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27% Gemini Man (2019) - Jan 27, 2020
"I had an impression from the trailers and stuff this was going to more of a sci-fi movie than it actually is - it’s actually more like a mediocre Mission Impossible movie where one plot point happens to be a clone. Some uncanny valley effects. Sidesteps many of its own more interesting ideas. The action scenes weren’t bad per se, but at the same time I literally didn’t even realize while watching the film’s climax I was watching the climax until suddenly the movie was ending."
56% Yesterday (2019) - Jan 26, 2020
"I appreciate the earnestness with which the film throws itself into its goofy premise - that high-concept premise probably being the best thing about it. The romcom element it kinda settles into I was more “meh” about, and it didn’t explore the life of sudden musical fame in any way I haven’t seen a million times. But it’s certainly not unpleasant."
92% Eyes Wide Shut (1999) - Jan 22, 2020
"Just rewatched for the first time in 20 years. I either didn’t get it as a kid or was just in the right mood now because I just melted into the mood of it all. The psychosexual drama may be the film’s brains but its guts are found in its secret societies, mystery and subtle but haunting terror. For a movie I hadn’t seen since 2000 so many scenes were immediately familiar, which says something. I love how the film doesn’t explain everything, let your darkest imagination fill in details."
82% Ad Astra (2019) - Jan 21, 2020
"A dreamy journey into the disquieting but promising unknown that balances somehow being cerebral but thrilling all at once in its best stretches. Definitely made me think a bit of both Apocalypse Now in its narrative structure and 2001 in its look and tone. I’m not the sure the ending fully resolved the mystery and promise of its early acts but it’s still a very interesting journey worth taking."
56% The Lighthouse (2019) - Jan 20, 2020
"Willem Dafoe continues to make the case for being one of the best actors alive, able to dance on the edge of overacting while remaining in masterful control of his craft like few others. Other than that I was less taken with the film than most others. It seemed less like a relatable story of sinking into madness that drew me into its web and more like a portrait of two assholes that began the story as assholes and remained assholes. "
42% Crazy Rich Asians (2018) - Jan 17, 2020
"I’m probably subconsciously racist because I had a hell of an ordeal trying to keep all the secondary characters in this film straight. It’s an easy enough watch but a bit arc-free even for romcom standards as the main couple we’re supposed to root for are already an established and happy couple from the beginning of the film. My wife liked it well enough, which I guess was more the point of watching it. Really well-shot food scenes! Mouthwatering stuff."
82% Silence (2016) - Jan 14, 2020
"Kind of slow at points but pretty gripping and fascinating at others. The journey it runs its lead character through is definitely quite something. Definitely not a studio “product” - no way this movie exists without Scorsese pushing it and making it himself."
56% Kingpin (1996) - Jan 07, 2020
"Balances its jokes and subplots and underdog sports story pretty amusingly and is an easy watch. It’s all hampered by Randy Quaid though, who I think is one of the most unfunny and physically repulsive people to ever achieve anything resembling leading man status."
69% Wonder Wheel (2017) - Jan 01, 2020
"Reaching great-grandpa age ol’ Woody still has a few interesting observations on self-destructiveness and jealousy and the hopeless pit of being trapped. The movie’s whimsical settings and music definitely belie a pretty grim story - I wouldn’t call it a fun watch by any means. Interesting, though. Juno Temple is luminous. And David Krumholtz, WHAT THE FUCK, dude looks like he’s gained 100 lbs! He looks like Jeff fucking Garlin! Personal trainer, David, stat!!"
69% Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker (2019) - Dec 21, 2019
"Viewed in a vacuum by itself it’s a reasonably enjoyable adventure flick with clever action scenes, funny lines, nice visuals and quick quick pacing, not unlike previous Abrams flicks like M:I3 and Star Trek ‘09. But if I zoom out a little and look at this trilogy as a whole there’s just no shape or structure or reason to any of it, it’s clear nothing was planned out, character arcs are so slapdash, so much of what Force Awakens introduced remains unexplored/unanswered."