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70 67% Walk the Line (2005) - Jul 16, 2018
70 67% The Godfather: Part II (1974) - Jul 14, 2018
30 5% The Cured (2017) - Jul 10, 2018
"I haven’t seen a ton of zombie films, but this might be my least favorite. The acting and plot are fine, but I hate the script most of the time. The character motivation often feels somewhat forced, the first hour is very slow with obligatory jump scares inserted. You can have a drinking game for every time a zombie appears from off screen and tackles/bites someone, and for every time a character dies off screen for whatever reason. Avoid unless free or bored AF."
75 81% The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - Jul 10, 2018
"I’m curious what this film would’ve looked like with a different director given Chbosky adapted his own novel. There’s something about the look of it that just feels off. Either way it’s cool that he did it himself. The film has an interesting tone, good performances, and interesting characters. Although one part of the plot felt a bit glossed over, its not enough to really detract from the film. Pretty easy to enjoy film that’s definitely worth a rental, maybe a purchase?"
40 12% To Die For (1995) - Jul 10, 2018
"Nicole Kidman is great (as is some of the supporting cast), but the film has very few decent laughs, resulting in a surprisingly boring dark comedy."
50 24% The Returned (2013) - Jul 10, 2018
60 41% The Domestics (2018) - Jul 08, 2018
"Entertaining, but the script was pretty bad. It actually did feel like The Walking Dead mixed with The Purge. It’s like a long comic book compressed into one movie, with not a lot of time to breathe or develope it’s characters past the leads. Also odd that the two leads have a 180 in personalities at some point, but maybe it’s for the better since Nina is pointless and annoying before hand. You could do a lot worse for entertainment, but a lot better for quality."
85 93% Boys Don't Cry (1999) - Jul 07, 2018
35 8% What Dreams May Come (1998) - Jul 03, 2018
"Starts off well, but it’s very tonally inconsistent early on. Sometimes it has a family-fantasy-adventure type of feel and sometimes it’s a relatively dark adult drama. But it’s entertaining and beautiful. Then we get to Hell, and it becomes a dull snooze fest. It’s a shame because the first 30 or so minutes show a lot of promise, and the last 5 minutes aren’t bad either. But that middle part is just, no."
50 24% Das Boot (1981) - Jul 02, 2018
"For context I watched the 293 minute version (nearly 5 hours), and was somehow convinced to watch the dubbed instead of the subbed. Surprisingly the dubbing is good at times. It helps that a lot of the cast is bilingual and did their own dub. The beginning and ending are pretty good, really slow in places, but very well made for 1981. I may check out the subbed Theatrical (2 1/2 hours) and/or Directors Cut (3 1/2 hours) to see if the pacing is better."