting is incongruous with the material, and the film is as dated now as it was then."
75 T8 MASH (1970) - May 20, 2018
"It's a shame that Altman's commercial breakthrough is less well known than the middling TV series that it unfortunately spawned. It's a film of its time, so many of the jokes no longer fly, but it remains an offbeat and original anti-establishment comedy with an excellent cast that have wonderful chemistry. Gould and Sutherland steal the show with ease though as they have all the best lines, which they deliver with sly irreverence. The Last Supper scene is a black comic classic."
65 T6 Phantom Thread (2017) - May 20, 2018
"PTA is a skilled craftsman, but the micro and macro perspectives in his work are often curiously unbalanced. Why are his male characters so pathetic and neurotic? Just because. Does he have anything to say about their neurosis? Not really. Do we really believe that Reynolds and Alma are inextricably bound in a semi-morbid way? Not really, or at least I didn't, yet it's hard to deny the obvious pleasures of the performances and the costume designs, even if they don't add up to much."
73 T8 Mother! (2017) - May 20, 2018