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69% Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) - May 15, 2020
"More of the same without a doubt, but I continue to be a sucker for this kind of winking send up of video game tropes, so I certainly enjoyed my couple hours with it."
69% Nate and Hayes (1983) - May 05, 2020
"I was surprised to see this had mostly bad reviews; I thought it was reasonable enough swashbuckling fun and nice looking on a visual level. Interesting how it shares a nearly identical final scene with future pirate adventure Pirates of the Caribbean, with the scoundrel pirate being saved from hangman's noose at the last second by our more straightlaced hero he's won over from initial enmity over the course of the film. Easily the least "John Hughes"-feeling movie Hughes ever worked on."
42% Trancers (1985) - Apr 30, 2020
"“Hey mom, they shot Santa Claus.”"
69% Mr. Mom (1983) - Apr 21, 2020
"Keaton makes the general screwball goofiness work. Plenty of chuckles at some of the physical comedy and references/spoofs of Jaws, Rocky etc."
27% Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997) - Apr 21, 2020
"Enjoyed the presence of Sigourney Weaver - the repeated attempts to magic the titular Snow White figure’s death from a distance got kinda tedious though, and the ending is hilariously sudden."
56% Onward (2020) - Apr 14, 2020
"Last 15-20 minutes or so are pretty nice and satisfying, but the modern monsters and road trip frameworks both play a little generic by Pixar standards. I’ll give Disney credit for lighting a few hundred million bucks on fire by shuffling this one from theaters to Disney Plus in a few weeks."
56% Rocketman (2019) - Apr 10, 2020
"It has its qualities in energetic, often imaginatively-filmed musical sequences and Taron Egerton’s excellent performance. But man, these musical biopics are always so, so, so paint by numbers. Always with childhood, daddy issues, initial discovery, being backup/opening act to someone, rise to fame, more daddy issues, spiral into drugs/alcohol, fight with bandmates, personal realization, recovery/reunion with bandmates, happy ending. Every. Single. Time. There’s gotta be a fresh approach."
27% Class Reunion (1982) - Apr 07, 2020
"Goofy teen slasher spoof that is not witty enough to overcome its dumbness, and has way too many characters for a movie that barely hits 80 minutes. An early writing credit from John Hughes but lacking his usual insight, still learning his thing before pumping out an insane number of screenplays over the rest of the decade."
92% Ford v Ferrari (2019) - Apr 01, 2020
"James Mangold = peak dad filmmaker. This movie radiates with DAD ENERGY. The daddest movie. Looking forward to seeing what Mangold can pull off in Indiana Jones 5!"
69% Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) - Mar 28, 2020
"“The whip it out part’s for guys, obviously. If you’re a woman, you... reveal it.”"