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0 film ratings
by Devol

Cinema Addict - 1140 Film Ratings

Member Since: Oct 25, 2010

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

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0% Kiss the Girls (1997) - Dec 01, 2010
"Yes, I am STILL puking as you read this."
0% Kurt & Courtney (1998) - Nov 17, 2010
"Wow - what a rotten, sorry-ass bunch of pox-ridden, sore-picking, sketched-out, incoherent "near Curt"s. A veritable scuzbagfest! That Nick Broomfield weasel needs the ol' 16-ton weight dropped on him. Cousin It probably would make a better journalist. When Courtney's fuzznuts of a dad said "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" I almost did an Elvis on the TV. So - does El Duce go down for providing the ultimate "oops moment" of all time? Well, he DID go down. What a shitumentary"
69 34% Norma Rae (1979) - Feb 24, 2011
"Too bad Fields didn't quite get her character "spot on" in the same way Andrea Martin did, playing Sally Jane Clayburgh-Streep, as Dolly, in "My Factory, My Self". If the former had been able to walk with straight arms tucked behind her back, small boobs thrust way out, and indignant, side-to-side strut, I would have given this maybe an 86."
68 31% Hairspray (1988) - Nov 24, 2010
"for this troglodite it was the beginning of the end for JW. yeah yeah yeah he had to "evolve", right? He had to "move on as a maturing artist" or some such rationalization for diluting and sapping his ventures of any of the bite and random, manic energy and barely-controlled chaos that reigned over his previous shit. Give me Crackers (or life in Mortville) over bouffanted debutantes any day......Oh..wait....it's for the money? (aye, there's the rub)"
1% Seed of Chucky (2004) - Mar 03, 2011
"To exhume one of my earlier metaphors, this had the musty, heady bouquet of a sasquatch orgy. (sorry Jennifer - I still heart you, ok?)"
81 78% Straw Dogs (1971) - Nov 04, 2010
"unfortunate that the opening shot for a walking Susan George was of her torso, braless in a beige sweater, but then you have to use your "70's converter" to put that goofiness in perspective. This film HAS to have the most famous Chekovian "gun over the fireplace" device - in the form of that groovy bear trap that, sure enough, gets put to appropriate use eventually. My queasiest scene was the recently mutilply-raped SG in the oppressive, claustrophobic, clamorsome, rapidly-edited church party. "
100 99% Nuts in May (1976) - Feb 23, 2011
"If words can even start to describe how this film so thoroughly rocked my world, then I will try my best. Most of my totally bemused friends have written off this BBC teleplay as a boring travelogue of an even more insufferably boring, nattering "middle-upper-class" couple who really don't do a hell of a lot. Even the most inane visual detail (a close-up of a walking meter strapped around an ankle), or inconsequential, throw-away line of dialogue has me rapt with inexplicable awe. I genuflect."
0% Trash Humpers (2009) - Dec 16, 2010
"I'm grumpy again."
70 37% The Song Remains the Same (1976) - Feb 06, 2011
"Any concert movie featuring a fountain of rainbow-cloured blood issuing from where Peter Grant's just-severed head used to be is a perfectly fine concert movie by me. Saying "does anybody rememba laf-ta?", really high-pitched, should be done with your left hand on your hip, and your right one in the air (as if to indicate "huh?"). Don super tight jeans with Derek Smalls accessory and you're off to the races. The blues jams were goat-farty."
58 17% That Darn Cat! (1965) - Feb 23, 2011
"Disney apparently opted with the title "That Goddamned Fucking Cat!" before talking to their lawyers. When I was I kid I couldn't stand that whitebread milquetoast Dean Jones (even then I could see what a lizard person of a Disney rep he was), and this bowl of fermented offal is why. "