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63 T5 River (2015) - Aug 11, 2017
63 T5 Atomic Blonde (2017) - Aug 10, 2017
"A more-than-competent film in nearly every way aside from story. The film is beautifully stylized and the action is extremely well done and visceral (the stair scene especially being a standout). Unfortunately, the plot is very convoluted. The film doesn't properly build up the supposed loyalty/motivation of most characters, so I'm often left confused on what the film expects me to think of them - thus many character-focused scenes feel hollow. Still, it's worth seeing for the style alone."
100 T10 Twin Peaks (2017) - Jul 28, 2017
70 T7 Okja (2017) - Jul 23, 2017
67 T6 Dawn of the Dead (1978) - Jul 19, 2017
"Doesn't hold up quite as well as Night of the Living Dead in nearly every way. Still an enjoyable zombie film."
20 T1 The Room (2003) - Jul 19, 2017
"Completely incompetent in every way. Still, it holds my attention - and not just because it's unintentionally funny (because although a few laughs were definitely had, they're too far apart to matter much). However, Wiseau's complete lack of any acting ability actually gives his character some strange charm and how underwritten some of the side characters are definitely makes me hate them - yet, I never feel like I hate the movie. Not the worst film ever, but it's still quite bad."
70 T7 Salome's Last Dance (1988) - Jun 20, 2017
"Fascinating but imperfect adaptation of Wilde's play. The performances are amazing though."
70 T7 His Girl Friday (1940) - Jun 17, 2017