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80 70% Midsommar (2019) - Rated 14 Jan 2022
"Manages the transition from drama to horror more gracefully than Hereditary (and without betraying its characters). Effective as a study of emotional neglect and the kind of people who prey on that. I also liked how it keeps you on edge by breaking the unspoken rule of horror that daytime = safety. Did not expect the Nic Cage Wicker Man reference."
85 87% Squid Game (2021) - Rated 16 Dec 2021
"A convincing indictment of our current system that something like this can be presented as an appealing alternative (even if it's ultimately a microcosm of it). Not sure how to feel about some of the reveals in the latter half but this was still smartly written and emotionally affecting. Killer set design too."
85 87% Dune (2021) - Rated 20 Nov 2021
"Like Star Wars but good"
70 45% The Last Duel (2021) - Rated 15 Oct 2021
"The differing perspectives angle is undercut by the inclusion of an objectively correct one which removes a lot of nuance and ambiguity. It's also inadvertently sexist; denying the female character any sort of flaw or bias which works against its intended themes. Looks really cool though - love the grim medieval setting and the GoT-esque refusal to glorify violence was appreciated. The titular scene is appropriately squalid and unpleasant."
50 22% The Suicide Squad (2021) - Rated 10 Aug 2021
"Just GotG but with comedy ultraviolence. The combination of gratuitous gore + cloying sentimentality was annoying - just pick a tone and stick with it, you can't have it both ways. Or at least give your characters more than one personality trait if you want me to invest in their relationships. Makes a few subversive gestures but within a deeply conventional framework and concludes with the obligatory third act city destruction sequence like literally all these films do."
75 55% The Avengers (2012) - Rated 03 May 2021
"The only one of these films that works for me. Sidesteps their usual problems (rote plotting, anonymous direction, lack of thematic or emotional depth) by being a comedy where none of those things matter. Almost all the jokes are funny so it works. Unfortunately it also set the template for a further decade of this bullshit but I won't hold that against it."
55 24% Logan (2017) - Rated 29 Dec 2020
"Laughably self serious. Exists solely to validate the taste of nerds who want to believe this bullshit is serious and important."
80 70% Serial Experiments: Lain (1998) - Rated 29 Nov 2020
70 45% Harpoon (2019) - Rated 29 Nov 2020
65 35% Tenet (2020) - Rated 26 Sep 2020
"Fun action spectacle thing. Writing is deliberately convoluted but it's all just surface level plot stuff so whatever just go with it. It's puzzle box filmmaking with basically nothing in terms of character or theme which are what I normally care about but it was entertaining enough to hold my attention anyway."