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27% ProJared (2010) - Jul 28, 2021
"Seems like pretty basic youtube gaming criticism, I dunno what much more to say."
13% Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021) - Jul 28, 2021
"I won’t pretend being above getting a laugh at the vaguely Epic Movie-esque references to Mad Max, Matrix, etc, but as a sports movie and Space Jam sequel it’s very underwhelming. Somehow simultaneously manages to feel less tailored around LeBron than the first was around Michael Jordan while feeling like more of a stroke job than the first did for Jordan."
42% The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (2021) - Jul 28, 2021
"Cute enough, though very predictable in its entire season structure just an episode or two in. Hockey action looks a bit low rent. Did enjoy original Mighty Duck cameos."
27% D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) - Jul 16, 2021
"Struggles to really position the Ducks as convincing underdogs when they’re already state champs. Overall even more cliche than the original; our team cocky, evil team, initial loss, personal problems resolved, training montage, comeback win. Just straight up Rocky III formula."
56% The Mighty Ducks (1992) - Jul 14, 2021
"More or less enjoyable exercise of going through the underdog sports movie motions, though it’s held back a little by one of the dumbest misunderstandings I’ve ever seen when Bombay’s team quits for a while because they heard him obviously sarcastically telling the bad guy coach they suck. Still though the bunch of kids are pretty likable."
4% I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998) - Jul 11, 2021
"Best part is when J-Love discovers a chopped up mutilated murder victim in her hotel closet, and then the next day… goes sunbathing at that same hotel, complete with head phones and eye shields. Don’t want maybe like to keep an eye out for the murderer in the loose? Second best part is when Brandy Norwood wears a skin tight midriff top."
4% Batman Forever (1995) - Jul 09, 2021
"Now normally if someone says “the best part was the end credits!” it’s sarcastic, but in this case it’s unironic as “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me” and “Kiss from a Rose” are two of the iconic movie soundtrack pieces of the 90s. Every single other thing about this movie SUCKS OUT LOUD. I’m in disbelief watching it at how badly this series went off the rails so quickly. No retroactive hate here - I thought this was stupid & embarrassing when I was 9 years old in 1995 too."
27% Batman Returns (1992) - Jul 08, 2021
"This is just one of the most bizarre films ever released as a big mainstream summer blockbuster. Between the Penguin and everything about him, rockets strapped to penguins marching on Gotham (hell, the art deco Gotham all around), killer clowns, Elfman’s circus tunes, Selina Kyle learning martial arts because some cats licked her, this is just utterly strange. But unfortunately I also find it kinda long and boring at the same time. Just not a bit “Burtonverse” guy; sorry."
42% Batman (1989) - Jul 01, 2021
"Some thirty years on I still don’t see the appeal (and I’m someone who usually likes the seasoning of some nostalgia/distance). Well, I see the appeal as a Joker movie - Nicholson is a blast. But as a Batman movie, everything feels hokey and shallow, the threat nonexistent, Gotham a soundstage, all the action scenes treated with the gravity of Darkwing Duck, Michael Keaton unconvincing and Danny Elfman’s music all sounds like overaggressive circus tunes. Shocked this was such a hit."
92% The Angry Video Game Nerd (2006) - Jun 29, 2021
"Once the 800 pound gorilla of the YouTube gaming scene, since surpassed in subscribers by a few others. But the first 100-ish episodes of AVGN are basically the most rewatchable stuff in the history of YouTube in my opinion. It’s been somewhat downhill since and the last couple years fairly mediocre. But a nostalgic favorite always."