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56% Possessor (2020) - Jan 23, 2021
"Some interesting scifi concepts and subtle worldbuilding (almost reminded me of the first John Wick in that way) in service of a kind of psychological thriller under which beats the heart of more or less a slasher film. Only real problem for me was pretty much zero connection with the main character or most others. Didn’t really care at all what happened to her, which is a legitimate way to tell a story but an obstacle for me in a thriller context."
42% Sekai meisaku dôwa: Hakuchô no mizûmi (1981) - Jan 16, 2021
"The prince straight up sees a bird and decides he’s gonna fuck that bird. Sure, it turns out she’s a human princess in disguise, but he says it to her flat out, I knew the first moment I saw you I knew I wanted to marry you, even when you were a swan. He literally adds the swan bit himself. Dude is a self-admitted birdfucker."
82% The Castle of Cagliostro (1979) - Jan 13, 2021
"Finally watched this after it being the one missing link in my Miyazaki knowledge for literal decades I think, and hey I enjoyed it. Not so much in the way of deeper themes like future Miyazaki, but certainly a fun, zippy and visually appealing adventure."
82% Taro the Dragon Boy (1979) - Jan 13, 2021
"So get this this wizard gives this kid super strength and he decides to go find his missing mom, first he goes and fights some demons, then it’s like a Disney movie and there’s some songs, then he goes and helps this greedy lady farm rice for a while and then straight up steals the rice and gives it to the starving villagers like Robin Hood, then finally finds his transformed mom and turns her human and she’s full on naked, ass, boobs, nipples, you see it all, this flick has everything"
42% Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) - Jan 01, 2021
"I thought bringing back Steve Trevor sounded like a bad idea years ago when I first heard they were doing so, and watching the movie pretty much affirms I was right. I like Chris Pine well enough, but there was zero need to run Wonder Woman through that same arc again. Aside from that, the movie is cheesily enjoyable in spots, kinda dull and unfocused in others - when it gets down to the action I mostly think it’s actually pretty enjoyable. Invisible plane scene was a miss."
69% Unhinged (2020) - Dec 31, 2020
82% Soul (2020) - Dec 30, 2020
"(Ytadel’s pre-birth soul is in the Great Before) “Send that soul through the Hall of Crippling Internet and Video Game Addiction! And the Tunnel of Excessive Fixation on Boobs! And the Obelisk of Social Awkwardness!”"
4% Maid in Manhattan (2002) - Dec 18, 2020
"Literally never seen an onscreen couple with less romantic chemistry than J-Lo and Ralph Fiennes"
69% Just Visiting (2001) - Dec 18, 2020
"Lmao medieval knight goes to live in modern times , cant make this shit up"
56% Holidate (2020) - Dec 17, 2020
"I’ve watched like twenty of these cheesy Christmas romcoms this month (a lot of which are not here so I haven’t been able to rate them), and in comparison this one actually isn’t too bad. I guess it makes me sound 12 or whatever to be like “lol it’s better because it has f-words and sex jokes” but I dunno, is that wrong? After all the G-rated ones I’ve watched finally seeing an R-rated one is like eating a bunch of bland chicken breast then finally eating one with seasoning."