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Cinema Addict - 1955 Film Ratings

Member Since: May 6, 2016

Location: USA

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65 57% Black Box (2020) - Apr 13, 2021
"Interesting sci-if drama. It occasionally uses horror elements, but is more of a mystery than anything. It’s a bit hard to take seriously, and it could’ve been done better, but if you’re able to accept the film’s logic, it’s a fairly enjoyable Black Mirror type of film."
65 57% The Devil's Backbone (2001) - Apr 13, 2021
60 43% Crimson Peak (2015) - Apr 13, 2021
75 83% The Call (2020) - Apr 11, 2021
"The closest a movie has gotten to the first Butterfly Effect (the sequels didn’t quite make it). Also feels the least South Korean of all the South Korean films I’ve seen, for what that may be worth. The acting seems fairly good, and the pacing is great. The logic (like the Butterfly Effect) doesn’t quite add up, but it’s fun if you don’t over analyze it. The second ending after the credits start is a bizarre mood killer that would’ve been better as an alt ending on YouTube."
40 11% North Sea Texas (2011) - Apr 09, 2021
70 71% The Rental (2020) - Apr 07, 2021
"For the most part, it’s pretty well done. The cast is better than most films of the genre, and I love it when Horror/Thrillers build from a Drama. As mentioned, the climax is weak, and with a maximum of one or two mildly likable characters, it’s hard to really root for them. What comes after the climax does help it from feeling like a let down. It was almost great, but still ended up being good enough. Actually enjoyed it a bit more than Vacancy."
65 57% At Eternity's Gate (2018) - Apr 07, 2021
"Dafoe is great here, as expected. The camera work is odd, especially during dialogue driven scenes (although the POV shots are interesting), but the nature shots are pretty great. It’s a bit slow, but still paced well enough to hold your attention. I appreciated “Loving Vincent” more, but the story here is a lot better."
60 43% I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020) - Apr 06, 2021
"Criticker doesn’t allow “Question Mark” as a rating, and rating this film is pretty tricky. During the section of the film at the house, it was a solid 7/10, if not better, and I anticipated it was going to improve. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy anything after this part nearly as much. It’s not until late in the film that I realized it’s not really building to something. The dance and song at the end also dropped my score a bit. It’s unique, and the acting is good, but pretty slow."
55 33% Notes on a Scandal (2006) - Apr 06, 2021
45 16% Independence Day (1996) - Apr 04, 2021
"Finally seeing Emmerich’s most popular film, and of the six films of his I’ve seen, this is probably the third best, for whatever that’s worth. In fairness, this was probably somewhat good when it first came out, but age hasn’t done it a lot of justice. Goldblum is probably the best part of the film, although my favorite would have to be the cut to the dog’s slow mo reaction, followed by it jumping away from an explosion. You can’t see a moment like that in other big budget movies."