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90 T10 The Seventh Seal (1957) - Dec 01, 2017
60 T4 Click (2006) - Nov 29, 2017
77 T8 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) - Nov 28, 2017
"Notable for boldly going where no Star Trek episode has gone before. This film dares to ask some rather dark questions for the first time, such as how does Kirk deal with death? Outside of the franchise, the plot is nothing new (a classic revenge story) but it is well told, aside from some shitty CGI, and thematically rich. The film is well made, well written, and well acted (especially from newcomer Kirstie Alley). And the ending is beautiful (but feels hollow knowing the events of later films)"
70 T7 Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1965) - Nov 25, 2017
"Remarkable vision and great climax but by modern standards, it is significantly undeveloped in places."
80 T9 Dogville (2003) - Nov 24, 2017
"The novelty of the staging wears off surprisingly quickly and reveals a stunningly sharp commentary on human morality. I'm not quite sure that I agree with the film's final message on humanity but it is cleverly told and inspires considerable thought and reflection. The acting is amazing from all and Kidman's performance in particular is quite praiseworthy. This is not a film that should be easily dismissed."
90 T10 Chinatown (1974) - Nov 23, 2017
60 T4 Justice League (2017) - Nov 22, 2017
"Of all the recent superhero films, this feels most like a proper comic book. That's not necessarily a good thing: it's got over-exposition, jumpy editing, disorganized plotlines, generic random bad guy, gratuitous action scenes, cheesy dialogue, absurd leaps of logic, etc. Once I realized this though, I had a good deal of fun even with all of the glaring flaws. It's still not a good film (or even a decent one), but it's not bad either. Most importantly, the tone is finally consistent."
80 T9 Some Like It Hot (1959) - Nov 21, 2017
"It does feel rather formulaic in the hindsight of 50+ years. However, the brilliance does eventually shine through. And if you can view it in the context of the 1950s, this is a really great film."
50 T3 Insidious (2010) - Nov 20, 2017
"Decent setup but really falls flat by the last act. It kind of just felt like it stopped taking itself seriously somewhere in the middle and just kept becoming more of an unfunny parody of itself. The final twist is pretty neat though."
70 T7 The Searchers (1956) - Nov 20, 2017
"A smart western with great cinematography. Otherwise though, it's more-or-less standard western fare. And the ending works out a bit too cleanly for everyone involved imo: a lot of plot threads are just resolved happily with no proper motivation."