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Movie Buff - 195 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 24, 2012

Location: Toronto, Canada

Bio: Watch movies and whatever I want
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82 77% Queen & Slim (2019) - Jun 22, 2020
82 77% Sicario (2015) - May 01, 2019
80 65% Prisoners (2013) - May 01, 2019
85 86% The Boxer's Omen (1983) - Apr 29, 2019
"This rarity is as adept at making you laugh as it will make you cringe, and even transfix and hypnotize you, as if Jodorowsky were there in the editing the room when it was being made. An absolute odyssey, crossing space and time, battles waged not just in the kickboxing ring but in the very mind. Truly a one of a kind film. You have seen nothing like it, you will see nothing like it ever again. "
67 14% Miami Vice (2006) - Mar 27, 2019
81 76% Dracula (1992) - Mar 27, 2019
"Misunderstood work of impressionist art. Although some scenes are hammy, others are imaginative and inventive. Running the gamut from cliché to traumatizing, this movie manages to shock and shlock, all the while keeping it's artistic credit. The castle scenes are fantastic, and the return to England is dreamlike. "
66 13% Road Trip (2000) - Mar 27, 2019
80 65% The Hurt Locker (2009) - Mar 27, 2019
92 98% Solaris (1972) - Mar 27, 2019
"Solaris is an odyssey into the heart and soul, where what's real and what's not no longer apply, only what's felt. This movie will leave many people confused, but some of us will be spellbound, entranced, unable to break eye contact with the construct that Tarkovsky has made for us. It's depictions of a future people are unique and inspired, as are it's concepts of alien life. Not to be missed, to be enjoyed with an open and curious mind."
80 65% Get Out (2017) - Mar 27, 2019
"A relatively formulaic, but surprisingly unpredictable horror/comedy, who's greatest achievement is it's capacity to leave you uncertain if you should be laughing or screaming."