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13% Baby's Day Out (1994) - Oct 23, 2020
"Some quarter-century after deeming that this looked like a movie for little kids and declining to watch it in 2nd grade, I’ve finally seen it. And, well, it’s bad just like I figured! The ending construction site scene seems to go on for a year. I won’t deny that Joe Mantegna pulls a few funny painful expressions, hence not giving it a 1."
4% American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules (2020) - Oct 20, 2020
"No Eugene Levy, no boobs, no major embarrassment setpiece (when the lead gets walked in on masturbating she successfully HIDES from her dad the fact that she was masturbating, exactly the opposite of what the comedy in these movies is supposed to be about), even the party scene is lame. Who is this for?"
13% Into the Dark: Pilgrim (2019) - Oct 20, 2020
"Open letter to all horror filmmakers: Your social commentary is neither insightful nor clever, so don’t. Love Ytadel"
27% Into the Dark: School Spirit (2019) - Oct 20, 2020
"Breakfast Club references more hacky and derivative than clever. Acting not too good. Some ok kills and chases and final captivity scene inspired by Texas Chainsaw."
27% Beethoven (1992) - Oct 17, 2020
"I’ll be honest; I think my reaction to my family suddenly bringing in an untrained St. Bernard would have been about the same as the dad here. Sorry, just not into the dogs where it’s like their perpetually wet mouths are a faucet of drool. That said I mean, look, it’s obviously super dumb but the dog seems fun. Pretty fun seeing Dean Jones just going full ham as the villain. But yeah obviously it’s a dumb big dog comedy for children."
27% Curly Sue (1991) - Oct 11, 2020
"Super super duper cheesy movie about a vagabond father and child taken in by a rich hot lawyer lady; kind of like a wish fulfillment type thing. Not entirely charmless but definitely earns a few eye rolls."
69% Ready or Not (2019) - Oct 05, 2020
"Does a good job with a halfway balance between unapologetically leaning into its absurd premise with gory panache while also striking a wry, darkly humorous tone. Watching the white wedding dress gradually soiled with filth and blood through the film acts as a visually clever “progress bar.” A few escapes feel a bit samey after a while, and I could live without the piss yellow filter color scheme that seems to be annoyingly popular lately."
69% Dutch (1991) - Oct 04, 2020
"Ed O’Neill gives a spoiled brat the good old what for. Pretty enjoyable road trip style movie. I’m not really into fireworks but even I thought that fireworks store looked pretty cool."
56% Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) - Oct 01, 2020
"I would put it on fairly even footing with the second movie - clever enough, but with some dry stretches, particularly in the first half. Definitely picks up once they get to hell. Less quotable than the first one for sure, but I did like Kevin the robot. Finale was cheesy but enjoyable enough. "
56% Only the Lonely (1991) - Sep 25, 2020
"Well-meaning and pleasant, with a nice performance from John Candy, though I did find it a bit dull. I kind of agreed with the somewhat antagonistically-depicted family members who pointed out that they were rushing the hell into marriage!"