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4% Sorority House Massacre (1986) - Oct 16, 2021
"Watched because of the director’s Slumber Party Massacre connection and was underwhelmed. SPM1&2 at least are vastly superior to this with its hackneyed slasher formula and bad acting and directing."
42% Dave Chappelle: The Closer (2021) - Oct 14, 2021
"Initially funny standup set that kind to devolves as it goes on into more just lightly comedic storytelling, which if that’s your thing more power to you but not so much for me"
69% Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones (2019) - Oct 14, 2021
"Pretty funny stand up set that dances admirably on the cultural/verbal edge of what you could get away with while remaining on Netflix"
42% Trick 'r Treat (2008) - Oct 13, 2021
"Not badly made for what it is but I’m not sure this whole horror anthology type thing is for me."
56% The Boxer (1997) - Oct 11, 2021
"Can’t fault Day-Lewis’s insane commitment to the part, apparently training three years for this movie’s maybe ten minutes of boxing scenes. Fine performances and an impressively tense, harrowing atmosphere in its IRA political tensions/Troubles vibe. Ultimately though the filmmaking does a feel a bit stale, certainly less energetic and involving than In the Name of the Father from the same director/star combo."
0% Milf (2010) - Oct 08, 2021
"I guess I’ll throw it some novelty/inclusiveness credit for being a raunchy teen comedy where the majority of the nudity comes from chicks over 40 (ala the title) - beyond that, it’s probably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen."
14% Jailbait (2013) - Oct 08, 2021
"This chick goes to jail and then has lesbian sex, fights, does drugs, has lesbian sex, fights, does drugs, has lesbian sex, fights, does drugs, has lesbian sex, fights, does drugs, has lesbian sex, fights, does drugs, repeat until end of film. Pretty lit"
27% Tales of Halloween (2015) - Oct 08, 2021
"Someone else below summed it up pretty well as being too tongue in cheek to be scary. Little bits of amusement to be found."
42% Fear (1996) - Oct 06, 2021
"Marky Mark is pretty much a blast as psycho stalker boyfriend, but the rest of the film around him struggles to measure up. Directing and editing lags to keep the energy at a pace with the characters; final home invasion bit kinda so so. Should have leaned harder into trashy erotic thriller stuff like Basic Instinct, let the titties fly."
69% The Crucible (1996) - Oct 05, 2021
"Boy this is just like *insert pet modern day political issue* FAARRRTZ. Daniel Day-Lewis screaming his fucking head off about GOD IS DEEEAAD and IT IS MY NAAAME worth price of admission. Sure hope he didn’t do anything too weird besides hurting his throat a little *opens IMDB trivia* “Daniel Day-Lewis did not bathe or shower once throughout all filming to remain in character” goddamnit daniel *insert WHY CANT YOU JUST BE NORMAL Babadook meme*"