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40 0% Don't Look Back (2020) - Oct 14, 2020
"I always thought the horror-thriller movie were interesting. Besides the first one, I never really cared for the characters, but then again are we really supposed to? No, I cared for the over elaborate deaths for everyone. It's always interesting to see how the next one is going to die, whether it's neat or stupid, its still entertaining regardless."
56 0% Alone (2020) - Oct 14, 2020
"The cause of the rationing food is barely explained, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not important. Barricades are far and few between, and we catch up with one of them who's began wondering if he was the last human alive. His name is never given, but he's later given the nickname Naylor."
57 0% Shithouse (2020) - Oct 14, 2020
"Shithouse, the featuring as debuted of writer, director and co-star Cooper Raiff. film's willingness to look so frankly at his vulnerability, in an unmanipulative way, feels especially refreshing now, the film manages to entertain with some interesting views for a Coming-Of-Age movie even if the movie obviously doesn't reinvent the genre."
62 0% This Is Not a Movie (2019) - Oct 14, 2020
"After a lifetime reporting on conflict, Fisk reflects on the capacity of human beings to cause chaos on such a scale. Is there something deep in our souls that permits it because it feels natural. But overall, Mike Munn's editing is astute, covering decades of work and complex multi-party conflicts with as much clarity as could be reasonably hoped for."
63 0% 2 Hearts (2020) - Oct 14, 2020
"2 Hearts is assuredly and irrefutably the best film you are going to get from 2020. It accentuates all of LH's trademark ascertainments, and the editing is enduringly primary Hool. Radha Mitchell giving a exotic and chimerical yet good performance. But Jacob Elordi in this one as a indomitable numbers."
60 0% Love and Monsters (2020) - Oct 14, 2020
"At this point, I think it's no secret I'm a slobbering Dylan O'Brien fan. A few months later, O'Brien was in another film that saw him away from his regular posse and plunked down with a real Hollywood A-lister, Michael Rooker. In a film that looked like The Hunger Games meets The Hangover (two titles that should never appear in the same sentence), I was again anxious to see if O'Brien could pull it off again."
67 0% Honest Thief (2020) - Oct 14, 2020
"The best knows about or Tom Carter aka, In-and-Out-Bandit (Liam Neeson) best since I've heard. Pasture to lead an enemies or thinking the bank robber turns in the acting, Jai Courtney, in the opinion of most (myself preferring. "No Country For Old Men" meets "The Taking of Pelham 123" significantly more), but, more importantly, it is recognized as a pasture like nothing else he's ever done."