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27% Ghost Stories (2018) - Aug 14, 2018
"Ending was pretty lame; such basic bitch cliche. Also, why does pretty much every British film of the last four or five years have this same kind of cheap antiseptic BBC feel to it?"
14% Rampage (2018) - Aug 11, 2018
"I just... I need more than this. I’m not Mr. Pretentious Grumpy Old Film Snob over here. I enjoy plenty of action and genre films. But nearly an hour of CGI giant animals fighting each other and knocking CGI buildings down amidst CGI explosions - sorry, no. This is too dumb to be enjoyable. I watched Mission Impossible 6 a few days ago and that film made three dudes having a fist fight in a bathroom a million times more exciting than any of this “epic” CGI garbage. Sometimes less is more."
27% Blockers (2018) - Aug 11, 2018
"About half the jokes land, many others induce more cringing than laughs. The more “emotional” scenes as the film gets towards the end are unconvincing and awkward. I can’t agree with the American Pie comparisons - Pie has a lot more creative and outrageous comedic set pieces than this film, which never really gets wilder than beer in a butthole."
92% Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018) - Aug 08, 2018
"On the screenplay level, meh, generally amusing nuke-stopping spy stuff, a few too many double crosses and subplots - but man there’s some bravura directing here from McQuarrie. He takes bog standard action movie stuff like skydives and fist fights and motorcycle chases and somehow uses moving cameras, editing and sound design to just absolutely supercharge them with thrilling, kinetic, brutal physicality. I normally yawn at action scenes these days (even in otherwise good films), but not here"
27% A Wrinkle in Time (2018) - Aug 05, 2018
"A messy take on Alice in Wonderland/Narnia formula that never really evokes the wonder it should. Oprah is always distracting as hell when she acts in anything. Chris Pine does what he can to bring some humanity to things."
27% You Were Never Really Here (2017) - Jul 29, 2018
"Don’t get it; don’t get the hype surrounding it. Long stretches of nothing, mumbled dialogue, sudden bursts of violence, repeat. Feels like reheated Drive leftovers."
4% Truth or Dare (2018) - Jul 20, 2018
"These dares are total bullshit man, it’s always unfair instant death stuff (“Kill your friend right now”) where there’s no way to win, there should have been more risk-of-death but not guaranteed death dares like when the girl has to walk around that rooftop. Also so much of it is laughably predictable, my wife and I were correctly guessing lines before they said them by the dozens."
27% A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) - Jul 19, 2018
"Just rewatched for the first time since seeing it in theaters in 2001. 15-year-old me and 32-year-old me differ in many ways, but one thing we share is that we both find everything after the words “two thousand years went by” to be one of the most inexplicable sequences ever put to film. Ending aside, while the film does have standout scenes and visuals, it also feels like of a mess of half-explored ideas, narrative dead ends and filler subplots. Also, Dr. Know - what happened to Wikipedia?!"
69% Chappaquiddick (2018) - Jul 16, 2018
"There’s kind of a somnambulant quality to some of the filmmaking, a lack of urgency; I paused and dealt with other things a number of times during the film and didn’t feel like any momentum suffered. But the historical quality of it is interesting and indeed informative - for example, I’d never before known or thought about the relationship between the Kopechne incident and the Apollo 11 landing, separated by less than a week. It comes to an ending that has some solemn power to it."
27% The 15:17 to Paris (2018) - Jul 12, 2018
"It’s hard to articulate what’s wrong with this movie beyond calling it... awkward. It’s an awkward, odd little movie, like a military/terrorism themed mumblecore film or something. There were points I felt almost embarrassed watching it. That said, I was kinda like “Yeah kick that dude’s ass!” at the end, so eh."