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80 88% Doctor Sleep (2019) - Feb 13, 2020
"(Director’s Cut) Really enjoyed this. I appreciate the fact that it’s not a rehash of the first like most sequels. Doctor Sleep does it’s own thing, and it’s fascinating to watch. Mike Flanagan remains one of my favorite directors today, and the cast is respectable. One of the more unique horror films I’ve seen as well. Best seen as a Fantasy/Horror instead of something to scare you with. And it’s best not to compare it to The Shining, it’s a very different film altogether."
55 33% Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) - Feb 11, 2020
"The action is pretty enjoyable in a F&F kinda way, but the story isn’t great (not surprising considering since 3 was the last good film). The opening scene is questionable, Dani is mildly annoying at times, and the film doesn’t need to exist. They should’ve stopped at 2 or 3 but here we are at 6. It’s a mildly enjoyable film for casual fans, but those who loved the early installments will likely not care for this one."
70 68% Come to Daddy (2019) - Feb 11, 2020
"This feels like it did what Mandy (2018) tried to do, minus the odd art house feel. Come to Daddy is an odd film that’s kinda fun in places. Kinda makes me think of the ending to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood if it was stretched out through more of the film. Worth seeing, maybe even buying."
50 24% Manhunter (1986) - Feb 11, 2020
"Personally, it’s my least favorite of the Hannibal franchise (haven’t seen Rising), but it’s not bad. Really liked Petersen as Graham, wasn’t sold on Cox as Hannibal. Although that was more an issue of casting rather than acting. The score felt really out of place for me at times, and the pacing varies throughout the movie. I can see some liking it more than Red Dragon, although I preferred the latter."
60 42% Hannibal (2013) - Feb 11, 2020
"S1: 55 | S2: 65 | S3: 60"
60 42% Child's Play (2019) - Feb 08, 2020
"I really liked the addition of AI to the story, although it’s crazy how obsessed everyone is with it, not to mention you’d think it’d have a sleeker design to it. This reimagining does well to separate itself from the original, although it’s a bit tonally inconsistent. It’s hilarious one moment, and a drawn out kill scene of an undeveloped character the next. Had is gone for a more fun Comedy/Horror vibe, I think I would’ve like it more. Not bad, decent acting and all. For Tupac."
75 81% Mr. Brooks (2007) - Feb 04, 2020
"This is pretty much what I wanted from The Barber (2014) both in plot and tone. This isn’t a great movie, but I was always entertained, and Costner is actually a solid choice for the lead role. It isn’t Dexter, but it was a great way to pass the time in spite of its flaws."
45 16% La paranza dei bambini (2019) - Jan 28, 2020
70 68% Parasite (2019) - Jan 28, 2020
"Parasite is another solid film from Joon-ho Bong, but the strong acclaim made this a bit of a let down for me. I expected something slightly more thrilling, and it never really got there. It’s still an interesting film with something to say, but it really could’ve been a Get Out of sorts."
70 68% The Lighthouse (2019) - Jan 26, 2020
"I didn’t “enjoy” it as much as The Witch, but the film is elevated by its directing and performances. The dialogue isn’t quite good enough to save the pacing, but the way Eggers shot the film really is interesting. He proves yet again that he’s a name to keep track of. I don’t plan on rewatching this, but it was worth seeing. Very niche film though, not for the casual viewer."