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Member Since: Jan 16, 2019

Location: New Zealand

Bio: just a cool guy with normal interests
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79 60% Midsommar (2019) - Dec 13, 2019
82 72% Joker (2019) - Dec 13, 2019
"Joker is a truly #twisted outcast of blockbusterville, raised high above its peers' low bar by Joaquin Phoenix's unforgettable portrayal and some sickeningly satisfying vengeance. Gotham is just a backdrop to explore ideas of psychological disintegration and disillusionment, aka more 70s paranoid Scorcese/Shrader than schlocky 2000s Nolan/Schneider. Yo @Hollywood, more films for the terminally cRrRaAaZzZy demographic, please x"
97 98% Life Is Sweet (1990) - Dec 13, 2019
92 95% Naked (1993) - Dec 13, 2019
91 95% High Hopes (1988) - Dec 13, 2019
99 99% The Wicker Man (1973) - Dec 13, 2019
50 22% Under the Silver Lake (2018) - Dec 13, 2019
"A mid-2000s manic pixie dream girl coming-of-age meets detective movie except all of the impossibly hot and horny girls are even more lazily written than a played-out stock character I thought we had moved beyond. I would have loved this movie as a fourteen year old for obvious reasons. Where the film really fails is in assuming the audience's sympathy for the idiot protagonist and his conspiracy nonsense. It's 'Mulholland Drive' lite but what you're imagining is probably better."
80 66% Bonnie and Clyde (1967) - Dec 13, 2019
"Enjoyable and entertaining but mostly as a historical, nerd watch rather than the balls to the wall world-shatterer/mind-splatterer it would have been when first released. It definitely says more about the fluxxy attitudes of the 1960s than it does about the Depression (women, class war etc). Though Bonnie and Clyde are the DNA parents of the romantic murder-spree subgenre, as a media-poisoned millennial I prefer their less dated descendants; Badlands, Wild at Heart, Natural Born Killers etc. "
75 50% The Long Goodbye (1973) - Dec 13, 2019
"Good, not great. Exploiting a cool genre (Thomas Pynchonish neo-noir) but never quite smashing it out of the park. Still a million times better than 'Under the Silver Lake'. Take that, what's-his-face."
87 85% Short Cuts (1993) - Dec 03, 2019
"A sprawling, uneven but consistently intriguing stroll through Raymond Carver's suburban hell-scape that you won't want to leave. It is long, and some of the interweaving stories burn less brightly than others, but Carver's dry tone is nailed more often than not by the most gutsy (and most 90s) of casts. A highly fuck-upable, surprisingly solid adaptation. "