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10 T1 Guardians of Martial Arts (2017) - Mar 20, 2018
"The definition of a vanity project. Jack Ma looks like a lego frog but wants to look badass by beating up a bunch of martial arts superstars. A complete waste of an incredible talented cast. Jack Ma is a block head with no fighting ability. Jack Ma has a head shaped like a typewriter. Jack Ma has a face that looks like someone hit Command-minus glued onto a head fit to be a salt lick for the worst pony on the farm."
62 T6 The Grandmaster (2013) - Mar 19, 2018
"At times quite beautiful. Tony Leung is good, Ziyi Zhang is great. The fights underwhelmed me, their shooting and editing style being too frantic for my taste and I think slow motion makes up at least 60% of the film"
60 T5 The Villainess (2017) - Mar 14, 2018
"An incredibly mixed bag. Honestly I had trouble following the plot, but the action sequences are fantastic. A lot of the camera work is quite inventive/impressive but some of it is definitely style over substance, and the hidden cuts often doesn't work well, and work to the movie's detriment. The highlights are the opening POV action sequence, the motorcycle sword fight and the ending bus brawl. A good watch for action junkies with some of the best sequences of 2017"
84 T9 Shotgun Stories (2008) - Mar 06, 2018
90 T10 The Big Sick (2017) - Mar 02, 2018
"What a beautiful film, far surpassed my decently high expectations. I was on board from the scene where Kumail tested her taste with The Abominable Dr. Phibes, and teary eyed at the goodbye from his parents"
87 T9 Dave Chappelle: Equanimity (2017) - Mar 01, 2018
97 T10 Good Time (2017) - Feb 24, 2018
"Holy shit this is fucking good. The acting, the direction, the cinematography, the musical score, the editing, everything about this movie is absolutely excellent. The score is incredibly engaging and original despite it's familiar sound. The sense of place is so strong and every element of the production design conjures up a dirty, sleazy feeling. Robert Pattinson, Benny Safdie, and the rest of the cast are in top form and the color, oh my gaaaahhhhh"