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92% The Place Beyond the Pines (2013) - Jan 16, 2019
"I was impressed by the ambitious and epic narrative scope of the film. Normally when I say a film feels longer than its actual runtime I’d mean that as a negative, but in this case I was actually positively surprised by how sprawling the film felt for actually being less than 2 1/2 hours, like a big epic generations-spanning novel or something. Pretty good dialogue and tension and flawed characters and even a cool car vs motorcycle chase in there."
42% Annihilation (2018) - Jan 16, 2019
"Basically Lost: The Movie in its mix of bizarro sci-fi and “wtf” mysteries and light horror/action elements set largely outdoors amidst the trees, right down to (spoilers) leading to a climactic light show in a cave. And let me tell you, Lost pissed me off something fierce!"
82% Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) - Jan 16, 2019
"While the climactic sequence droned on a bit long and loud and chaotic for me, everything up to there was a good deal of fun with a lot more personality in its storytelling and visuals than your average superhero movie. Certainly stands above Incredibles 2 for me as far as 2018 animated superhero flicks go."
69% Eighth Grade (2018) - Jan 14, 2019
"As someone with a reasonable degree of social anxiety myself I have to say that even I found watching the sheer extent of this character’s awkwardness kind of painful. Like, at risk of being mean, I don’t think the popular girls are entirely in the wrong for not liking her; I doubt I would. But all that said the movie feels honest and authentic in its own fashion and has some laughs and its own unique and unforcedly youthful visual/music/editing style. "
0% Rock of Ages (2012) - Jan 07, 2019
"What the fuck? This is godawful. It might be one of the worst wide theatrical release studio films of the decade. Worst Tom Cruise performance I’ve seen and it’s not close either. Thanks, I hate it!"
42% Unfriended: Dark Web (2018) - Jan 07, 2019
"Kind of annoying in a lot of fairly apparent millennial ways and a bit stupid to boot, but I can throw a certain level of respect toward its unrelenting march toward one of the grimmest endings of any film in years."
27% The Conjuring 2 (2016) - Jan 02, 2019
"Man I gotta say this movie just felt SO long (nearly 2.5 hours!) for a horror movie set largely in and around one haunted suburban house. It is well-directed and well-acted but I was also getting pretty bored by the end, not the feeling that best pairs with being scared."
27% Skyscraper (2018) - Dec 29, 2018
"Ho hum; you’d get more cinematic value out of rewatching Die Hard for the tenth or hundredth time than rewatching this reheated xerox of a xerox of it even once."
42% Venom (2018) - Dec 24, 2018
"Outside of Tom Hardy’s impressively odd performance the film has a bit of a low-rent early 00s superhero movie feel to it, like many of the films that came in the shadow of Raimi’s Spider-Man."
56% Aquaman (2018) - Dec 22, 2018
"Jason Momoa has an undeniable alpha swagger that I can appreciate and there is some cool moments and mythology in the film, and an ending I mostly found satisfying. There’s also a CRAAAZY overload of action in it, like, holy shit, every three minutes another blast of fighting and chasing and battles and explosions and CGI. It became numbing after a while, like I was watching a film made for the ADHD afflicted. I feel like I don’t need to see another action scene for like six months now."