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70 62% Klaus (2019) - Dec 04, 2019
70 62% Inferno (1980) - Nov 25, 2019
"I'm very conflicted over this film. The plot feels simultaneously over- and under-developed, being filled with lore but often lacking an coherent narrative, and I also both love and hate different aspects of the ending. In the end though, it's still an engaging and stylish film from Argento, although it doesn't quite reach the heights of his earlier films."
70 62% The Boy and the Beast (2015) - Nov 24, 2019
"The first act sets up a beautiful but cliched and trite fantasy coming-of-age story, the second act subverts this set-up cleverly and turns the story into a more character-focused drama. Unfortunately, the film isn't quite sure where to go from there and rushes to wrap up all of its thematic threads at the end. An engaging effort that does land emotionally but not quite to the extent that it perhaps could've with a sharper focus;."
60 39% The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) - Nov 23, 2019
"The plot is forgettable, it relies a bit too heavily on dated slapstick (even for the 80s) and only has a handful of really fun gags. Disappointing coming from the creators of Airplane. "
70 62% Wild Strawberries (1957) - Nov 23, 2019
"Even at 1957, this is a premise that already feels rather well-trodden, most notably by a Christmas Carol and Citizen Kane. Still, Bergman does bring something new to the table with Wild Strawberries. Most notably, I was encaptured by the surrealist dream sequences and the contrast between the professor's past and the relationships of the young hitchhikers. In the end though, I do think I prefer the aforementioned stories better."
60 39% Overlord (2018) - Nov 16, 2019
"Decent. With its premise though, I kind of wish it either went balls-to-the wall crazy cheesy black comedy or full-on blood-curdling scary horror. As it is though, it kind of just feels like another cliched war movie with a background aesthetic of zombies."
33 8% Dune (1984) - Nov 09, 2019
"Honestly pretty bad. I've read the novel and like it decently, but the book already had some significant issues. However, I believe that in the hands of a good character-focused director, the story could become a proper masterpiece. Unfortunately, likely due to production constraints, Lynch is not that director. Instead, this film significantly compounds those issues and essentially turns into a sequence of god-awful cheesy action sequences. I doubt its even comprehensible to non-book readers."
60 39% Zombieland (2009) - Nov 08, 2019
67 53% Mean Streets (1973) - Nov 07, 2019
"Good story and well acted, but the film does kind of end without properly concluding. It's clear that Scorsese is still trying to find his creative footing here, but much of what will make his later films famous is prominently on display"
73 72% Climax (2018) - Nov 06, 2019
"More of a cinematic experiment than a proper movie. It's endlessly impressive technically (from the skill of the dancers to the unconventional camera work to the improvised dialog and shot composition). Still, I think there needed to be a stronger narrative thread than "shit goes bonkers" (although there is some interesting subtext worth digesting) and the blaming of everything on spiked sangria comes off as out-of-touch drugsploitation. Still, the experiment is largely a success."