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Flick Fan - 11 Film Ratings

Member Since: Nov 28, 2020

Location: Australia

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90 Donnie Darko (2001) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: Great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, great original and creative story, costume design for Frank is great, I enjoyed the script, dialogue (for the most part) felt very natural, great tone and atmosphere OF NOTE: impressively, it was filmed over the course of 28 days BAD: can be a little difficult to follow at times"
85 Inception (2010) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: I fell in love with the concept immediately, great refreshing story, some beautiful visuals and action set-pieces OF NOTE: this movie won't hold your hand (except in explaining the rules of the dream world/s), deliberately vague (but beautiful) ending BAD: a big cast will mean some characters will naturally be a little flat and under-developed, a lot of exposition in the first act."
85 Oldboy (2003) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: Great acting, outstanding and immediately arresting revenge story, features a truly brilliant action sequence, protagonist and antagonist are great characters OF NOTE: contains some extreme violence - this movie is definitely not for everybody, part of a trilogy (other two movies not related story-wise) BAD: some parts can border on melodrama, the excessive violence can sometimes take priority over the themes"
90 The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: Great acting, especially Jonathan Majors who is outstanding in this, beautiful cinematography and visuals, brilliantly off-beat and humorous, great low-key story OF NOTE: flew under the radar when it released BAD: tone change starting in the third act was a little abrupt, vague ending (subjective nitpick)"
90 The Prestige (2006) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: good acting, great set-pieces and commitment to the period in which it's set, great story, character conflicts escalate really well OF NOTE: sci-fi (ish) element is introduced halfway through, twist at the end is a little abrupt (but great) BAD: not the deepest characters"
95 The Wailing (2016) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: great acting, outstanding story, outstanding atmosphere/visuals, beautiful traditional rituals not often seen in movies, outstanding mystery/puzzles - constantly keeps you guessing, no jump scares OF NOTE: covers a lot of ground (zombies, devil worship, gore, ghosts), a pretty slow burn, often leans towards dread than pure horror BAD: main protagonist is annoyingly inept (though I concede - that is the point), lots of people fall over in this movie (subjective nitpick)"
80 Heat (1995) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: solid/good acting, great story, great cinematography, feels very authentic (mind you - never done much armed robbery myself), gunfights don't feel ridiculous, some great dynamics/tension between characters OF NOTE: some truly hateable characters BAD: female characters function as plot devices/obstacles/sexual tools/to be murdered."
95 Parasite (2019) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: outstanding acting (cast rides the line perfectly between believable/realistic acting and dramatized/played-up acting, you gotta see it to really understand), great story, great characters, great tone and cinematography, well established and delivered themes OF NOTE: deliberately cyptic conclusion BAD: Nothing, really. It ends, does that count as a negative?"
85 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: good acting - especially Rooney Mara who is absolutely outstanding in this, well-paced especially considering the length, great atmosphere, great story OF NOTE: deals with some very divisive subject matter BAD: a few visuals and scenes are extremely uncomfortable viewing"
85 The Dark Knight (2008) - Nov 28, 2020
"GOOD: great acting, great story (feels like the right scale for the conflict, not ridiculous like the follow-up), outstanding villain, consistent character personalities, great character arcs OF NOTE: A lot of Batman's personality is established in a previous film BAD: a few fighting sequences aged badly due to poor choreography, you can see a fair few henchmen waiting for their turn to be hit by Batman, helicopter scene CGI is pretty noticeable."