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73 T8 Léon: The Professional (1994) - Oct 16, 2017
"A very well-made action movie with a solid emotional center. The performance of every actor in this film is astounding (especially Gary Oldman) but at the same time, the acting often lacks a certain believability (especially from Gary Oldman). Honestly, the writing in general tends to test the suspension of disbelief boundary. Overall, this is an extremely entertaining film but not quite the masterpiece that I've often seen it sold as."
73 T8 Raw (2017) - Oct 14, 2017
"A fine film with some engagingly grotesque body horror that thinly but not very subtly veils a coming-of-age story. It's entertaining though and feels like a relatively fresh (although not quite raw) take on this genre."
30 T1 Cars 2 (2011) - Sep 20, 2017
53 T3 Cars (2006) - Sep 20, 2017
80 T9 Snowpiercer (2014) - Sep 17, 2017
"Class warfare is a difficult subject for a film to tackle because it requires subtlety. There's so many middle-of-the-road speculative flicks that don't bring anything new to the table. On the other hand, this film is a brilliant contemplation on the nature and role of socio-economic class. It starts out very black and white ("viva la revolution", etc.) and slowly becomes more nuanced as the revolution progresses. Helped along by amazing tonal shifts and great characters, this really is stellar."
77 T8 Rear Window (1954) - Sep 14, 2017
73 T8 Fantasia (1940) - Sep 14, 2017
57 T3 Live Free or Die Hard (2007) - Sep 12, 2017
73 T8 Memento (2001) - Sep 12, 2017
77 T8 Akira (1988) - Sep 12, 2017